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Making energy

24 November 2012

                Albert Einstein postulated that matter was are a dense form of energy!  Skilled by the speed of light square!  That is by 2.99x1028.  He omitted to factor in effect of gravity!

                Light slows in a gravity field.  So light travels more slowly and sea levels than in the stratosphere!  This is for other physicists to quantified.

                This really have a master’s in outer space!  Where speed of light near a sun is half that of light in otter space!

                Antimatter and matter annihilate!  It is unlikely half the sums we see in the universe are made of antimatter!  This would attract science towards each other.  So there is no dark matter around universes.  Just all suns are locked in the deadly embrace!

                We can make antimatter on the earth.  But as soon as it touches real matter, it annihilates!  But we can make so atomic particles and hold them in a magnetic trap for a 1000th of a second.

                So really we have to use the antimatter the instant we make it!

                Making positrons, the antimatter equivalent of electrons, is very simple!  We shine a beam of electrons on a crystal.  From a regular electric heating element!  Which liberates infrared and visible light, and also a stream of electrons.

                We play these on a crystal.  The crystal to remain electrically neutral emits positrons from the other side: as a crystal is electrically balanced, the emission of positrons have happens on the outside surface of the crystal window.

                So we have a strip of electrical heating element below a crystal window.  We emit electrons from the heating element, and the crystal emits positrons!

                I would tend to inmates of the positrons into steam above the liquid water!  As it is easier to balance the pressures, and not collapse the crystal and emitter structure.

                We emit positrons, and they annihilate with electrons from the steam on the surface of the water.  So we generate superheated steam!  This we feed through a steam turbine-as today.

                And generate current.  We need 50 W from our 100 MW to drive the electric emitters.  Remember it annihilation is producing 4.5x1015 Watts of energy.

                Both as heat energy and gamma wave radiation.  Gamma wave radiation is produced by steam turbines today-as the steam cycle turns water into helium and oxygen gases.  So we get out ozone!

                A steam turbine already does molecular nuclear fusion.  We are not aware of this as we insist on throwing 90%+ of the heat to the air.  I advocate cooling the steam down on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.

                Then returning the heat at the hot end immersed in the water bath.  This will generate loads of steam for us to super eight.

                So we run a steam cycle utilising no fossil fuel burn or toxic nuclear fission: we produce no plutonium or strontium.  The electrons are provided by nature for free-via an earth wire.

                Every day the air receives five tonnes of electrons from the Sun.  He each electron generates 4500 MMMWatts our power!  Most of this will we lost as gamma wave radiation and efficiency losses.

                We are still talking about one electron annihilation per minute driving 100 W power station.  We leave the carbon cycle to photosynthesis and nature.  And we do absolutely no toxic nuclear fission from uranium: the technology of continental death!

+e- ->-β+                     where β+ is a positron.

                We want to generate these above


Jonathan Thomason

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