Friday, 23 November 2012

Global fantasy


23 November 2012

                It is worth reminding people of this stage that through is plant building programme nuclear power is the four biggest emitter of carbon dioxide more climate!  Twice as potent as burning natural gas.

                Nuclear power also produces the most toxic and long lasting waste possible!  The least green industry on earth.

                Every day plants bacteria and algae grow until carbon dioxide levels fall below the two parts per 1,000,000 needed for this chemical or biological system to operate!  They excrete oxygen, and animals survived by eating plants, and combine there carbohydrates with the oxygen!

            Oxygen is the greatest pollutant in earth history!  A dangerous oxidising gas!

            All the fossil fuels formed at the end of the Jurassic: we know because a shells and fossils encapsulated in the coal deposits all date from late Jurassic.

            So the hydrocarbons uniquely formed from the carbohydrates of life that died with the dinosaurs.  At the time there was 65% more life on earth!  There things were not has evolved.

            Sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There was twice the carbon dioxide in the air compared to today-photosynthesis has got more efficient!

            There were three natural ice ages in the Jurassic.

            In the Permian H there was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the global air, and 1000 year ice age!

            The natural climate started cooling 1998!  So now nuclear power fragments ‘man made climate change’.  Unlessfully unaware that he releases more carbon dioxide man burning natural gas does.

            Nuclear power knows no metrology, biology, ecology-in fact nothing at all about carbon dioxide!

            They are blissfully unaware but for last 200 years carbon dioxide levels have been static at two parts per 1,000,000.

            They were at twice that level in the little ice age!  In the Permian mega ice age the climate was both colder and calmer.

            The last natural bad hurricane year was eight years ago!  The climate obviously has nothing to do with man.  Everything to do with nature!

            Academics who had taken spurious research money to research fictitious climate science should get the hell out of education-after they have repaid the money.  And the body as the world for being nuclear stooges.


Jonathan Thomason

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