Monday, 12 November 2012

The plutonium problem

12 November 2012

                Nuclear fission turns enriched uranium into fuel grade plutonium-the most toxic substance known to man!  EDF do not reprocess it in England!  The ground storing it at Sellafield.  Now the world’s largest store of fuel grade plutonium in the world.

                There is no country on earth than what’s this material!  Russia and France have their own civilian industries producing an excess of this material!  After producing enough for their own armourments the this programme, they sell the excess two other nuclear countries.

                Country is without their own civilian nuclear programmes will not take the plutonium!  Japan the only took or plutonium fuel rods to run their own PW R’s!  Which are no longer in service.  The same applies to Germany.

                Sellafield is us the world’s biggest dirty bomb!  Any new nuclear facility at Hinkley Point would be hostage to whatever price EDF demanded of them.

                Rolls Royce is prohibited buying German corporate law from being involved this Ukrainian nuclear in building a civilian nuclear plant.  The plant would not be illegal in Germany, and it was realized that such corporate activity would taint German goods.  So is illegal!

                Ukrainian nuclear it does not have the £170 million required to build a plant without a partner.  And Rolls Royce was the only available partner.

                Ukrainian nuclear built Chernobyl.  Apparently David Cameron one sees her English Chernobyl building at Hinkley Point.  The working life all this plant ended two years ago!  EDF used their own engineers to get the working life illegally in extending.

                Any new plant would thus be subject to a royal commission!  This is why he EDF lost all interest in building the plant!  The plutonium problem prohibits the building of any new nuclear facilities in Britain.

                If you shine a radiant light through a crystal into a water bath, this stream of electrons is converted into a stream of positrons.  These annihilate with electrons from the water molecules.  Releasing 1015 Watts of heat!

                Producing no radioactive waste!  Am 100 times more heat there is produced by nuclear fission.  Once established the generated power can drive its own boiler room or steam generation plant.

                We burn no fossil fuels.  Utilised no enriched uranium.  Produce no toxic plutonium!  The power produced is very very cheap!

                Any investor in nuclear fission is going to lose their money big time!


Jonathan Thomason

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