Saturday, 17 November 2012

Electricity generation

17 November 2012

                The largest system on earth is the weather!  It is totally controlled by solar activity.  Carbon dioxide levels can only rise in natural ice ages!  The rise for years after the natural weather has started cooling.

                Who ever thought up manmade global warming being linked to carbon dioxide knew nothing of metrology, all Life Sciences!  A mind blowing ignorance of the carbon cycle.  Writing spurious documents to have anit of nuclear power!

                Average carbon dioxide levels in the global air have remained static for last two centuries.  Anit is only the average level which potentially could have affected the climate!  Obviously a static trace gas perturbs nothing.

                Only toxic nuclear fission could potentially affect the global weather!  As it can cause death on a continental scale.  The least green technology mankind will ever devise.

                To suggest that man can affect the level of carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis is to demonstrate mind blowing ignorance of high school biology.

                Plutonium remains the most toxic substance known to man.  Nuclear fission aste the most fatal technology man has ever devised.

                If we shine an electric heater on to a crystal the stream of electrons is converted into a stream of positrons.  To ensure the crystal remains electrically neutral.

+e-=-β+                  emitting a stream of electrons would results in the crystal acquiring a -2 electric charge.

                Positrons annihilate with the first electron they meet.  Releasing3x1025 Watts of energy as heat and light.  With no toxic radioactive end product.

                The electric current we drive the radiant heater with results in the whole system being electrically neutral.  It just produces massive heat.  With no carbon dioxide.  An utterly no strontium or plutonium!

                For free.  No expensive carbon fuels or purified radioactive isotopes.  We playing the positrons on to a water bath, and raise steam!  That drives a turbine-as today!  A 50 Watt electric heating element will drive our 100 MW power station.

                We take out a trivial amount of current to drive the cycle.  We burn nothing.  And we definitely do no toxic nuclear fission: the technology of death!

                Free, safe, clean power.  It is how the future is driven!  This falls within the remit of chemical and process engineering-my PH D area!  I have failed to realise why I was not awarded a PHD for tying my university that a steam plasma in a tube, it is safe molecular nuclear fusion!  Producing no toxic end product.  Using no purified uranium and burning no carbon fuels.


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