Friday, 28 September 2012

Saving lives

28 September 2012

                Says 2002 the medics in Florida have been curing prostate cancer using a single application of high intensity ultrasound (HIUS).  You want 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound.  Getting a friend to run an ultrasonic carpet cleaner over the cancerous organ was set at 2 kW will suffice.

                This will either do nothing-or medical evidence is of the cancer of the cured at one go.  The no drug use or surgery is required.

                This exploits the fact they cancer, like viruses loads of other body cells.  A multi cellular life form budss off the stem cells, and there cells are abduct on the multi cellular dendrite mesh.

                This gives the cells support.  Which cancer lacks.  So a body cells are only affected by ultrasound above 180 W/cm2.  Cancers explosively fragment as half this power level!

                It is a discriminating characteristic fission cancer cells animal body cells.  Even immune cells are not over inflated and hard.  Cancer cells are, as the extra blood supplies they demand gives them a vitality advantage.

                So a cancer is hellishly vital even in an aged body.  They do no cell damage to other body cells naturally.  So the immune system ignores them.

                If we apply HIUS the fragmentation dynamic, that body cells within a two cell radius of the cancer tumour are destroyed.  The dendrites sense this, so making an action the specific antibodies to the cancer.

                There are six common antibodies to all cancers.  If we give a drip of interleukin two and four to a person with cancer, their own immune system produces the human antibodies to new structures in the body.

                So if we take six different cancers, will get at the six common the antibodies to all cancers.  Pills of these drugs will cure all cancers!  So the drug companies could easily make a course of pills that clears cancer.

                The next series of illnesses, we will develop a new cancer.  So will require a new course of pills.  As 5 of these antibodies are common to all infective diseases, this course of pills will cure both diseases and cancer.

                A useful set of pills to have.  And we will require to use them two or three times a year.  This will make a lot of money.

                We can then exploit ultrasound, to clear away the cells of age.  This will change human ageing!  An ultrasound session will be required every six months or more!

 Jonathan Thomason

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