Thursday, 29 November 2012

Carbon is life on earth

29 November 2012

                The limit to life on earth is circulating organic carbon him the environment!  You were taught this in high school biology.

                At the end of the Jurassic 85% of life on earth died with the dinosaurs.  And they carbohydrates formed the fossil fuels!  As the fossils and shells are exclusively from late Jurassic.

                As we burn the fossil fuels life on earth increases!  But global photosynthesis on land and in the seas has produced a static level of carbon dioxide in the global air since industrial revolution: two parts per million!  Carbon dioxide is a trace gas which supports all biology!  The green gas.

                In contrast nuclear power uses enriched uranium to generate the dearest power on the planet.  And produce toxic plutonium!  Rather than paying to reprocess this, Sellafield is now the world’s largest repository of fuel grade plutonium in the world!

                Nuclear power is losing massive money!  And disguise in this fact by not reprocessing its plutonium.  The ground stored plutonium is the expense our descendants will be left with!  Long after nuclear power is bankrupt.

                Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth, but has no conceivable affect on the weather!  That is a nuclear lie for the stupid to believe.

                If we shine an electrical heating element through a crystal, the electrons are converted into positrons!  To keep the crystal balanced!  These annihilate with electrons in a water birth, each annihilation releasing 4.5x1015 Watts of energy.  All this the energy ends up as heat!

                So we raise steam!  And use a steam to run 100 MW power station.  We take only 50 W from the generated power, to maintain the system!

                Once started it uses no fossil fuels an utterly no toxic nuclear fission!  Nuclear power is the least green industry that will ever exist.

                Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth-but the trace of carbon dioxide in the air has been static for last two centuries.  It is still at home free industrial two parts per million.  Just as you were taught in high school!

                Nuclear power is the only technology all mankind’s which can cause continental toxic death!  The least green industry that will ever exist.


Jonathan Thomason

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