Friday, 16 November 2012

Free power


16 November 2012

                This has been known to physics since the 1980s!  But their money is made by every searching basic science.  This is a massive solution!  The answer to all the energy problems of the world.  They have no interest.

                They prefer the research money from nuclear power to do phantom research into the climate!  Biologists understand organic carbon-it drives life on earth.  Physics has no knowledge of the sinks to carbon dioxide, their knowledge is limited to your sources of carbon dioxide.

                Physics knows nothing about the carbon cycle!  They strut around as if they have special insights!  They know less than Xi your old schoolchildren.

                They do no wrong about antimatter!  They have even managed to produce anti hydrogen and up in magnetic containment from a 1000th of a second.

                When antimatter annihilate with real matter, although this mass is converted into energy!  Antiprotons annihilate with regular protons, producing massive energy but leaving behind radioactive waste.

                Positrons are anti electrons.  They annihilate with the first electron they meet.  Converting 1.6x1013g of mass into pure energy!  Half from the electron, half as negative mass from the positron.

                If we generate them within a water bath they annihilate with the first electron they come into contact with from the water molecule!  We need to earth the water tank, to avoid the build up of current.

                It transpires that positrons are very easy to create!  We shine an electric element through a crystal winder.  The crystal gains electrons, so to keep electrical balance must emit positrons.

                So an electronic heating element and a piece of machined large crystal will produce a stream of positrons: the most potent source of heat in the universe!

                No they weight amazing little, relativity converts matter and antimatter into energy using

E=mc2   Here matter and antimatter are equivalent! m=(m2+am2)1/2

                Here c2=3x1028

                Antimatter and matzinger annihilate, producing heat and electromagnetic radiation!  The frequency of their the radiation is linked to the kinetic energy of the interaction.

                Even gamma wave radiation is converted into heat by a water bath!  So an electrical heating element and a crystal become the most potent heat creation source in the universe.

                We raise steam, and drive a steam turbine.  So it generates 100 MW, by only charging the electric element with a 50 W charge.

                No carbon dioxide production.  And no toxic nuclear waste.  Nuclear power is the least green industry that can ever exist!  It causes death on a continental scale.

                Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  But global photosynthesis prevents the level of carbon dioxide in the air rising!  Within 5 minutes, all additional carbon dioxide is converted into extra life on earth.

                An extra 0.00004% additional life every day.  No possible effect on the weather.  That is phantom science invented by the paid stooges to nuclear power.

                Now we know her to do antimatter annihilation, every house can use its back boiler to generate all power and heat the house uses.  With no mains gas or electricity supply.  No market for overpriced, over toxic and over expensive nuclear power!  The technology of death.


Jonathan Thomason

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