Sunday, 18 November 2012

Clean energy


18 November 2012

                The antimatter complementary particle to the electron was discovered in 1932!  In 2000 it was discovered with a Positron emission tomography (PET)[1]that shining a beam of electrons on a crystal produced a beam of positrons:

+me- -> -mβ+     where mβ+ is our positron been.  And +me- is our beam of electrons liberated from our electrical heating element.

                Both of electrons and positrons carry a mass of 8.19x10-14 – as I heard while doing an engineering PH D in 2000.  That year they had used to laser scales to measure the mass of an electron.  Previously it had been believed to be a massless.

                Now at the speed of light squared is 3x1028.  A truly huge number!  So every positron electrons annihilation liberates 4.5x1015 Watts of energy!

e- + β+ ->E+L

                The frequency of the electro magnetic energy liberated is dependent on the kinetic energy of the incident electrons.  Which are very slow!  So here we would expect to get no light energy above infrared-radiant thermal energy.

                So shining an electrical element on to a water bath through a crystal will produce massive energy.  With no carbon dioxide and no nuclear toxic fission waste!

                Carbon dioxide stimulates plants to grow!  So there has been no increase in average free carbon dioxide in the air over last two centuries!  This is the only number the climate seas.

                World governments are now are trying to tax people on carbon emissions!  OK.  Go and get the carbon dioxide levels in the countryside or above the sea: the main service covering of the earth.

                This will produce a static level of two parts per million.  Any higher figure is spurious sampling rubbish, contacted by the stupid or the base stooges to nuclear power!

                So go tax us on the static trace gas in the atmosphere!  The only time this number rises is during a natural ice age: mankind has no import into the carbon cycle!  It just supports life on earth.  So carbon taxes are the most stupid taxes concocted by the biologically ignorant!  It appears this includes world governments!

                Shining a beam of positrons into water creates massive heat!  With no toxic nuclear waste.  A 50 Watts heating element will drive our 100 MW power station.  With no fossil fuel burn and absolutely no toxic nuclear fission!

                Nuclear fission is the least green industry possible!  It releases the four highest quantities of carbon dioxide for any terrestrial industry-due to their plant building programme.

                But only produces toxic nuclear death!  On a continental scale.  If they reprocess the used fission tubes, they lose massive amounts of money!  Sellafield is full!

                Faults will not take radioactive waste.  So no new nuclear facility can be legally licensed by the power station oversight authority.  These people can be fined 100,000,000 pounds power plant which operates illegally!

                Every nuclear plant in England are operating illegally: producing non reprocessable waste.  And holding out the promise of a New Chernobyl or Fukushima!

                Labour allowed EDF to extend the life of its magnox power stations!  Which by now should have all been shut down.  Fukushima shows such plants are the most dangerous nuclear facilities on earth.  Having massive reserves of toxic radioactive isotopes in the plant.

                EDF has sold on Hinkley point to Ukrainian nuclear-the builders of Chernobyl.  They can build no nuclear facility without a royal commission!  As the plants have exceed their design life.

                German corporate law forbids Rolls Royce from being involved in a consortium to build new nuclear power plants.  Such processes are illegal in Germany-and so illegal for German companies throughout the world!

                David Cameron wants a New Chernobyl building at Hinkley point.  Trouble is, such a facility is illegal!  And will never get an operating licence.  Nuclear power is the most toxic industry on earth.  When reprocessing it spent fuel rods, and decommissioning its aged plants, it generates the most expensive electricity on the planet.

                Positron electrons annihilation, once started will drive itself!  Burning no fossil fuels and doing no toxic nuclear fission.  There will be no market for the electricity generated by a toxic nuclear fission plant.  Any investor requires serious medical attention!  Even if they are German!

                Antimatter annihilation produces pure energy, with no toxic end product!  The electrons are supplied by the power company.  And then the plants uses a minuscule fraction of its apple current to drive itself.

                Leaving the carbon cycle to biology!  Any person invoking man made climate change or global warming needs to go and resit high school!  And learn some real science.  High school biology!  Not spurious fiction from the diseased pens of nuclear power.

Jonathan Thomason

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