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A hydrogen plasma

28 September 2012

                I have been on about this for four years!  My video on U tube has accumulated 300 hits-with no publicity from me.  The oil price has recently fallen, despite an Opec meeting to restrict all have fought.  Opaque have not met for a decade!

                Suddenly the world has realized the nuclear fusion is not plants have.  Lightning uses a steam plasma, to generate 2.9x1030 Watts of power!  Driven only by nuclear fusion done by heavy rain.

                This tell us that the nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms even from molecular hydrogen is not hard.  A waterfall over a metre high does it!  As does your own beating heart, or green crops in light: biologists could do more work on this area, for me my training is at a gas plasma is and engineering.

                A gas hydrogen plasma in a glass tube should start doing atomic nuclear fusion above two atmospheres pressure!  As molecular nuclear fusion only requires a metre of fluid turbulence two overcome the strong atomic force.

                With atomic nuclear fusion the atomic interactions are lower.  But all the interactions concern naked protons: hydrogen nuclei stripped of the valency electrons.

                We should build to set up a self perpetuating hydrogen plasma in a 2 cm by one metre glass tube.  We introduce hydrogen atoms at one end, and extract hot gases from the base at the other end.

                We use the hot gases to drive a steam cycle: which obviously does its own molecular nuclear fusion.  We remove all helium and lithium (this being a metal dust) and cycle the hydrogen around.

                The we use a minuscule amount of the generated power to do electrolysis of water, to form oxygen and hydrogen gases.  We obviously vent the oxygen, all compress and sell it to industry! BOC might be interested here!

                The attraction to you is that no research has been done on this idea!  It is the technology that could put Sheffield University on the world academics map.

                Will Zimmerman suggested hydrogen gas in turbulent flow as a source of nuclear fusion in 2001.  Strangely enough, he has never told me about the work he has done in this area.

 Jonathan Thomason

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