Friday, 30 November 2012

Falling seas

30 November 2012

                Water is a strange substance!  As it freezes it expands.  So as it melts it contracts!  The first year ice to melt and the north pole is within the seas!  As the ban me 3° C: the maximum density for high pressure water.

                It is not in the air at -20° C.  So as there not fall melts, the ice because water and takes up less room I did as ice!  So in sea levels are going to fall.

                But since 1998 the world has been cooling!  Which totally contradicts the very idea of man made climate change.  In 1986-the year Chernobyl nuclear power and its paid stooges prophecised that the trace of carbon dioxide in the air would inevitably warm the weather.

                So the icecaps when out to sea water at 3° C!  So the seas were always going to fall.  Two years ago I got an e-mail from the south pole saying the ice sheets were a record levels!

                The south pole is buoyant!  So when it melts sea levels are not affected.  In the Jurassic there was no south pole, 65% more life on earth and globally sea levels were 60 metres lower.

                This was at a time before the fossil fuels has formed!  So burning the fossil fuels increases life on earth, and he presses sea levels!

                Burning natural gas is the greenest are their ears!  Nuclear power releases more CO2 per kilowatt hour, and produces toxic plutonium!  The least green Energy System ever.


Jonathan Thomason

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