Friday, 23 November 2012

Spurious data


23 November 2012

                Every day photosynthesis proceeds until carbon dioxide levels fall below two parts per million!  This is the global static average for last 200 years!  The only number which matters to the weather!

                All carbon emissions are metabolised within 5 minutes and 2 kilometers of any source of man made carbon dioxide!  Man’s carbon dioxide is it the result of burning the fossil fuels.  These were active biology in the Jurassic age, and only formed the fossil fuels as the dinosaurs and 85% of life on earth died.

                There is no external source of carbon!  It all used to be active biology.  And by burning the fossil fuels we will restore that life to active environment!  We can’t increase the level of carbon dioxide in the air-that is limited by photosynthesis.

                In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less efficient.  He left four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air: twice today’s level!  There was 65% more life on earth, and sea levels were 60 metres lower.

                During the Jurassic age there were three natural ice ages!  When carbon dioxide at 4ppm.

                In the cretaceous & Permian there was 10ppm carbon dioxide in the air!  Five times today’s levels.  And there was 1000 year ice age-which only abated as photosynthesis evolved.

                Carbon dioxide levels fell to 1ppm, and 90% of life on earth died.  The Permian mass extinction was a simple carbon crisis.

                Carbon dioxide levels rise in natural ice ages.  Even in the little ice age of the 19th century we sore carbon dioxide back at 4 theppm.  The ice age ended, levels fell to 2ppm: and have remained static MS cents!

                Since industrial revolution crop yields have increased by 15%!  That is where all the carbon emissions went!  Into extra life on earth.  Not extra carbon dioxide in the air-that is biologically impossible.

                As known to every ‘scientists’ who has written spurious papers on man made global warming and climate change.  The idea of was evolved by the paid stooges to nuclear power in 1986-after Chernobyl.

                Then the natural climate started cooling in 1998!  2004 was a bad hurricane year.  So nuclear power promoted there fiction of man made climate change!  Still oblivious to a static trace of carbon dioxide in the afternoon air.

                Since then the weather has been-the natural weather!  Carbon dioxide levels only rise in natural ice ages.  The Jurassic had twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air, but three natural ice ages.

                The Permian have five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  And than ice age matzinger 1000 years!  Any person even giving house room to man made climate change is mentally defective!

                We teach Xi your school child that photosynthesis alone controls the trace of carbon dioxide in the air.  Man can restore Jurassic Life to the active environment.  He can’t increase carbon dioxide levels in the air!

                Ice ages demonstrate the high levels of carbon dioxide are accompanied by colder and calmer weather!


Jonathan Thomason

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