Friday, 28 September 2012

Hydrogen plasma

28 September 2012

                They can use the electrolysis of water to produce hygiene gas.  We then feed this gas into a self sustaining plasma in a tube.  They chaotic interaction of the protons and electrons form neutrons.

                For the 2H+ nuclei fission into light and heat.  Plus gamma wave and X ray radiation.  The plasma should self sustain at two atmospheres pressure.  The resulting 2/3He2+ nuclei collect at the base of the tube.

                The consultant these out, a user to run a steam cycle there are separate the gas into helium and hydrogen.  We cycle the hydrogen around, and sell the helium!

                And the experiments are not hard to two, but I immensely useful!  As they show humanity house do exothermic nuclear fusion on earth.  Power with no carbon dioxide!  An utterly no toxic fission waste.


Jonathan Thomason

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