Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Proving positron emission and generating power!


20 November 2012

                The professors of physics have already written up the incidence of electrons on a crystal surface produces a stream of positrons!  They are then lost interest in this science.  But positrons are strongest heating devices in the universe.

                We suspend an electrical radiant heater above a machined sliver of crystal above a flask of water.  When we turn on the current, A stream of electrons hits the crystal!  And emerges as the stream of positrons.

                All this needs to be done in a radioactive fume cupboard!  The positrons thenkle fall on to the water.  And we get positron electrons annihilation.

                The water will heat up very quickly!  As the electrons are low energy, we should only get gamma wave radiation falling through the flask!  This is detectable by a Geiger counter.  Ensure there is only empty ground below the device.

                Each annihilation will produce 4.5x1015 Watts of energy.  How much of this will end up as heat energy?  I do not know.  It may be a significant quantity!

                You can prove the temperature rise of the water flask-or maybe even the time taken to boil the water away.

                The object is to produce A radiant element in a water and pressure tight container, with a crystal winder.  This will draw current until superheated steam is produced.  At which stage we drive a steam cycle-as today!

                We take 20 W out to drive in 80 MW power facility.  We take out the current borrowing years, and sell 78 W to the grid!  We generate $60,000 income from the device!

                We condense and recover the unit, and had a pint of regular water a day.  We burn no fossil fuels.  And doing no toxic nuclear fission-the technology of death!


Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@aol.com

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