Thursday, 15 November 2012

The greenest gas


15 November 2012

                Is carbon dioxide!  Plants, algae and bacteria take it in to grow they excrete oxygen animals evolved to eat plant bulk, and breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide!  This is the carbon cycle.  The life support system for the earth!

                At the end of cretaceous into the Permian, photosynthesis was just evolving!  There was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  And a the 1000 year ice age!

                Historically the only time carbon dioxide levels rise is during an ice age!  When there is less global photosynthesis growing and.  During a warm periods, photosynthesis strictly limits the level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                In the Jurassic this was at four parts per million!  There was 65% more life on earth, sea levels were 60 metres lower resultingly, but during the Jurassic there were three natural ice ages.

                The Permian mass extinction was coals by carbon dioxide levels falling to one part per million.  90% of life on earth died.  Life only recovered as more animals evolved to metabolise oxygen-the waste gas of plants.

                The comet which wiped out the dinosaurs killed 85% of life on earth!  Mostly the world wide forest at circled the earth.  There carbohydrates abducted down to the deep, where they formed the hydrocarbons-in the anaerobic conditions down there.

                Global warming was first formulated by nuclear power after Ukraine nuclear sufferers the predictable Chernobyl incident: PW R’s meltdown every 25 years!  They are risky technology!  Causing death on a continental scale.

                They pushed global warming, even when the world started cooling in 1998.  2004 was a bad hurricane year so everybody in the equally fictitious climate change!  That predicts nothing; only conceding that global warming was wrong!

                Modern photosynthesis has limited free average global carbon dioxide levels at a static two parts per 1,000,000 for last two centuries!  A static trace gas distillers nothing!  Let alone the weather systems-the most dynamic and energetic systems on earth.

                Ukrainian nuclear now want to build a nuclear plant at Hinkley point.  On the basis that it will reduce carbon dioxide!  They are forgot to factor in they horrendous amounts of concrete a nuclear plant uses in its construction.

                This makes nuclear power the four biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world!  This does not matter, as global photosynthesis converse the 0.00004% additional carbon dioxide into extra life on earth.

                Leaving the same static trace the carbon dioxide in the evening air that has been present since the little ice age ended.  During the little ice age carbon dioxide levels were twice today’s paltry 2ppm.

                This is why it George Osborne does not believe carbon dioxide causes climate change!  Because he stayed awake in high school biology.  And realises carbon dioxide is a limit to life on earth, so man can’t affect the level of the gas of life in the air!

                Or supposed date are showing an increase of carbon dioxide is biological nonsense!  Caused by taking air samples at diesel engine exhausts.  Not in the countryside!  Are over the sea.  Towns and cities are too minuscule an area to have any global significance.

                The world has been cooling for for teen years!  Last bad hurricane year was eight years ago.  Carbon dioxide levels have been static in the global air for last two centuries.

                Nuclear power push climate change; as global warming was the most effective fiction they ever thought up.  They never did biology at high school anyway.

                Most other people did do!  Certainly every working journalists realises man made climate change is an oxymoron that acts as PR for nuclear power.  It Is not true!  How could it be?  Nuclear power still causes continental toxic death.  The least green technology envisageable.

                The cleanest power is caused by antimatter matter annihilations: if we shine an electric element on to a crystal, the stream of electrons the cure to a stream of positrons!

+e- ->-β+

                To remain electrically balanced as a crystal gains electrons, it must emit their antimatter equivalent.  These are called positrons!  An electric flux with a minuscule mass.

                When these hit a bath of water, they annihilate!

e- + β+ ->E+γ                     E+γ=4.5x1015W

                The water bath converts some ways gamma wave radiation into heat!  Basically we multiply it by the heat we produce by a factor of 10,000!

                So we take a out 50 W from the generated 100 MW to drive the electric emitters!  And we produce superheated steam to drive a steam turbines.  Using no fossil fuel burn and no toxic nuclear fission!  Producing no toxic radioactive waste.

                Any new nuclear facility is going to be 1000 times more expensive to run than a positron plant!  Before we get to the expense of decommissioning the nuclear plant, and processing the waste!

                Nuclear power does ground stores the plutonium-A disaster waiting to happen.  Go ask Fukushima what they think about radioactive waste!  There is a massive excess of global radioactive waste-most of it stored at Sellafield in Cumbria: an area of outstanding natural beauty!

                The biggest nuclear tragedy ever just waiting for natural earthquake.  Cumbria is a seismically active county.  Nuclear power is the least green technology out there.

                Burning carbon fuels stimulates plant growth!  Emitting carbon dioxide is by definition green.  It gets taken in and converted into new plant growth.  No extra carbon dioxide accumulates in the air!

                There has been a static trace of carbon dioxide in the global air for last two centuries!  We were all taught this in high school!  All the professors of physics must be shown ashamed, they write fictitious papers on behalf of nuclear power for ¼ century.

                Embarrassed that even a first year high school biology student I realized were wrong!  Everybody on earth who can read this, was taught that photosynthesis limits the carbon dioxide in the global air.

                Higher carbon dioxide levels only occur naturally during an ice age!  When there unless energetic weather events.  The amount of circulating carbon dioxide determines sea levels!  In the Jurassic there were no fossil fuels and sea levels were 60 metres lower!

                The I newspaper should stop reporting on fictitious climate for nuclear power.  And get on to reporting actual real news!

                A Russian oligarch, a friend of Ukrainian nuclear bought the I.  Go figure.


Jonathan Thomason

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