Friday, 16 November 2012

Antimatter power


16 November 2012

                If you shine an electric element through a crystal, the crystal turns are all the electrons falling onto it into positrons using it!  Positrons are the antimatter equivalent of electrons!

                When they fall into a water bath, we get the massive release of heat as an electron and positron annihilate!  The tiny mass Lillies particles ends up as a massive energy!

                Summer surgery is as heat!  So we heat up the water, to form massive quantities of hot steam!  We use this to generate power.  From this we take a tiny proportion to continue the process.

                The rest we use to heat and power a house!  With no fossil fuel burn.  No mains gas or electricity.  And no toxic nuclear fission from uranium!

                Totally clean and safe power with no toxic waste!  Symples!


Jonathan Thomason

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