Saturday, 24 November 2012

Global nonsense

24 November 2012

                I had a serious car accident in 1988-suffering 30% brain damage.  In 2000 my old professor got me to go back to my old university.  A recommendation one American Dr. Got me on my PH D into global warming!  A subject I never believed in!

                After six months I invoked the science of photosynthesis: every day algae, bacteria and green plants grow until the available carbon dioxide easiest up!  At night they metabolise carbohydrates were sorely oxygen they excreted during the day.

                In the Permian there was 1000 year ice age!  With five times the present levels of carbon dioxide in the air.  This only abated as photosynthesis got established.  And carbon dioxide levels fell to half the present levels.

                In the Jurassic age there were no fossil fuels.  65% more life on earth and.  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.  Since my time back at university, I have learned there were three natural ice ages!

                Helpfully New Scientist published the climate date revealing free carbon dioxide in the air was at twice today’s present two parts per million.

                New Scientist pushed global warming from 86, the year Chernobyl until 2005.  The natural climate started cooling in 1998!

                All the scientists who have published work on global warming were obviously nuclear stooges.  By now they should have retired!

                Nuclear Power was obsessed with the idea that carbon dioxide affected the weather.  Hence man made climate change!  To say ‘the increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air affects the weather in some way-other than making warm!’ So carbon dioxide have never changed its action.

                They totally ignores global photosynthesis: the life support system around the world.  Plants etc.  Grow every day until carbon dioxide levels fall to the mother made of two parts per million.

                As Harvard University put on record August 2010 in New Scientist free carbon dioxide levels in the global air have been static for 200 years!  Local variations were transient and totally insignificant to the weather systems.

                Yet there were still suppose it scientists, desperate for money from nuclear power!  To their continued publishing rubbish the scientific papers.  Which was audited an accepted for publication by other supposed scientists.

                My PH D got ended in 2001 when I invoked photosynthesis.  I had rate the role statute which licensed the university to award degrees.

                If your PH D got ended, that the legal right to have a full written explanation within six months!  This is Xi years later!  I have never received such an exploration.  Despite six requests.

                So every degrees of audit since 2001 is legally invalid!  All tuition fees paid to the university master instantly be repaid!

                Be university also employs ‘scientists’ who argues believe for a decade about the validity of man made climate change-though the ideal was not for top for three years after a time back to university.  Global warming was so obviously fictitious!

                The individual concerned there went quite in 2008!  And only started he maning it again when he heard he had ‘lost the argument’.

                He lost it again!  Problem concede defeat.  He decided he had no opinion about their spurious science.  Not being inclined to argue with photosynthesis.

                This science he had been taught as the first year high school student!  A totally invalidated global warming and climate change as intellectually feasible ideas.

                Global photosynthesis prevents man having any affect on the carbon cycle.

                I repeat: the Jurassic age had no fossil fuels.  But three natural ice ages.  Global warming was almost derelict fiction ever from nuclear power that could not prone manner second have been true!

                The papers on climate change are now being deleted by the East Sussex university: date of money from nuclear power to print science fiction.  Doing a degree there was seen to be the worst idea hour!

Jonathan Thomason

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