Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Microbubbles do fusion!


28 November 2012

                Sorry this took so long, my mind is full of minorities theatre bid for European money.  My creative writing group I went is correct the theatre forms, and were also going to provide the folk music!  Which will obviously have to write.

                I have been on at you for ages about fracking:

1                              mC+(n+1)H2O -> Cm(H2O)n+He+O+E+γ

                Also biological

2                              CO2+3H2O -> He+CH4+O3+E+γ           Professor Zimmerman helped me to balance this equation.

                I have also mentioned before that growing bacteria do MNF –using equation one.  So Will’s microbubbles do MNF!  They will liberate helium and gamma wave radiation.  I doubt this is mentioned in his patent.

                At microbubbles FOSSIL FUELS employ bacteria to convert Si 82 into methane.  We C2 0.5 biological MNF.

                There is also a physical MNF.  Which produces helium and gamma wave radiation, but does not build carbohydrates.

                Growing bacteria are obviously are interested in building carbohydrates: the building blocks of life.  A vat of bacteria that fix carbon dioxide into methane, only to use air as there are five molecular nuclear fusion.

                Professor Zimmerman has just proved my hypothesis-that he did not understand.


Jonathan Thomason

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