Sunday, 25 November 2012

Calm air has more carbon dioxide in

25 November 2012

                Violent weather effects happen in warm and hot air!  Hurricanes and tornadoes can only happen in the air above 30° C.  So cold air is also calm air.

                Violent weather effects are linked to the turbulent flow of moist air.  But cold air is dry air!  So violent weather happens in warm air.

                The Permian mega ice age was linked to five times higher carbon dioxide in the air, during 1000 year ice age!  As photosynthesis talk hold carbon dioxide fell to half today’s pathetic two parts per million.

                90% of life on earth died-the biggest mass extinction of prehistory.  Is linked to two little carbon circulating the environment.

                The Jurassic had twice the levels of carbon dioxide in the air that we see today!  As the fossil fuels had not yet formed.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There was 65% more life on earth!  The Jurassic also experienced three natural ice ages.

                The fossil fuels formed at the death of the dinosaurs-linked to a world wide forest fires sparked by comet impact near Maxicare.

                In the little ice age there was relatively little photosynthesis going on.  Carbon dioxide rose from two parts per 1,000,000 to 4ppm.  When the ice age ended carbon dioxide fell to the modern trace level of 2ppm.

                It’s static level for the last two centuries.  A static trace gas changes nothing!  Mankind’s carbon emissions have ended up in higher crop yields!

                Which has increased the animal life on earth.  So we should be seeing the decline in sea levels.  A record low tide in Scotland was experienced 2003!

                There are two many physics and chemistry departments around the world dependent on man made climate change, to go looking for declining sea levels.

                Global warming evolved as idea after Chernobyl.  The natural climate started cooling 1998.  2004 was a naturally bad hurricane year-these things are cyclical!

                Hence the change in nuclear PR to ‘man made climate change’.  Says 2004 the air has both cooled and the experienced there is violent weather effects.  We have got ourselves natural global cooling and calming.


Jonathan Thomason

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