Sunday, 30 September 2012

Medical promise

30 September 2012

                I will use treatments for the benefit of the ill in accordance with my ability and my judgment, but from what is to their harm and injustice I will keep them”

            All practicing doctors have promised to use the best medical treatment they know about to treat their patients.

                They specifically have excluded prescribing treatments which the most money.  And give the worst outcome.  Bio chemical pills are expensive, over specific and ultimately fatal treatment for cancer.

                High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) cures cancer at one session.  It attacks the over inflated and an unsupported nature common to all cancer cells.  Body cells have a multi cellular support from the dendrite mesh.

                Since the 1950s medics have realized that exposing cancer tumours to low power ultrasound cause them to make nuclear radiation.  This is the coals of molecular nuclear fusion!

                Pressurised cancer cells do more MNF when exposed to ultrasound, than body cells.  So cancer cells heat up and fragment, but body cells heat up by 2° C.  And almost trivial amount!

                It is not limited to prostate cancer!  That just happens to be the first cancer that was routinely cured by high intensity ultrasound.

                So bio-chemical pills are not the best treatment for cancer!  They just happened to be the most expensive.  And they don’t cure the cancer ever!  They slow the patient’s death down-potentially.  And give them a horrible death.

                Any Dr. Not prescribing-HIFU to cure a cancer is violating the Hyppocratic oath.  And so should not be practicing as a Dr.!

                The drug companies have served their purpose-which was to slowdown and the inevitable death.  Since the 1950s medics have known that ultrasound affected cancer specifically.  All cancers!

                Since that date prescription of bio-chemical pills has been in contravention of the Hyppocratic oath.

Jonathan Thomason

HIFU and cancer

30 September 2012

                All cancers share five enzymes in common with infectious disease: the set up secondary infection sites through the weather system.

                The base pathogen leader all 200 cancers share with all viruses: they divide in a single cell way!  The growing embryo in the womb does this under very tight administered by the placenta.

                Cancer grows in an uncontrolled single cell way controlled by nothing!

                Like all infections it’s cells are overinflated: they demand extra blood supplies to gain a vitality.  So cancer cells are both are overinflated and like multi cellular support.

                Support for body is provided by the dendrites-who are part of the immune system!  So was stop the uncontrolled growth of inappropriate tissues.  Which is why cancer has to divide in a single cell way.

                This is a unique characteristic of cancer cells compared to body cells: they are overinflated and under supported-trace their acquired from genome left behind by the old infections.  The six enzymes they need overall bacterial and viral infections the patient has experienced.

                This is what scientists call an angle!  As Dr. Matzinger pointed out in her danger model, cancer devise an uncontrollably, but unless it impinges on multi cellular structures causes no cell damage.  So is ignored by the body!

                Medicine has known since the 1950s that ultrasound allowed cancer tumours to be arranged.  This means ultrasound causes cancer cells to give out nuclear radiation.  Every physicist on the planet would say ‘What!’.

                Ultrasound induces molecular nuclear fusion:


                So we do nuclear fusion and body temperature!  Your blood system already does this as you heart pushes blood around the arteries.  So all mitochondria also do this at the lower level.

                Cancer cells are designed to get as much energy as possible!  So they do loads of biological MNF.  It is likely we could image cancer tumours without X rays or ultrasound!  But it is a good job medics used ultrasound.

                In 2001 I was doing a Ph.D. into chemical and process engineering but suggested we might use high powered ultrasound to restrict cancer growth.  Then I got on with my PH D!

                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre started using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat prostate cancer.  And found they could cure rate at one appointment.  But chose to keep the power an frequency as a commercial secrets.

                I think this contravenes the Hippocratic oath!  Doctors promise to share medical developments freely amongst themselves patent projecting where possible.

                I used to work in ultrasound in 1983: most engineers on this planet are familiar with the technology.  So IDA bit of research.  150 W 40 kHz ultrasound will cure all cancers!

                It attacks the over inflated and under supported nature that is characteristic only of cancer cells.  The first article I saw on HIFU I did not bother reading.  As you can not focus sound.

                It was another two years before I read about the ultrasound work in a cancer charity magazine.  You can direct ultrasound, but he cannot focus it!

                Emitting the ultrasound through a 10 cm guide cylinder will cause the ultrasound to diverge by 5°as the cone of ultrasound passes through the body.

                All cancers should fragment at ultrasound above 90 W/cm2.  A cone of ultrasound that starts at 150 Watts should emerge from the body still at 120 W.  All cancer cells directly exposed to the ultrasound will explosively fragment.

                This causes body cells within a two cell radius of the cancer tumour to be destroyed.  The dendrites sense this, so making an action the antibodies which will clear the cancer throughout the body.

                As mentioned at the head of this article, there are six: warms to all cancers out there.  Giving a drip of interleukin two and four will stimulate the human immune system to make these antibodies-without the need for cell damage!

                One course of pills will cure all cancers.  The drug companies prefer to market over expensive, over specific and ultimately fatal treatments.  Patients would prefer the effective cure to all cancers.

                The drug company that markets such pills will have A demand we cells for ever!  As a combat infective disease and stop the diseases of age happening.

                A quick blast of ultrasound at 120 Watts should clear out cessated cells, and prevent the diseases of age and ageing itself from happening!

                The ultrasound is a five every six months to keep a person fit and well.  HIFU will combat all cancers.  Not just prostate cancer.

                It will also clear heart disease, if applied to the coronary arteries.  Heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump colonising fatty plaques in the coronary arteries.

                Ultrasound will clear the bacterial rump causing MS, polite to the head!  Here the rump infection on rising their myelin sheath.

                Application of HIFU to the pancreas will clear diabetes totally.  Life has just changed.  And Bio chemistry is largely irrelevant to the cure to cancer.

Jonathan Thomason

Martian photography


30 September 2012

                The Martian day is 24h 37m long!  So there is plenty of time to take a 12 hour time lapse of the Martian sky: there is no other useful science they can do in the Martian night.  Luckily the NASA scientists have set up a data relay post so Curiosity is now at out of radio contact with the earth.

            One of the biggest arguments against the NASA missions wasn’t it never fell on the Moon, and no space shots were taken either during the journey or on the lunar surface.

            This is a unique opportunity to triangulate stars across the universe and do direct distance measurement.

            We also have the unique opportunity to witness a sandstorm on Mars that we have detected on the earth.

            Liquid water last flowed on Mars handers of million years ago.  All water rounded stones should be at least 20 feet below the surface.  To have observed such stones today, rather suggests that the Martian rover is not our on the Mars surface.

            Rather it is within a terrestrial desert.  Today digital photography can manipulate images.  But to falsify a Martian sky photograph is to seriously misdirect science.

            When we have set up an operating does go based on the Moon this will become obvious.

            We use distributed automatic space telescope’s on the Moon to resolve down to 10 feet at the five white year range.  Such a telescope will be the greatest boon to astronomy ever.

            Inter planetary radiation makes a manned telescope and till we have a radiation shielding worked out.  A super conducting magnetic field and a small central lead barrier would appear to be the way to go.

 Jonathan Thomason

The Jurassic age


30 September 2012

                We can date geographical stratum my using radioactive phosphorus dating!  This takes us back here and to the Permian age of prehistory.

                At the late Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth, resulting me C levels were 60 metres lower.  But there were no fossil fuels!  As all the fossils are from biology week in carbon date to the Jurassic.

                The rocks charter around the fossil fuels tells us they formed 65 million years ago air.  So burning all the fossil fuels, would increase life on earth and lower sea levels.

                But you the geographers have identified three natural ice ages-before the fossil fuels formed.  Professors of biology have identified adaptations to record environment.

                We know that the ice sheets over last two within 100 miles of the equator.  The snowball power!  Before fossil fuels formed.

                The Permian age experienced 1000 year ice age!  When there was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                Global photosynthesis has resulted in a static trace of carbon dioxide in the air for last two centuries: says levels fell from four parts per million in the little ice age, to the modern level of 2ppm.

                Man can not affect photosynthesis!  He can only increase life on earth by burning the fossil fuels and we are establishing the organic carbon into the active environment.

                The whole tenet of global warming was a simple biological impossibility: man has had no affect on that trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by global photosynthesis.  Which happens on land and in the seas around the earth!

                Resultingly man made climate change is a biologically impossible oxymoron.

 Jonathan Thomason

No licensing required

30 September 2012

                The FDA in the U.S.  And the NICE in Britian are set up the to life is biochemical drug regimes for cancer.  NICE has spent money getting HIUS/HIFU evaluated.

                But high intensity ultrasound cures all cancers, heart disease, diabetes and the other diseases of age, at one application!  With no need for a licensing procedure.

                Before can’t try 150 Watts and 40 kHz and eagerly the work on not!  A regardless of what drug regimes YouTu eight.  NICE need to evaluate 90/160 Watts 40/200 kilohertz applied through the had 10 cm guide tube held external to the body.  But why should anybody be bothered to do trials?

                180 Watts/cm2 damages body tissues.  So 150 Watts spreading out as he passes through the body will not harm body tissues.  HIFU requires a single application.  Though really we want a repeat applications to keep a person fit and well.

                No massively expensive and fatal drip regime!  NICE have never really done anything.  They licence expensive and in effective treatments after six months.

                All the world now uses cheaper compatible drugs from China and India.  HIFU is very cheap, and totally infective at one application.  And does not need to licensing by the FDA or NICE.

                Neither organisation has any meaningful role to play.  The drug companies will all go bankrupt.  The NI H will evolve to look at HIFU regimes.  And be concerned with the continuing health of individuals.

                The NI H was funded to cure HIV.  This has no being done separately to the NI H by stimulating the production of human antibodies to novel structures in the body: using A drip of interleukin two and four at levels seen in individual getting better from an infection with fungal antibiotics.

                This approach will also work for the common cold.  And other bacterial and fungal infections.

                Cancer, diabetes and heart disease or respond to HIFU.  The funding for the NI H was recently frozen.  In subsequent years it is going to be slashed.

Jonathan Thomason

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Life is in the deep

29 September 2012

                There is loads of life in the deep, in areas that should be barren!

                At hot smokers there are massive ecosystems, other thermal energy is massively insufficient to support them.  Heat is are all form of energy.

                Bubbling steam into high pressure water does molecular nuclear fusion.  Producing energy, including heat, light and other frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.  It is massively exothermic!

                It can totally replace direct solar radiation: as the sun shines through moist air, it initiates molecular nuclear fusion.  So even life on the surface is supported by MNF.

                Hot smokers produce gamma wave radiation and helium gas.  Neither of which has any chemical source.  I hadn’t reckoned on to me today that could not believe this!  I advised him to buy and read A university textbooks and biology.

                Green plants in light do MNF.  Producing energy, heat, gamma wave radiation, light flashes plus helium and free radical oxygen.  The latter forms ozone!

                The kinetic interaction of water molecules in breaking waves or waterfalls produces gamma wave radiation, plus helium and free radical oxygen.  MNF goes on in the deep, weather light flashes have been obsessed!

                This is why deep life often has falls bodies, which make the ever more look bigger and taller flashing elimination MNF gives us.

                Animal hearts and arteries produce gamma wave radiation!  Which is why animals breathe out helium and free radical oxygen gases.  The cell mitochondria also do MNF.

                As to growing bacteria.  The science pantheon is lousy with sources of helium gas!  All nature does it.  But there is no chemical source of helium or gamma wave radiation.

                Lightning is a most exothermic source!  Heavy rain close produce helium ions and gamma wave radiation.  It is the electric potential from this which sets up lightning.

                Lightening does strikes river of ½ MW of power: produced by the interaction of water drops in heavy rain.  The up strike is caused as electrons flow back up the lightning strike to the Alpha particles above the clouds.

                This liberates 2.9x1030 Watts of power!  As it produces five tonnes of helium gas.  Again, there is no chemical source of this gas.  This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is all plant growth.

                Global photosynthesis has converted all man is additional carbon dioxide back into active biology the fossil fuels last were in the Jurassic age.  It is biologically impossible to increased the level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                Local level rises over diesel exhausts only serves to increase plant growth in the local countryside.  To get a real reading of carbon dioxide levels, they should be taken in turn was into the countryside or above the open sea!

                Climate pundits are paid by nuclear power to do no such thing!  And maintain that man could increase free carbon dioxide in the air globally.  He can’t.  But nuclear power can kill on a continental scale.  The least green industry ever!

                Nature does clean, safe, free molecular nuclear fusion from water.  As do our own beating hearts!

Jonathan Thomason

Stopping cancer

29 September 2012

                All viruses and in a single cell way to avoid scrutiny by the multi cellular immune system.  If they ever disrupt the multi cellular dendrite mesh, the dendrites make an action the specific antibodies to clear the infection.

                Viruses share pathogen leaders by liberating strips of RNA for other pathogens to pick up.  Cessated cells also because troops up RNA to form a viral rump.

                When they acquire all six of the Omni present pathogen leaders, we see full cancer.  But this cell type is just growing peacefully!  So the immune system ignores it.

                If we hit cancer with ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz the cell fragments damaging surrounding body cells.  The dendrites see this and engulf any remaining cancer cells throughout the body.

                One application of ultrasound.  No drugs or surgery required.  The drug companies will cease to make money from biochemistry.  It remains to be seen if they are nimble footed enough to start offering six monthly ultrasounds to keep you healthy.


Giving the world fusion

29 September 2012

                When we fire up a steam plasma (technically a mixed hydrogen and oxygen plasma) we get loads of nuclear radiation!  The free protons and electrons bond to form a neutron

p++e- n0

                This converts regular water into heat.  And over four atmospheres the plasma will self sustain once started!  This could replace all burning of fossil fuels are all toxic nuclear fission from uranium.

Jonathan Thomason

Biology power


29 September 2012

                The force keeping hydrogen atoms away from each other is just the strong atomic force!  The valency electrons only keeps the protons apart when there are at that part of their orbits.

                This is why only hydrogen and helium gases will keep a star shining!  There fusion of elements are to iron is exothermic!  But not sufficiently to make a star shine!

                This means there are dark stars orbiting the cosmos as lumps of cold iron!  This is where most of the mass of the universe is today!

                Interstellar space is not empty.  It is filled with a diffuse mist of antimatter.  That gave as light waves a red shift.  So the further the light travels, the more red shift it accumulates.

                Not because the universe is expanding!  But that the inter stellar mist is producing A red shift of light as it travels.  This is what we see!  That is why we never see a blue shift.  There there are objects moving towards us!

                All over the earth we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow.  The kinetic interactions of the molecules make hydrogen atoms interact at above the strong atomic force!  The hydrogen atoms just bounce of the oxygen ions.

                But the direct hydrogen on hydrogen interactions can cause the nuclei to fuse.  Creating helium gas!  This is why every biological organisms on earth produces helium and free radical oxygen ions.

                Your own cell mitochondria plus your heart and arteries do this type of nuclear fusion!  This is why you breathe out helium (methane and ozone) gas and emit gamma wave radiation.  A field of green crops in light produces helium, oxygen and gamma wave radiation.

                Physicists have no idea about molecular nuclear fusion.  It is written up in the biology text books.

 Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 28 September 2012

A hydrogen plasma

28 September 2012

                I have been on about this for four years!  My video on U tube has accumulated 300 hits-with no publicity from me.  The oil price has recently fallen, despite an Opec meeting to restrict all have fought.  Opaque have not met for a decade!

                Suddenly the world has realized the nuclear fusion is not plants have.  Lightning uses a steam plasma, to generate 2.9x1030 Watts of power!  Driven only by nuclear fusion done by heavy rain.

                This tell us that the nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms even from molecular hydrogen is not hard.  A waterfall over a metre high does it!  As does your own beating heart, or green crops in light: biologists could do more work on this area, for me my training is at a gas plasma is and engineering.

                A gas hydrogen plasma in a glass tube should start doing atomic nuclear fusion above two atmospheres pressure!  As molecular nuclear fusion only requires a metre of fluid turbulence two overcome the strong atomic force.

                With atomic nuclear fusion the atomic interactions are lower.  But all the interactions concern naked protons: hydrogen nuclei stripped of the valency electrons.

                We should build to set up a self perpetuating hydrogen plasma in a 2 cm by one metre glass tube.  We introduce hydrogen atoms at one end, and extract hot gases from the base at the other end.

                We use the hot gases to drive a steam cycle: which obviously does its own molecular nuclear fusion.  We remove all helium and lithium (this being a metal dust) and cycle the hydrogen around.

                The we use a minuscule amount of the generated power to do electrolysis of water, to form oxygen and hydrogen gases.  We obviously vent the oxygen, all compress and sell it to industry! BOC might be interested here!

                The attraction to you is that no research has been done on this idea!  It is the technology that could put Sheffield University on the world academics map.

                Will Zimmerman suggested hydrogen gas in turbulent flow as a source of nuclear fusion in 2001.  Strangely enough, he has never told me about the work he has done in this area.

 Jonathan Thomason

Hydrogen plasma

28 September 2012

                They can use the electrolysis of water to produce hygiene gas.  We then feed this gas into a self sustaining plasma in a tube.  They chaotic interaction of the protons and electrons form neutrons.

                For the 2H+ nuclei fission into light and heat.  Plus gamma wave and X ray radiation.  The plasma should self sustain at two atmospheres pressure.  The resulting 2/3He2+ nuclei collect at the base of the tube.

                The consultant these out, a user to run a steam cycle there are separate the gas into helium and hydrogen.  We cycle the hydrogen around, and sell the helium!

                And the experiments are not hard to two, but I immensely useful!  As they show humanity house do exothermic nuclear fusion on earth.  Power with no carbon dioxide!  An utterly no toxic fission waste.


Jonathan Thomason

Saving lives

28 September 2012

                Says 2002 the medics in Florida have been curing prostate cancer using a single application of high intensity ultrasound (HIUS).  You want 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound.  Getting a friend to run an ultrasonic carpet cleaner over the cancerous organ was set at 2 kW will suffice.

                This will either do nothing-or medical evidence is of the cancer of the cured at one go.  The no drug use or surgery is required.

                This exploits the fact they cancer, like viruses loads of other body cells.  A multi cellular life form budss off the stem cells, and there cells are abduct on the multi cellular dendrite mesh.

                This gives the cells support.  Which cancer lacks.  So a body cells are only affected by ultrasound above 180 W/cm2.  Cancers explosively fragment as half this power level!

                It is a discriminating characteristic fission cancer cells animal body cells.  Even immune cells are not over inflated and hard.  Cancer cells are, as the extra blood supplies they demand gives them a vitality advantage.

                So a cancer is hellishly vital even in an aged body.  They do no cell damage to other body cells naturally.  So the immune system ignores them.

                If we apply HIUS the fragmentation dynamic, that body cells within a two cell radius of the cancer tumour are destroyed.  The dendrites sense this, so making an action the specific antibodies to the cancer.

                There are six common antibodies to all cancers.  If we give a drip of interleukin two and four to a person with cancer, their own immune system produces the human antibodies to new structures in the body.

                So if we take six different cancers, will get at the six common the antibodies to all cancers.  Pills of these drugs will cure all cancers!  So the drug companies could easily make a course of pills that clears cancer.

                The next series of illnesses, we will develop a new cancer.  So will require a new course of pills.  As 5 of these antibodies are common to all infective diseases, this course of pills will cure both diseases and cancer.

                A useful set of pills to have.  And we will require to use them two or three times a year.  This will make a lot of money.

                We can then exploit ultrasound, to clear away the cells of age.  This will change human ageing!  An ultrasound session will be required every six months or more!

 Jonathan Thomason

The cure to cancer, heart disease etc.

28 September 2012

                Well I worked in conputers to get a system running we would years at data damp!  Says have all the working variables from a running system, and it would carry on from there!  As if it had never actually been stationary.

                Giving a drip of interleukin two and four persuades the immune system that an immune assault is going on elsewhere in the body!  Local AP C.s make and action the specific antibodies to new structures locally.

                In a real immune assault, the local AP C.s make interleukin 10, to damp down this action throughout the body.  If we do not have interleukin 10, all local novel structures are removed.

                This includes pathogens, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  These conditions are caused by pathogen genome left behind from full immune actions.  The body does not make a full genome clearance, and the removing structures doing cell damage.

                Dr. MatZinger’s idea of cell damage Watts so pertinent.  Even though she says Mel Cohn healt with the genesis of this idea.  We would rather unshackles cell damage from genome clearance.

                The human antibodies produced by the B cells and dendrites, when given in concentrated form to other patients will do the same immune action.  It is power cell biology data dump.

                The big medical idea of the 21st century is to give regular body wide ultrasound to remove cessated cells and rump structures.  A pathogen rump causes cancer and the rest!

                The a biochemical dru companies should move on to making human antibody fields, to effect the same pathogen fragment clearance system.  And also removed cessated cells!  As regular famines were last a frequent part of life in the 18th century.

 Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Nuclear fusion from water

27 September 2012

                Like every scientist on this planet, I learned in 1983 that electrical kettle give off a burst of nuclear radiation as it boils.  There is no source of nuclear fission.

                We’ve form ozone and helium from regular water.  So we are obviously doing molecular nuclear fusion.  A massively exothermic process!

                This was three years before Chernobyl, and nuclear powers adoption of the fiction of man made climate change.  No scientist could never believe in manmade climate change.

                As they were taught when they were 11 that the limit to life on earth was available carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

                First year of an engineering degree you learned that all fossil fuels formed at the death of the dinosaurs.  So in the Jurassic there were no fossil fuels but 65% more life on earth.

                C levels in a warm period were 60 metres lower: though there were three natural ice ages.  So there is not a syllable of global warming which was true.

                Global photosynthesis on land and in the seas has produced a static trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis, says levels fell at the end of the little ice age.

                Mankind has no control over the is the efficiency of photosynthesis.  By burning carbon fuels he has increased life on earth.  But not affected the level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                The very idea is the most stupid, anti scientific idea ever thought up!  Educators who have ever given manmade global warming or climate change any credence should not be involved in education.

                Nuclear power is the most toxic, polluting and uneconomic method of generating power.  Nuclear power chose to disguise the uneconomic basis of the industry, by failing to reprocess the used fission tubes.

                Chernobil was in 1986.  According to the international atomic energy authority Fukushima was the worst release of radiation-into the groundwater around Tokyo rather than into the air.

                So Fukushima was the worst nuclear incident as the 34 years also has its safety improvements.  Truly the most toxic industry that will ever exist!

                Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Nuclear power kills it.

Jonathan Thomason

The best medicine

27 September 2012

                Is done without self interest!  That is what the Hippocratic oath is all about.  To apply the best medicine to restore the persons health.

                Cancer drugs are expensive, ineffective, and shortly fatal.  High intensity ultrasound (HIUS) cures all cancer in one application.  150 W 40 kHz ultrasound will do-I used to work in NDT employing ultrasound to examine metal forgings.

                HIUS causes only cancer cells to explosively fragment!  As the pressurised cell contents boil.  Body cells are not affected.

                So ultrasound will selectively destroy cancer cells.  And in so doing set up an immune action to clear cancer throughout the body.

                The money to be made is from applying medical ultrasound to keep a person fit and well.  To selectively clear away cessated cells.  We don’t know how yet!  120 W 40 kHz ultrasound looks to merit further investigation.

                HIUS will also cure heart disease and diabetes at one application.  None of these applications require the use of a drug.  Drug companies are not the world’s richest.  And they are not happy!  Ultrasound provides a one time physical cure for cancer.  Unpatentable.

Jonathan Thomason

cancer and viruses

27 September 2012

                Divide in a single cell way used by amoeba.  It is only utilised in multi celled life, to grow embryo in the womb!  It turns out that live childbirth and cancer are very linked.

                Viruses, bacteria and cancer all gain vitality by demanding and getting extra blood supplies!  Bacteria are given a minimal cell wall by the B cells-who think they are helpful organisms.

                No body cells are overinflated; as after birth or cells in the body are bodied off the stem cells.  And have dropped into place.

                Body cells are damaged by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2.  But cancer is destroyed by ultrasound above 90 W/cm2.  Some body cells bud rapidly, but none are overinflated and grown in a single cell way.  This latter point been so cells lie outside the multi cellular mesh created by the dendrites.

                If a cancer encroaches on this mesh, the dendrites make and action the antibodies.  And we see spontaneous remission.

                To produce the antibodies with no encroachment on the dendrite mesh, we can give a drip of interleukin two and four: then the human antibody to non-native structures in the body are made.  This includes those to cancer.  Which is now cured.

                If we apply high intensity ultrasound outside the body, the pressurised cancer cells heat up, and rupture!  Spraying there novel DNA into the bloodstream where the dendrites sample it.

                They then make and action the specific antibodies.  There are six common ones to all viruses and cancers.  All 200 types of cancer out there.

                Live childbirth is why shocks get cancer, and reptiles do not.

                150 W 40 kHz ultrasound will cure all cancers at one application!  As the Moffitt cancer centre has been doing for last decade with prostate cancer.

                The drug companies are desperately trying to keep that out of the newspapers!  Because we no don’t need a cancer drugs.  They are over expensive, two specific and fatal.

                HIUS will cure all cancers, with no drugs.  At one application.  Ironically enough I was taught about ultrasound by Di Jones who died of prostate cancer two years after I did my degree!

                One application of ultrasound is staggeringly cheap!  It will work for all brain and body cancers.  In all animals!

 Jonathan Thomason

Life is carbon

27 September 2012

                In the Permian age of prehistory carbon dioxide levels in the air were five times what they are today!  They have fallen from 40%, so obviously biology was metabolising carbon dioxide.

                The end of the Permian age saw a 1000 year ice age, with carbon dioxide levels five times what they are today!  Ever made up global warming displays a staggering ignorance of prehistory.

                The Permian age came to an end through a carbon crisis!  Plants could only metabolise during the day the carbon dioxide they excreted at night.  Life I only got over this as more animals evolved to eat plant bulk and oxygen is the carbohydrates.  Utilising oxygen, the waste gas of plants.

                Ever since then the trace of carbon dioxide in the air has been controlled exclusively by photosynthesis.  There in the Jurassic age photosynthesis was not as efficient as today.  It left twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                The Jurassic had sea levels 60 metres lower, as there was 65% more life on earth!  Sea levels were lower still during the three natural ice ages.  Free carbon dioxide levels only rise during an ice ages, when there is less global g th photosynthesis.

                This process goes on over the land and the seas.  Half the global carbon dioxide race fired by animals and produce by man is machines is metabolised in the seas.  There can never be a drought in the seas!

                Local droughts just shift the life from land into the seas.  It does not affect the trace of carbon dioxide in the air.  All academics who ever done work on man made global warming or climate change are obviously unsuited to a career in education.

                Manmade global warming present man had increased levels of carbon dioxide in the air.  No.  Photosynthesis has increased life on earth.  Gradually restoring the Jurassic Life to the active environment.

                As all the fossil fuels formed from the 85% of life on earth which died tumour dinosaurs death: a unique.  Of mass extinction and tectonic readjustment.  The cretaceous and other periods of prehistory did not have tectonic readjustment.

                The fossil fuels are exclusively life from late Jurassic-as shown by the fossils preserved in the deep coal deposits.  Geothermal water percolates through these, and forms methane gas!


                Geothermal exposed platinum links up the methane groups, combines it with Salford dioxide and free uses the long chain hydrocarbons.

                If we have no exposed platinum, we’ve form chamber is filled with natural gas!  So natural gas is the end product on nature doing biological molecular nuclear fusion.

                This process produces helium and free radical oxygen: the latter pulse forms the ozone layer.  And in time we breathe it!  The helium is lost to space the same day it was formed.

                No plutonium or strontium!  The coal deposits made out move life on earth.  Otherwise we can use a steam plasma tube.  Lightning is a steam plasma set up by heavy rain doing physical MNF, as rain drops collide.  Also producing heat, more helium, oxygen and gamma wave radiation.

                Lightning fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth.  Plants are dynamic!  Some areas will die off, other areas will become arable.

                Biology teaches us that around the earth minerals even out.  The single determining factor to the mantel life on earth is available organic carbon him the environment.

                I reading a report today saying in for the next 200 years A third of the world’s salt marshes will die out.  They are mated to mention that more salt marshes will form.

                The extra organic carbon will increase life on earth.  But since the little ice age the trace of carbon dioxide in the air has remained static.  Because of fre photosynthesis!  Nature has not even noticed mankind has evolved.

                As man burns the fossil fuels active biology increases.  But the level of carbon dioxide in the air has been static for last two centuries, says levels fell at the end of the little ice age.  Savour that one: carbon dioxide levels rise in natural ice ages.

                Manmade Global Warming was devised after time are static carbon dioxide levels.  The whole tenet of man made global warming was that man has affected carbon dioxide levels in the air.

                  That is why everybody laughed at Keeling!  He flow around the world taking air samples at diesel engine exhausts.  Own presented a massively massage graph showing a biologically impossible increase of carbon dioxide in the air.

                He totally ignores biology and photosynthesis.  Every day life expands to use up all carbon dioxide!  Life is in flux.  Some dies off.  But as noted by Harvard University August 2010 in New Scientist up yields have increased by 15% since industrial revolution.

                But free carbon dioxide levels in the air are strictly limited by photosynthesis.  Which proceeds every day until the available carbon dioxide is metabolised.

                Burning fossilised life from the Jurassic only increases modern life on earth both on land and in the seas.  All the historical evidence is that carbon dioxide levels can only rise in a natural ice age.

                When ice covers the seas, and snow covers the land.  When there is less global photosynthesis.

                This is a revelation to the base stooges to nuclear power: who in 1986 were paid by nuclear power to make the most toxic industry that will ever exist, green!

                The burning of carbon fuels increases life on earth.  More nuclear power, as both Chernobyl and Fukushima shows, least some more global death.

                All the time nature does molecular nuclear fusion.  Converting regular water into helium and oxygen gases, gamma wave radiation and loads of heat.  For free.  No toxic end product!  It goes off from regular water.

                Ever since the industrial revolution man has utilised the steam cycle-even petrol and diesel engine’s the steam in turbulent flow.  So do physical MNF.

                There for 200 years man has been doing nuclear fusion.  Producing inert helium and leading to the creation of ozone gas.  The latter forming the ozone layer which protects life on earth from harmful solar radiation.

                Nature does not do toxic nuclear fission.  Extra carbon dioxide increases life on earth.  It does not increase the levels of this gas in the air-they are strictly limited by global photosynthesis.

                So there is no weather effect.  Which leaves nuclear power is the most toxic, polluting and fatal industry that will ever exist!  If they reprocess their waste are also lose horrendous amounts of money.

                If man drill down to magma chambers along the continental shelf around the world, he gets access to new unlimited amounts of natural gas.

                As he uses up this gas, geothermal water percolates through deep coal deposits and forms a more natural gas!  All radioactive processes kept away from mankind.

                There is no reason on earth why anyone who is not sectioned would ever to use it to do nuclear fission: except to produce atomic bombs.

                To generate power man. Only has to use steam plasma tubes.  That at four atmospheres will self sustain, while we top of the water level with regular water.  Total ignorance of biology is inconsistent with a journalism career.

Jonathan Thomason