Friday, 16 November 2012

Plant growth

16 November 2012

                Every day plants, algae and bacteria grow until they have used up all the carbon dioxide above the minimum level required for photosynthesis.

                In the Jurassic age there was 65% more life on earth.  At the end of the Jurassic 85% of life on land died!  And there carbohydrates ended up as the fossil fuels.

                By the burning these than increases life on earth.  But the level of carbon dioxide in the global air is controlled every day by photosynthesis!  In the Jurassic this is down to four parts per million.  In modern times this is down to 2ppm –photosynthesis has got more efficient.

                So every day the 0.00004% additional carbon dioxide goes up as extra life on earth!  The weather systems only see a static level of 2ppm.

                This level only rise is natural ice age!  In the Jurassic the had twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air, nature experienced three natural ice ages.

                In the Permian there was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air: photosynthesis really got going at the end of the Permian!  When there was only 1ppm CO2 in the air.

                In the Permian there was 1,000 year ice age!  Which had ended at the end of the Permian than the carbon crisis killed 90% of life on earth.  Life only recovered as more animals evolved to metabolise the oxygen are excreted by plants.

                Oxygen is the waste gas of plants.  Carbon dioxide is their food.  They turn water and carbon dioxide, in the presence of light into the carbohydrates of life.

                Animals eat plants, and combine there carbohydrates with the oxygen to breathe out carbon dioxide.  This is the carbon cycle!  That the paid stooges to nuclear power would totally unaware of.

                Photosynthesis controls the trace of carbon dioxide in the air.  The most mankind ear is increase the life on earth.  Which has no affect on the weather!


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