Monday, 12 November 2012

Carbon dioxide levels

12 November 2012

                Can only rise in a natural ice age!  In the little ice age there were doubles today’s levels!  In the Permian mega ice age that lasted 1000 years the or five times higher!  The ice age of the ended as photosynthesis got established.

                Usually this imposes a total limit on carbon dioxide levels in the air!

                In the Jurassic there were no fossil fuels.  There was twice the levels of carbon dioxide in the air.  65% more life on earth existed!  Resulting me sea levels were 60 metres lower.  The fossil fuels formed as 85% of life on earth including the dinosaurs died.

                In last 200 years carbon dioxide levels have remained static!  But life on earth has increased.  As Jurassic Life is established as modern biology.

                Even an Xi your school child realises that man has no affect on the carbon cycle!  The most he can do is augment life on earth by burning the fossilised life that we know as the fossil fuels.  And totally the best thing man has ever done for life on earth!

                The worst thing he has ever done for life is firm eight nuclear fission to amuse drought power: accumulating massive stores or plutonium-the most toxic substance known to man..

                Any new nuclear plant in England would be a total victim to the cost of storing plutonium.  EDF would have a plant operator over a barrel!

                No port there is likely to permit nuclear co2 idea is to be shipped.  Ukrainian nuclear are going to lose all their money!  They a plant can never operate.  In others plutonium stores are formed.

                Is a much better idea!  Shining a radiant light as a crystal generate a stream of positrons.  When played on a water bath, this acts as a massively affective flame!  They annihilate with electrons to release 1015W of heat.  1000MMMW of heat.  From a single electron positron annihilation!

                This converts the particles into heat and light, with no toxic waste!  It is the most energetic Power System in existence.  Nuclear power is feable, polluting, toxic and are over expensive.

                Antimatter matter annihilations generate power with no plutonium or carbon dioxide!  The F biology is boosted by extra carbon dioxide in the environment.  Or the health fault up manmade global warming?  They are mentally deficient!

                As were all the scientists who ever wrote academic papers on man made global warming or climate change.  Total biological rubbish!  In the interest of nuclear power.  These people have no place in education!  Or even don’t deserve to be alive!


Jonathan Thomason

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