Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Heating water


27 November 2012

                A stream of positrons annihilate the first electrons they can am in touch with.  Releasing 4.5x1015 Watts of energy.  Some directly as heat energy, some as gamma wave radiation.  Which a water bath mainly converts into heat.

                The simplest way to generate a stream of positrons is to shine an electric heating element on a crystal.  The crystal absorbs the electrons, but two men balance must emit positrons-their antimatter counterpart:

+e-+K -> -β+        where K= kinetic energy.

For low kinetic interactions e+ + β- ->E+γ

                The generation of positrons using crystals has been written up by professors of physics for 60 years!  Nobody had thought of using these positrons to drive a steam cycle.

                The exact distribution of gamma wave radiation and heat as not being evaluated!

                Even more interesting for physics is a highly kinetic energy interaction:

e+ + β- +K2 ->E+B-B+         where B= boson matter antimatter types!

                Physics has spent €100,000,000,000 constructing the great hadron collider to generate one boson!  And evaluate its mass.  Which came out as 120eV.  This is tonn times too small!

                The positron electrons annihilation should produce a boson pair were 1000 times less mass!  There is a whole family of boson particles to make physics work!

                There is near unlimited research funding to evaluate positrons running a steam cycle.  They generation of electrons will require 50 W of power.  To run 100 megawatts power station!

                This is not power petrol motion, as the earth supplies a ready stream of electrons to be annihilated.  He each day the sun provides 5 tonnes of electrons within solar radiation, bombarding the earth!


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