Thursday, 29 November 2012


29 November 2012

Ted        : well Dr. how did my skan go?

Dr           : not fantastic!  We found three precancerous clusters!  You are obviously being eating beefburgers and drinking beer again!

Ted        : I am American!  Go figure!

Dr           : so what we’re going to do about it?  Do you want me to book you into the hospital?

Ted        : why?  I am not pregnant.  And I could go down to that guy at the market and get a balanced with ultrasound.

                Or wait two months for my of regular ultrasound session here!  Or ..?

Dr           : I have booked you in the early for your biannual first session.

Ted        : Good!  Best to get it sorted.  I used to receive five begging emails a week.  About cancer care costs.

TheDr    : so what did you do?

Ted        : told them to go and get it Ultrasouned.  150 W 40 kHz all cancers sorted.


Jonathan Thomason

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