Sunday, 30 September 2012

No licensing required

30 September 2012

                The FDA in the U.S.  And the NICE in Britian are set up the to life is biochemical drug regimes for cancer.  NICE has spent money getting HIUS/HIFU evaluated.

                But high intensity ultrasound cures all cancers, heart disease, diabetes and the other diseases of age, at one application!  With no need for a licensing procedure.

                Before can’t try 150 Watts and 40 kHz and eagerly the work on not!  A regardless of what drug regimes YouTu eight.  NICE need to evaluate 90/160 Watts 40/200 kilohertz applied through the had 10 cm guide tube held external to the body.  But why should anybody be bothered to do trials?

                180 Watts/cm2 damages body tissues.  So 150 Watts spreading out as he passes through the body will not harm body tissues.  HIFU requires a single application.  Though really we want a repeat applications to keep a person fit and well.

                No massively expensive and fatal drip regime!  NICE have never really done anything.  They licence expensive and in effective treatments after six months.

                All the world now uses cheaper compatible drugs from China and India.  HIFU is very cheap, and totally infective at one application.  And does not need to licensing by the FDA or NICE.

                Neither organisation has any meaningful role to play.  The drug companies will all go bankrupt.  The NI H will evolve to look at HIFU regimes.  And be concerned with the continuing health of individuals.

                The NI H was funded to cure HIV.  This has no being done separately to the NI H by stimulating the production of human antibodies to novel structures in the body: using A drip of interleukin two and four at levels seen in individual getting better from an infection with fungal antibiotics.

                This approach will also work for the common cold.  And other bacterial and fungal infections.

                Cancer, diabetes and heart disease or respond to HIFU.  The funding for the NI H was recently frozen.  In subsequent years it is going to be slashed.

Jonathan Thomason

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