Sunday, 25 November 2012

Carbonless heat


25 November 2012

                And I am not talking about toxic nuclear fission!  The technology of death.

                When we shine an electrical heating element on a crystal, this stream of electrons is converted into a stream of positrons!

+e- ->-β+                      and        β+ +e- ->E+2γ     at a lower energy

                                                β+ +e- -> E + B+B-

                        Now Boson+Boson-is a matter linked to antimatter.  Is has no mass.  No charge.  No magnetic moment.  Do boson pairs actually exist?

                If we pass them through a magnetic field they are divided into Bosons and Antibosons.  So we can and starvation their mass!  They are meant to cure all man mass, but a collection our Antibosons will produce lift with no other physical manifestation.

                This would be so useful to have at hand!  Imagine filling a jet aircraft with Antibosons.  You would increase the momentum of the aircraft, but drastically reduce its mass!  So once moving it would use less fuel!

                The wave length of the electromagnetic radiation is directly linked to the kinetic energy all he annihilation of positrons the electrons.  These are obviously magnetically active.

                So we can accelerate or decelerate them using a magnetic field.  So we can get annihilation which only produces the lower infrared light!  Radiant thermal energy.  Whenever penetrative nuclear radiation.

                Even conventional fascinations today generate nuclear radiation!  As they turn steam into helium and oxygen gases: A steam turbine does molecular nuclear fusion-which is why and they generate so much power.

                We can use A50 Watts radiant strip to run 100 MW power station with no fossil fuel burn an utterly no toxic nuclear fission.

                The only ingredient we turn into pure energy, is the electrons so applied via an her thing wire!  We also use up a minuscule amount all the generated current.

                We leave carbon dioxide to nature and the carbon cycle.  But there again, global photosynthesis as all is converted additional carbon dioxide back into active biology the fossil fuels were in the Jurassic age.

                No build up of this gas in the global air is possible!  This was fiction from nuclear power-the least green industry that will ever exist.


Jonathan Thomason

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