Saturday, 24 November 2012

Nuclear not green


24 November 2012

                Nuclear fission process is massively toxic enriched uranium into super toxic plutonium and strontium!  Every 25 years while their plants blows up.  Scattering radioactive waste around a continent or into the water table of the area around Tokyo.  The international atomic energy authority has put on record that Fukushima was the worst release of radiation than Chernobyl.

                Burning carbon fuels increases crop yields.  But building a new nuclear facility produces massive quantities of carbon dioxide.

                Taken over the design life that in five years, nuclear power releases more carbon dioxide the kilowatt hour than burning natural gas does!  Operating nuclear plants beyond their design life is inviting international tragedy and death!

                The plant station licensing authority are failing in their legal duty by aligning the aged magnox power stations to steal operate!  Fukushima has shown that such plants are a ticking time bomb!

                So carbon emissions increase plant life.  But nuclear power is a bigger emitter of carbon dioxide and burning natural gas: which produces no toxic waste!  And is cheaper.

                Nuclear power is toxic, overpriced, polluting and fatal on a continental scale!  Climate change is PR fiction by nuclear power for the stupid to believe!  Any academic doing work on man made climate change new series medication!  And you get the hell out of education.


Jonathan Thomason

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