Friday, 31 August 2012

Moon fakes

                Travel beyond the Van Allen belt into interplanetary space ensures that you pass through an area of extreme radioactivity-1000 times that on the surface of the earth.  Then you pass into a massive zone where radiation is 100 times greater than on the earth.
                That level of radiation is fatal to multi celled life forms within two days.  There is no way the Apollo missions could have got to life astronauts to the Moon!  Americans take this scientific fact as an affront to them!
                Was taught to me on my master’s degree in to Engineering Materials in 1980 three.  The Apollo missions were not filmed on the Moon.  They appear to be slowed down video from area 51-shot by the Hollywood studios.
                At the time shooting HD film stock took a lorry with 20 operators.  The ‘Moon’ film lacks all stars.  But directed away from the sun, they should have been visible.  They also used to lighting sources for the video.  But they only had the sun!  A reflector would have reduced a massively sharp second image.
                All silver halide film stock would have been blanked by the radiation on the journey home.  Though there never would have been any live astronauts to take any photographs on the Moon.
                The radiation problem was highlighted to me by a university engineering lecturer in 1983.  All academics have kept quiet about this fundamental science impossibility, as well space programmes give our water research funding to universities.
                NASA also spent hundreds of millions of dollars are support systems in California.  All totally bogus!  If I was American, I would be asking for that money back from Nasa.

Cleaning up cancer

                Viruses grow in a single cell way, like amoeba do!  In a multi cellular body.  Usually your cells are produced from the stem cells, and and dumped along the dendrite mesh.  The dendrites support the cells of the body and also check they are appropriate to the body!  This is why viruses have to grow in a single cell way.

                If there tumour grows into an breaks a dendrite mesh, we get production of the specific human antibody to that cancer, and suddenly remission!  There are six: human antibodies to cancer, that can be produced by giving an immune drip of IL-2&4 to a cancer patient.  The drug the can not be patented, so the drug companies have no interest!

                Cancer cells are overinflated and under supported!  Normal body cells are damaged by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2.  But cancer cells are damaged by ultrasound above 90 W, and 30 kHz!

                Ultrasonic cleaning devices run down to 200 W.  So we need to cover the body with a rubber mat.  And ran the ultrasonic cleaner with no water spray or cleaning agents, over the cancerous organ!  This is a specially easy for us surface cancer, like skin of breast cancer.

                The Moffitt cancer centre has been using high intensity ultrasound to cure prostate cancer for a decade!  The drug companies have worked very hard to keep the issues out of the media!

                Ultrasound will cure all body cancers, including the land of colon cancer.  For three days you may need to the community nurse to capitalise year for prostate cancer.  For lung cancer you may be coughing up blood for three days.

                For the intestinal cancers, you may have discovered stalls for six days.  For skiing cancer the immediate cancer will need to be covered by a plaster also for three days.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

cancer cure

Bargain with death

Tony      “so no drug dealer, I have gone cancer!”

DD          “U and the world.  Come to me, precious and I will help you die!”

Tony      “I thought you could cure me!”

DD          “O who told you that?  What a crual life.  You are doomed!  Resign yourself to it”

Tony      “you can’t cure me?”

DD          “warned that we could.  We will just make loads of money value guy in a horrible and painful way.”

Tony      “no thanks!”

Mo         “Tony my man I have been looking all over a for you.  I would have been here quicker, but the drug companies have swapped all the signs ever to stop people finding year”

Tony      “I am doomed to a slow and agonising death!”

Mo         “pancreatic cancer isn’t it?”

Tony      “who cares!”

Mo         “the Moffitt cancer centre has been using ultrasound to cure prostate cancer at one visit says 2002”

Tony      “they must use expensive drugs!”

Mo         “they don’t use drugs, they use one application of ultrasound”

Tony      “one?”

Mo         “yes one buzz at 150 W 40 kHz”

Tony      “every week?”

Mo         “just the once.  And then the cancer is cured.  And he works for all cancers!”

Tony      “lung and colon?”

Mo         “and breast.  Now let’s get you cured! (Pushes DD out of the way)

DD          “where are you taking our next victim?”

Mo         “to be cured!”

Clean nuclear fusion

                Every biological organism on earth does nuclear fusion from water: I had term this process molecular nuclear fusion!  It utilises the carbon cycle-but no biologists understands about nuclear fusion!  There are players on record the production of gamma wave radiation and helium, without realizing the is the province only of nuclear reactions.  And there is no source of nuclear fission.  We do:

CO2+3H2O+3O2->CH4+He+3O3+E+γ         then mCH4+nH2O->Cm(H2O)n – carbohydrates

                So life on earth is supported in part by the energy from molecular nuclear fusion.  But no work has been done on this subject.  The physical world also does molecular nuclear fusion:


                We see this process where ever we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow!  All sums it is the turbulent flow of hydrogen gas that gives us atomic nuclear fusion.

                Each lightning strike releases 2.9x1030 Watts of heat.  From a steam plasma set up by heavy rain fall!  The heavy rain fall releases helium and gamma wave radiation-plus loads of heat!  Does molecular nuclear fusion too.  The lightning bolt is a steam plasma set up by the gentle drift of electoral holes, commenting the Alpha particles with the negatively charged hydroxyl molecules.

                The flow of electrons up a steam plasma is a most exothermic structure on earth.  And happens every 3 minutes around the world, fixing you about nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth: this plant growth metabolises all additional carbon dioxide to restore life to the organic carbon that was formed from the 85% of life on earth that died with the dinosaurs.

                Global photosynthesis caps the trace level of carbon dioxide we see in the air!  There was carbon dioxide levels have been static for 200 years.  Professors of physics have been taught this basic biology, but chose to ignore it in exchange for research funding from nuclear power.

                Any person who has written by a fictitious paper on increasing carbon dioxide levels on the climate is science remedial!  And deserves no place in education at any level.  Reporters writing copy on man made global warming or climate change likewise should not have a paid job in the media.

                It turns out that molecular nuclear fusion results in a daily production of 5.125 parts per million helium and in the global air.  That is lost to space every day and replaced by more molecular nuclear fusion from water: we see some MNF from other compounds of hydrogen.  But water is the most important source.

                Lightning liberates 6 MW/m of steam plasma-at 2 atmospheres.  At 4 atmospheres the plasma-at self sustains while we top up the water pressure.  Once started it turns regular water into heat, with no toxic end product.

                There is no conceivable reason to do nuclear fission from uranium or plutonium.  They are toxic beyond words.  Molecular nuclear fusion goes off from regular water and he is four times as energetic as toxic nuclear fission.  Nuclear power today facts are green industry, to try and disguise the fact that they are the most toxic and least green industry that will ever exist.

                It is quite possible the two employ steam plasma tubes to reprocess toxic fission waste.  And make it safe!  The hydrogen atoms end up as neutrons!  Where the electron from one hydrogen atom bombs of proton of another hydrogen-both bound up in molecules of water.

                This can be more used to render all toxic used fission rods safe.  Sellafield is the largest repository in the world for used fission rods.  One decent earthquake, and England is uninhabitable for 100,000 years.  And light district is a tectonic Lee active area.  Though not as active as the ring of fire in the Pacific.  Why nuclear power plants where ever build there escapes me!

                Nuclear power should convert our mass to using steam plasma tubes, rather than toxic metal oxide tubes.  It is how nature is powered!  Your own beating heart does safe molecular nuclear fusion.

Cancer Ultrasound

30 August 2012

                The greatest idea I have heard in my life to the cancer divides fast, does not do cell damage!  Professor fossil modified this, to say that cancer divides in a single cell way like viruses!

                All cancers share six pathogen leaders (my own name) with infective diseases-both viral and bacterial.  The six common enzyme is to single cells type division like viruses.

                One of these pathogen leaders is to over excrete endolethial growth factor.  This pathogen leader demands and gets extra blood supplies.  So the single cell structure is over inflated!

                In 2001 I was doing a Ph.D.  Into Chemical Engineering, and was reminded that dropping a ultrasonic probe into water cause by water to rapidly boil.

                I was also reminded that a working steam engine formed helium gas, and gave off gamma wave radiation!  Dr. Zimmerman hypothesised that the turbulent flow of hygiene gas did nuclear fusion.

                2008-just as I was starting my singing career, and was alerted to the fact that lightening give off gamma wave radiation, light heat sound and each lightning strike forms five tonnes of helium gas.

                Lightning was centre by the turbulent flow of rain drops in a heavy rainstorm.  This also are produced helium and gamma wave radiation.  As did a waterfall (2004) and breaking waves.  All biological systems formedd ozone, helium and give out gamma wave radiation.

                I am indebted to Professor Weiner from Harvard, as Harvard University published August 2010 in new scientist that the carbon dioxide level in the air has fallen and remained static at two parts per million since the little ice age.

                New Scientist published the level of carbon dioxide during the ice age at four parts per million.  Since then he’s has been at 2 theppm.

                Yes it is magazine.  Publishing articles on global warming and climate change until 2011.  There the natural climate has started cooling naturally in 1998-two years before my abortive PH D at Sheffield University.

                If we are apply ultrasound above 180 W/cm2 to body tissues, he are damaged.  Cancer cells are overinflated and under supported, so were damaged by ultrasound applied externally to the body above 90 W/cm2.  This is the defining characteristic of cancer we can exploit.

                We can also exploit the five common pathogen leaders all infective disease.  A drip of interleukin two and four will make an action the active human antibody.  Which would cure all cancers an infective disease.  So stopping diabetes, iBS, MS and heart disease.  The it is not pa thetentable so the drug company is are more interested.

                This idea will also cure HIV outright.  The drug companies are so not interested in this science!

                The experience of the Moffitt cancer centre is that focused high intensity ultrasound cures prostate cancer at one session!  150 W 40 kHz ultrasound applied through an 4 cm guidance and are held above the cancerous organ was seen to be a description of HIUS.  We need to do the experiments in the laboratory to confirm this.

                The ultrasound causes only the cancer cells to experience cell content boiling: biological molecular nuclear fusion is pressure linked.  Body cells will warm by 2° C-and produce more helium and free radical oxygen than is normally produced by the cell mitochondria.

                Mitochondria do biological molecular nuclear fusion, which is why they DNA is held separate from the genetic DNA.  Your heart produces gamma wave radiation within the heart and arteries.  This has a cauterising effect, which is why we see so little heart cancer.

                The HIUS causes cells in that your body to fragment explosively!  Scattering novel DNA into local bloodstream, where it is detected by the dendrites.  Any cancer which disrupts the dendrite mesh results in the production of activation of the specific human antibodies to the cancer.  And we get a spontaneous cure.

                The cell fragmentation we expensive with HIUS is so dramatic, body cells to within a two cell radius of the tumour are destroyed.  The cells lie within the dendrite mesh.

                The cancer cell is no doing cell damage: the body does not care that the application of intermediate level ultrasound has resulted in cancer cell damage.  The dendrites will make an action the specific antibodies to the cancer.

                As outlined above, there are six common antibodies to all cancers.  This would be a massively useful drug to have in the drug cabinet.  Would cure all infective disease and cancer.

                The physical application of HIUS accomplish is the same thing.  Engineers all over the world have access to an experience of using ultrasound kit.

                I am very interested that low power ultrasound of aged people becomes cloudy!  Cessated cells are opaque to ultrasound-though not as much as cancer cells.

                We can applyi HIUS-on an annual basis to keep the person fit and well.  Free arm and diabetes, cancer, arthritis, IPS and MS!

                Here we need some ultrasound experience, backed up by a lot of medical experience.  It will earn $200 per person per year.  And will change human ageing.


Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Unethical medicine

                The medics in Florida have been curing prostate cancer with one application of high intensity ultrasound for 10 years!  The drug companies have done their utmost to keep the issues out of the newspapers!  HIUS will cure all cancers out there.

                I should be at the NI H working on this.  My trust fund following a car accident has been manipulated the full to stop this!  We need ultrasound at 150 Watts 40 kHz.  The 40 kHz may be less effective and 350 kilohertz, but HIUS is quite caustic!

                The immune system will clear all residual primary and secondary cells, so the 40 kHz will cure all cancers at one application.

                Cancer cells explosively fragment and are all 50 W ultrasound-as there are overinflated like the full viruses they span off from.  HIV is a full virus, and so will also air be destroyed by medical ultrasound.  We will also get a full immune response to clear HIV from the body.

                My most viewed video is on HIV!  He’s has 25,000 hits, and at the gates using an immune drip of interleukin two and four to produce the specific human antibody to HIV.  Pills of this antiviral will cure other people of HIV!  Medical ultrasound applied for 10 seconds to a major body artery will also cure HIV.  It also stimulates production of the same antibody!

Extra life

                In the Jurassic age of prehistory there was 65% more life on earth.  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.  The level of carbon dioxide in the air was limited by photosynthesis.  But there were no fossil fuels!  Deep coal deposits only formed with the death of 85% of life on earth-including the dinosaurs!

                Geothermal water percolates through these coal deposits at the earth’s mantle, and forms pockets of natural gas and Petroleum Oil!  The Petroleum Oil forms as natural gas: ploymerises in the presence of exposed platinum metal in the wall of magma chambers.

                Or oil reserves diminish.  But as we extract natural gas, new gas forms as geothermal water percolates through the coal deposits.  They do physical molecular nuclear fusion:


                So every day the earth does nuclear fusion from regular water, to turn natural coal deposits into natural gas.  Since the industrial revolution crop yields have increased by 15%.  Which means there is still the organic carbon for 70% of life that died at the end of the Jurassic!

                Carbon emissions increase plant growth.  By definition burning carbon fuels is the greenest way of generating power mankind has ever found!  In contrast nuclear fission kills all life on a continental scale!  It is the least green technology that will ever exist.

                This is why scientists in Europe has suddenly noticed global carbon dioxide levels are still limited by photosynthesis!  I have not increased since the industrial revolution.

                Carbon dioxide is a static trace gas in the air!  It can have no affect on the weather.  Extra carbon emissions stimulate extra life.  This is why we are no hearing a deafening silence from all the nuclear stooges who rent quasi academic papers on man made climate change.  That is an oxymoron!

                Man lives with the weather.  The only technology of his which could ever affect the weather is toxic nuclear power.  Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Animals only evolved to use the waste gas of plants, oxygen, combine it with plant bulk and breathe out carbon dioxide-the gas of life.

                What idiots fault up manmade global warming?  The world has been cooling for 14 years.  That is why the idiots no talk about man made climate change.  The paid stooges to nuclear power.  Who last ditch biology as high school.

                They were all taught that plants take in carbon dioxide to grow!  They excrete oxygen.  Burning the fossil fuels restores life to the surface of the earth-on land and in the seas.  Droughts only shift life into the seas.  They do not increase carbon dioxide levels in the air.

                Due to global photosynthesis that is impossible!  There is nuclear stooges have no place in education or the media.  Carbon dioxide by definition the greenest gas there is!

Hypersonic flight

                The largest earth events, earthquakes, avalanches and volcanic eruptions, in nature are produced by steam or water vapour in turbulent flow!  All are instances of physical molecular nuclear fusion!


                There is 5.125 parts per million helium gas in the global air.  There is no chemical source of helium!  And all the helium gas from the air was formation wouldbeen lost to space 3.8 billion years ago.  The helium is lost to space each day, and replaced from molecular nuclear fusion going on from nature!

                The every biological organism on earth produces helium and ozone gases, energy and gamma wave radiation!  Including you, as you heart beats.  So biological molecular nuclear fusion is also important to life.  And it goes on down to 3° C!

                MNF keeps Lake Vostock as liquid water, when surrounded on all sides by an ice!  The water itself generates heat.  And has Colonies of fish and other biology living in it, as the MNF turns water into inept helium and oxygen.  If we drill down to the lake, it is pressurised by helium and oxygen gases.

                This heat generation operates away from solar radiation.  There is a whole ecosystem be the South pole supported by nuclear fusion from high pressure water!

                Steam in turbulent flow does so much more MNF.  Which is why Venus is so hot!  It does massive amounts of MNF. -You will not be surprised to learn that the deep sea currents do massive amounts of physical MNF.

                There are deep oceans on Io, and it is likely that we’ll have ecosystems 10 kilometres below the ice surface.  Supported entirely by MNF from water!

                Jet engines have steam in turbulent flow, over her face centred cubic metal (I am a metallurgist).  They release fragments of the combustion products, along with helium, gamma wave radiation and massive heat.  I was staggered to learn on my master’s degree in to Engineering Materials in 1983, that steam turbines give off gamma wave radiation!

                Engineers will happily tell you that steam engines produce helium or nuclear radiation!  But do not understand why.  Or steam flows in that turbulent fashion over titanium metal, or at higher temperatures over my money metals, we do significant amounts of physical molecular nuclear fusion.

                Burning oil or gas produces 8000 times more radiation than the unburned fuel produces.  Or oil and gas is a result of geothermal water flowing ever and coal deposits from the Jurassic age!  Burning these restores your organic carbon to active biology!  It does not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  Any scientist who has ever written fictitious papers on man made global warming or climate change should so obviously not be in education.

                Photosynthesis around the world limits the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air to a static two parts per million for last two centuries.  This is high school biology.  Every scientist on this planet was taught this as Xi your school child.  And seen pond weed turn atmospheric carbon dioxide into bubbles of oxygen gas!

                Man made global warming was fatal fiction from the diseased pens of the paid stooges to nuclear power.  Climate change is similarly biological rubbish.  Global warming in a cooling world!  The individuals involved have no place in education or the media.

                I was never awarded my PH D for this work in 2001.  The university concerned could not for the grasp the enormity of high school biology!

                When we have a flame of oil or gas, the radiation steps up 1000 times.  When we years this flame to boil water it shoots up to 18,000 times this level!  Then settled down to a simmer and 5000 times more nuclear radiation.

                And this has never been explained by engineers!  Because we are doing physical molecular nuclear fusion as 180° C.  We feed this steam into a steam turbine.  And the radiation release steps up a further 4000 times.  This is written up in the engineering university textbooks.  But no academic has ever years work on this subject!

                Nimonics run at higher pressures and temperatures and titanium turbine.  They do not do Face Centred Cubic MNF!  But the naturally do more MNF-which is pressure linked.  Titanium does not have the ball strip we need that higher temperatures.  We should give Nimonic turbine blades A fake titanium electro plate, where the strengths does not matter!  But we will double the power output we get from a steam turbine.

                We should use the North Sea as a near limitless supply of natural gas!  There is still 70% of Jurassic Life buried along the continental shelf.  In 800 years we should use steam plasma tubes.  Which employ the Power System used by lightning.  And each lightning strike delivers 6 MW/m.

                A steam plasma tube at four atmospheres will self sustain, turning regular water into heat!  The oxygen atoms will fission away to more hydrogen, and then heat and light.  No toxic waste will result.  No carbon dioxide will be produced!  Safe clean free power.  Nuclear fission is not these!  And employs toxic enriched uranium to produce plutonium: the most toxic substance known to man.!

                Every quarter of a century nuclear power has a core meltdown, and releases toxic radioactive waste around the continent weather power station was built.  One decent nuclear accident in England, and real or better learn French or German.  Because England will be uninhabitable!  For 100,000 years.

                Nature and biology are powered by molecular nuclear fusion!  This is why all living organisms on earth produce helium and free radical oxygen, as a liberate heat and nuclear radiation.  They are doing nuclear fusion from water.

                If we take a jet engine and replace the jet exhaust with a porous member, we can pump him liquid water, and get in at high temperature high pressure steam.  Ideal for feeding into the jet engine in place of combustion products.

                We increase the engine thrust by a factor of 10.  And we can turn off the aviation fuel-once the engine he started.  We produce a hypersonic jet which runs off regular water.  And produces no carbon dioxide.  And you may have noticed, water is very cheap Indead!  It falls from the sky for free.

                So we can produce a hypersonic jet, not only uses aviation fuel to start the engine off.  Then we run off regular water.  Buzzing around this planet driven by the same energy source used by biology.

The climate

                October 1986 Ukrainian nuclear experienced the Chernobyl incident: caused by a bungled safety test.  Cooling water serwerach into the reactor core.  And is loads of boiling!  Which rupture of the reactor core room and sprayed radioactive waste over Asia and Europe.

                Nuclear power invented the fictitious the idea that carbon dioxide affected the weather!  After all, 1976 and the had 10 years earlier had been you a as warm as 1938.  So they picked global warming.  An adopted son discredited science that any reputable scientists ignored.  At the time reputable scientists were predicting the imminent arrival of the next ice age.  Doesn’t say a lot for scientists!

                Global warming says have all the world must be warming because of increased level of carbon dioxide in the air.  Nobody had told to the biologists.  Global photosynthesis reverts all the burned fossil fuels to the active biology they were higher in late Jurassic-when 85% of life on earth died, and during the tectonic adjustment laid down deep coal deposits.

                There is a river of heated, pressurise water that runs across the earth’s mantle: this is coals geothermal water.  As it percolates through coal it forms of natural gas!  Methane with helium and a touch of sulphur oxides.  The helium is curious.  As there is no chemical source of helium gas, and all helium from a time of the ice formation wouldbeen lost to space 3.8 billion years ago.

                We are actually doing physical molecular nuclear fusion:


                So natural gas formation is the result of nature doing nuclear fusion from water, utilising the fossilised life deposits from the Jurassic.  All keeping the nuclear processes safely away from mankind!  And not causing a triple core meltdown so as Fukushima.  Sorry-that was Chernobyl!  Fukushima was the worst release of radiation, into the water below Tokyo.

                There are massive reserves of coal have below the North Sea.  The simplest way to extract these is to drill down to mantle pockets to extract natural gas.  As we burn by the gas, we restore the fossilised life to the active biosphere: where life hangs out!

                In last two centuries of industry Harvard University has put on record that crop yields have increased by 15%!  The trace of carbon dioxide in the air is at a free industrial two parts per million.  This implies there is some 70% organic carbon still down there waiting to spring back into active life.

                A lightning strike is set up by heavy rain, which generates helium and ozone!  Plus gamma wave radiation.  So heavy rain does physical molecular nuclear fusion.  From regular water.

                The lightening down strike is coals by the gentle drift of electoral holes to water ground, and sets up A partial steam plasma!  When this touches the earth ½ MW of electrons flow back up the steam plasma!  Releasing 2.9x1030 Watts of power.  With light and nuclear radiation-neither of which has a chemical source.

                So a lightning strike is a most exothermic structure on earth.  There is one every 3 minutes around the world.  This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth.  The plant growth which metabolises all the carbon dioxide liberated each day.

                Man contributes 0.0004% extra carbon dioxide every day over last two centuries.  This has increased plant growth.  But it is 10,000 times less than the carbon dioxide production of nature as the season starts flying around the earth.  With the occasional forest fire all volcanic eruption.

                Volcanic eruptions are preceded by the escaping steam from the deep liberating helium, ozone and nuclear radiation.  Volcanoes are powered by molecular nuclear fusion going off at the geothermal water vents into the air!

                Avalanches also produce helium, ozone and nuclear radiation.  As a slipping ice sheets do molecular nuclear fusion from life in water layer between.

                Waterfalls do molecular nuclear fusion as the fall in water it’s a waterfall at the base the waterfall.

                Your heart and arteries do molecular nuclear fusion as the pressure waves calls for heart does biological molecular nuclear fusion.

                Green plants in light also be used helium, ozone and nuclear radiation as they do biological molecular nuclear fusion.

                MNF is four times as exothermic as toxic nuclear fission.  It is free, produces no toxic waste and requires the concentrated nuclear isotopes.  Going off from regular water.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Basic science

                The vast majority of life on earth is supported by plants, algae and bacteria doing photosynthesis!  Taking in carbon dioxide, combine it water to form helium, methane and oxygen.  The helium is interesting!  It means photosynthesis is a type of biological molecular nuclear fusion.  No biologist has ever studied this, as they do not understand radioactivity!  But they have recorded the production of helium gas.

                They really need the help of the physicists!  But they are too engrossed the carbon dioxide levels affecting the weather.  But photosynthesis has produced a static level of carbon dioxide in the air, says levels fell at the end of the little ice age!  Global carbon dioxide is effectively capped to the lower limit for photosynthesis to take in the gas.

                I am a Master of Engineering Materials, so he is the equation:


                This means more life is a result of plants etc. doing nuclear fusion from water!  This area has also are never been studied.  I would have thought this insight was worth a Ph.D.!  But the engine materials people are also too busy do spurious work into the climate!  On behalf of nuclear power.  The most toxic industry that will ever exist.

                Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Nuclear power kills it.

                Photosynthesis caps the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  Nuclear power and professors of physics has shown a total ignorance of the carbon cycle-the 300 year old insight into biology and ecology.

                Molecular nuclear fusion is very interesting, as waterfalls and breaking waves do it!  Am a steam plasma set up by lightning is a most exothermic structure on earth!  It a lightning strike produces five tonnes of helium gas-by doing nuclear fusion on regular water.

                A steam plasma turns regular water into heat!  And above four atmospheres will self sustain.  Generating no toxic waste.  Not the continental death of nuclear fusion.  Using no enriched fuel.  This has been known about to scientists since they discover radioactivity in the 1950s.

                There is no place in this world for nuclear fission!  Not if we wish to live.

Man is not important


                Over 200 years man is carbon emissions have room to make are 20% of the natural daily production of carbon dioxide by animals breathing the cancer had.  He has burned the fossil fuels!  Which were last active biology in late Jurassic!  Then 85% of life on earth including the dinosaurs died.

                The Jurassic had sea levels 60 metres lower than we see today.  There was 65% more life on earth.  But there were three natural ice ages.  When sea levels were sunk further yet.  All through history carbon dioxide levels have gone up in ice ages, down on warm occasion is.  To propose that carbon dioxide warms the climate contradicts every established scientific fact.  It is nuclear fiction.

                Devised by the paid stooges to nuclear power to distract the world from Chernobyl!  And to make the most toxic, polluting and uneconomic industry ever green.  2010 saw Fukushima-a worst release of radiation and Chernobyl: according to the International Atomic Energy Authority.  Nuclear power is the worst industry that mankind will ever try and exploit.

                They talked about organic carbon, and yet ignored photosynthesis!  The process which metabolises extra carbon dioxide to restore life to the active biosphere.  Man can not affect the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air.

                His daily emissions amount to 0.00004% extra carbon dioxide.  This is 10,000 times less than the flux caused by the seasons travelling around the earth-with local volcanic eruptions and forest fires.  Now Africa is using commercial farming to grow crops.

                This can utilises animal manure to fertilise the land for the next year’s crops.  Rather than utilises the old fashioned slash and burn!  This will increase falling yields from the Africa by a factor of 100!  It will make the grade world shortage available carbon dioxide to facilitate plant growth.

                Europe is paying people, to utilise our carbon dioxide!  Their plants do it for free!  We are increasing their farming yields.  They should be paying us!  Obviously European politicians failed high school biology!  Or choose to ignore the carbon cycle.  After all, nuclear power, the world’s least green technology has done so for 30 years!

                The most embarrassed people on the planet Mars by the Department Of Environment And Climate Change.  After all they know about biology!  And they have strutted round since their inception, saying a static level of carbon dioxide in the air affected the weather!

                Until 1998 carbon dioxide would warm the climate: ignoring the fact that photosynthesis has limited the free carbon dioxide in the air as there static level of two parts per 1,000,000 for the last two centuries.

                Since 2004 which was a naturally bad hurricane year, they have said a static level of carbon dioxide affects the weather in some way: other than warming it.  They were going to wait and see what the natural weather did it!  And these guys know biology?  Obviously not.

                The only globally significant industry of mankind, is toxic nuclear power!  Other than the global death caused by nuclear fission, nature has not even noticed we have evolved.