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HIFU and cancer

30 September 2012

                All cancers share five enzymes in common with infectious disease: the set up secondary infection sites through the weather system.

                The base pathogen leader all 200 cancers share with all viruses: they divide in a single cell way!  The growing embryo in the womb does this under very tight administered by the placenta.

                Cancer grows in an uncontrolled single cell way controlled by nothing!

                Like all infections it’s cells are overinflated: they demand extra blood supplies to gain a vitality.  So cancer cells are both are overinflated and like multi cellular support.

                Support for body is provided by the dendrites-who are part of the immune system!  So was stop the uncontrolled growth of inappropriate tissues.  Which is why cancer has to divide in a single cell way.

                This is a unique characteristic of cancer cells compared to body cells: they are overinflated and under supported-trace their acquired from genome left behind by the old infections.  The six enzymes they need overall bacterial and viral infections the patient has experienced.

                This is what scientists call an angle!  As Dr. Matzinger pointed out in her danger model, cancer devise an uncontrollably, but unless it impinges on multi cellular structures causes no cell damage.  So is ignored by the body!

                Medicine has known since the 1950s that ultrasound allowed cancer tumours to be arranged.  This means ultrasound causes cancer cells to give out nuclear radiation.  Every physicist on the planet would say ‘What!’.

                Ultrasound induces molecular nuclear fusion:


                So we do nuclear fusion and body temperature!  Your blood system already does this as you heart pushes blood around the arteries.  So all mitochondria also do this at the lower level.

                Cancer cells are designed to get as much energy as possible!  So they do loads of biological MNF.  It is likely we could image cancer tumours without X rays or ultrasound!  But it is a good job medics used ultrasound.

                In 2001 I was doing a Ph.D. into chemical and process engineering but suggested we might use high powered ultrasound to restrict cancer growth.  Then I got on with my PH D!

                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre started using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat prostate cancer.  And found they could cure rate at one appointment.  But chose to keep the power an frequency as a commercial secrets.

                I think this contravenes the Hippocratic oath!  Doctors promise to share medical developments freely amongst themselves patent projecting where possible.

                I used to work in ultrasound in 1983: most engineers on this planet are familiar with the technology.  So IDA bit of research.  150 W 40 kHz ultrasound will cure all cancers!

                It attacks the over inflated and under supported nature that is characteristic only of cancer cells.  The first article I saw on HIFU I did not bother reading.  As you can not focus sound.

                It was another two years before I read about the ultrasound work in a cancer charity magazine.  You can direct ultrasound, but he cannot focus it!

                Emitting the ultrasound through a 10 cm guide cylinder will cause the ultrasound to diverge by 5°as the cone of ultrasound passes through the body.

                All cancers should fragment at ultrasound above 90 W/cm2.  A cone of ultrasound that starts at 150 Watts should emerge from the body still at 120 W.  All cancer cells directly exposed to the ultrasound will explosively fragment.

                This causes body cells within a two cell radius of the cancer tumour to be destroyed.  The dendrites sense this, so making an action the antibodies which will clear the cancer throughout the body.

                As mentioned at the head of this article, there are six: warms to all cancers out there.  Giving a drip of interleukin two and four will stimulate the human immune system to make these antibodies-without the need for cell damage!

                One course of pills will cure all cancers.  The drug companies prefer to market over expensive, over specific and ultimately fatal treatments.  Patients would prefer the effective cure to all cancers.

                The drug company that markets such pills will have A demand we cells for ever!  As a combat infective disease and stop the diseases of age happening.

                A quick blast of ultrasound at 120 Watts should clear out cessated cells, and prevent the diseases of age and ageing itself from happening!

                The ultrasound is a five every six months to keep a person fit and well.  HIFU will combat all cancers.  Not just prostate cancer.

                It will also clear heart disease, if applied to the coronary arteries.  Heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump colonising fatty plaques in the coronary arteries.

                Ultrasound will clear the bacterial rump causing MS, polite to the head!  Here the rump infection on rising their myelin sheath.

                Application of HIFU to the pancreas will clear diabetes totally.  Life has just changed.  And Bio chemistry is largely irrelevant to the cure to cancer.

Jonathan Thomason

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