Saturday, 29 September 2012

Life is in the deep

29 September 2012

                There is loads of life in the deep, in areas that should be barren!

                At hot smokers there are massive ecosystems, other thermal energy is massively insufficient to support them.  Heat is are all form of energy.

                Bubbling steam into high pressure water does molecular nuclear fusion.  Producing energy, including heat, light and other frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.  It is massively exothermic!

                It can totally replace direct solar radiation: as the sun shines through moist air, it initiates molecular nuclear fusion.  So even life on the surface is supported by MNF.

                Hot smokers produce gamma wave radiation and helium gas.  Neither of which has any chemical source.  I hadn’t reckoned on to me today that could not believe this!  I advised him to buy and read A university textbooks and biology.

                Green plants in light do MNF.  Producing energy, heat, gamma wave radiation, light flashes plus helium and free radical oxygen.  The latter forms ozone!

                The kinetic interaction of water molecules in breaking waves or waterfalls produces gamma wave radiation, plus helium and free radical oxygen.  MNF goes on in the deep, weather light flashes have been obsessed!

                This is why deep life often has falls bodies, which make the ever more look bigger and taller flashing elimination MNF gives us.

                Animal hearts and arteries produce gamma wave radiation!  Which is why animals breathe out helium and free radical oxygen gases.  The cell mitochondria also do MNF.

                As to growing bacteria.  The science pantheon is lousy with sources of helium gas!  All nature does it.  But there is no chemical source of helium or gamma wave radiation.

                Lightning is a most exothermic source!  Heavy rain close produce helium ions and gamma wave radiation.  It is the electric potential from this which sets up lightning.

                Lightening does strikes river of ½ MW of power: produced by the interaction of water drops in heavy rain.  The up strike is caused as electrons flow back up the lightning strike to the Alpha particles above the clouds.

                This liberates 2.9x1030 Watts of power!  As it produces five tonnes of helium gas.  Again, there is no chemical source of this gas.  This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is all plant growth.

                Global photosynthesis has converted all man is additional carbon dioxide back into active biology the fossil fuels last were in the Jurassic age.  It is biologically impossible to increased the level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                Local level rises over diesel exhausts only serves to increase plant growth in the local countryside.  To get a real reading of carbon dioxide levels, they should be taken in turn was into the countryside or above the open sea!

                Climate pundits are paid by nuclear power to do no such thing!  And maintain that man could increase free carbon dioxide in the air globally.  He can’t.  But nuclear power can kill on a continental scale.  The least green industry ever!

                Nature does clean, safe, free molecular nuclear fusion from water.  As do our own beating hearts!

Jonathan Thomason

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