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UltraSonics and cancer

                Cancer develops using a viral genome: it device in a single cell, unsupported fashion!  Body cells are damaged by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2.  All 200 cancers out there should explosively fragment at half this power setting!  As the ultrasound causes the pressurised cell contents to boil.

                Work on ultrasonic cleaning her suggesting he frequency of 650 kHz is required for atmospheric pressure water to boil!  It really needs the NI H two evaluate this idea!

                The Moffitt cancer centre in Florida has been curing prostate cancer at one outpatient appointment for a decade!  I suggested using ultrasound to restrict cancer growth the year before!  It works for better than even I thought!

                Ultrasound causes the cell damage but Dr. Matzinger noted cancer did not do naturally.  Application of ultrasound causes a four immune action against the cancer cell type.

Before the fossil fuels formed

In the late Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth!  Resulting the sea levels were 60 metres lower.  The main growing covering was ferns, so there was twice the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.

                But there were three natural ice ages: the limit to life on earth is organic carbon circulating the environment.  Any academic ignorant armies basic facts should not be in education!  The fossil fuels are so named as they contain fossils and shells specifically from late Jurassic-when the dinosaurs died!

                Nature never does toxic nuclear fission.  Neither should man if he wishes to live!  The nuclear power is toxic, polluting and he is the reprocess is its toxic waste totally uneconomic!

                The least green industry that will ever exist.

Professors are stupid!

                Any Xi your school child knows that the limit to life on earth is circulating organic carbon in the environment.  At university you learn all the fossil fuels formed when 85% more life on earth died with the dinosaurs.

                Burning these fossil fuels increases life on earth!  It does not increase carbon dioxide levels in the air!  The global average carbon dioxide level has not changed in two centuries!  Says levels halved as he left the little ice age.

                The Permian mega rises age has five times today’s trace levels of carbon dioxide in the air!

                University professors want paying huge amounts of money to talk about the biologically impossible man made climate change!  That is PR fiction from nuclear power.  Man has no control over carbon dioxide levels in the air.

                Save your money, go get a job!

The limit to life

                Since photosynthesis evolved 650,000 years ago air the trace of carbon dioxide in the air has been limited by photosynthesis!  Any extra carbon dioxide is converted the same day into extra life on earth!

                In the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth; and sea levels were result only 60 metres lower.  The main growing covering was ferns, which left two parts per million carbon dioxide in the air: but there were three natural ice ages!  No great outbreak of extreme weather.

                Since the little ice age ended grasses have limited average global carbon dioxide to two parts per million!  So desperate are academics for money from the funding agencies-originating in nuclear power; that they have taken air samples at diesel engine exhausts.

                And presented them as if there were global average is!  2004 New Scientist Magazine published a city carbon dioxide level of 3.7 parts per million.  We know that it is a local readings for carbon dioxide, because in the countryside almost by definition there has been a static level of two parts per million for last two centuries.

                He each day the extra carbon dioxide released by man amounts to 0.00004% extra carbon dioxide in the air!  So plants world wide have grown for a hundredth of a second longer.  Nature has not even noticed our presence!

                Life on earth has expanded, but the level of carbon dioxide in the air is limited by photosynthesis on land and in the seas!  The C’s never know a drought!  Local droughts only serves to move life from land into the seas.

                Who ever thought up manmade global warming was mentally retarded: step forward nuclear power!  Here based or their PR on making themselves green by bad mouthing the gas which enables all life on earth!

                Life increases as we burn the fossil fuels: these represent the 85% of life on earth which died with the dinosaurs.  I repeat: when there were no fossil fuels there were three natural ice ages!

                Any academic institution that allowed its name to be used to publishers fictitious papers on the climate-to the potential benefit of nuclear power, the most toxic industry that will ever exist-do not deserve to be in business.  All the academics who have acted as paid stooges to nuclear power do not deserve even to live!

                They are obviously should not have a place in education.  Carbon dioxide powers life on earth.  The sun exclusively controls the climate.  Man has no import into the weather.  Carbon dioxide levels have been static for 200 years.

                They can only rise in natural ice ages.  Four years after the ice age had started!  A classic climate follower.

University stupid

                First year high school biology teaches that the limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide!  The fossil fuels formed when 85% of life on earth which died with the dinosaurs.  Mankind’s burning of them as an extra 0.00004% carbon dioxide to the global air!

                Most of the land surface around the earth is covered with organisms in the sea and on land are doing photosynthesis!  Producing carbohydrates and excrete ink the surplus oxygen.  This system totally limits the average carbon dioxide in the global air to 0.0002%.

                A level that can only rise in ice ages!  Despite the static level of carbon dioxide in the air, academics prophecied that by now the global climate will be 28° C warmer.  And sea levels were have risen by 25 feet!

                The natural climate started cooling in 1998.  So academics, it had to accept the meaningless climate change!  Again based on a totally biologically impossible rise of carbon dioxide in the air.

                To spend such rubbish UK universities are asking students to pay £9,000 a year to be instructed by idiots who lack basic high school education!  Universities are puzzled as to why there student numbers have dropped off the edge of the cliff this year!  Only foreign students are giving universities afloat.

                I can solve the mystery fallen!  Start teaching fact.  Manmade global warming and climate change are PR by nuclear power-the most toxic industry on earth!  Students have no interest in the lies of this toxic industry and there paid stooges.

Nature of Wins again!

By JonThm9@aol.com

                Since photosynthesis evolved, the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air has been limited exclusively by photosynthesis!  So in the Jurassic age there was only four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  Since the little ice age the average global carbon dioxide level in the air is half that level.

                In the Jurassic there was 65% of life on earth.  And sea levels were 60 metres lower!  The cretaceous mass extinction was a carbon crisis!  90% of life on earth died, as those two little carbon dioxide in the air!  Then more animals evolved to eat plants and metabolise oxygen and carbohydrates.

                They breathed out more carbon dioxide, and life recovered!  The only time free carbon dioxide levels rise is during a natural ice age.  Otherwise plants grow until carbon dioxide levels fall below the limit imposed by photosynthesis.

                The fossil fuels formed when 85% of life on earth died at the end of the Jurassic!  The fossil fuels has shells and fossils a and exclusively from late Jurassic.  By burning the fossil fuels, man is releasing fossilised life and stimulating Morton plant growth.

                Over two centuries man is responsible for a huge 20% of the natural carbon dioxide in the air: this equates to an extra 0.00004% per day!  So plants grow for 0.001% longer each day!  The newly make 12.30 AM every day.  Forest fires and local volcanic eruptions are immensely more important than man is trivial carbon emissions.

                Remember, these stimulates extra life on earth.  But photosynthesis ensures there is no more carbon dioxide in the global air than there was 200 years ago air.  Harvard University has put on record that crop yields have increased by 15%.

                Man is a super animal by his burning of the fossil fuels!  Dyi is the most serious threat to life on earth by his adoption of the toxic industry of nuclear fission!  Which kills on a continental scale.  Nature does not do nuclear fusion.

                The carbon cycle supports life on earth!  High school biology teaches that photosynthesis on land controls the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  Man made climate change is PR fiction from nuclear power-after the world started cooling naturally in 1998: so last millennia!  Global warming is the most fatal fiction ever devised by the diseased minds of nuclear power.

                All the academics and the institutions that are written fictitious papers trying to enhance the prospects for nuclear power to even exist in 20 years, have no place in education at any level!  Global warming was biologically impossible-as every Xi year old school child on this planet knew.

                Adults who ever gave any credence to the climate fiction of nuclear power needs to reset basic high school!

Monday, 30 July 2012

The limit to life

                In the early air of the earth there was 40% carbon dioxide!  During the Permian age this had fallen to five parts per million.  2 ½ times the present level!  Carbon dioxide levels can only rise in natural ice ages, so the late 18th century saw four parts per million.  Since then he’s has been half that level!

                Al Gore use our school evidence to work out carbon dioxide levels during history.  Then ignored the data!  Which he demonstrated A static level of average carbon dioxide for two centuries.  Man is additional carbon dioxide has resulted in higher crop yields!  Which are documented.  And again he just ignored!

                The Permian age had 1000 year major ice age!  The carbon dioxide at 5ppm.  Life only emerged from the ice age as photosynthesis evolved.  The trace of carbon dioxide left in the air is limited exclusively by photosynthesis.  Extra carbon dioxide results in extra life.  Not extra carbon dioxide in the air!

                Local forest fires and volcanic eruptions see a massive increase in local plant growth!  Until carbon dioxide falls to the global average of 2ppm.  Any the cell biologist knows this.  But global warming was devised by nuclear power and its paid stooges.

                They only employed professors of physics-two white they realized that the carbon cycle controls carbon dioxide levels.  Man can only increase life on earth-he can’t affect the trace of carbon dioxide in the air!

                By the time I made a video on this subject 2003 nuclear power had invested ¼ billion dollars in global warming.  Only to see the natural climate cooled from 1998.  They thought man is carbon emissions have to affect the gas composition of the air.  They were totally biologically ignorant!

                The professors of physics and engineering their directly employed or likewise unfamiliar with biology.  They know about the formation of the fossil fuels though.  This alone totally demolished use global warming as a rational idea.

                At the end of the Jurassic 85% of life on earth died.  They carbohydrates abducted down to the deep and formed coal deposits!  The river of geothermal water percolated through these coal, and formed methane and helium.  That is natural gas!  As every professor of engineering on this planet knows.

                There is no chemical source of helium gas.  It is the exclusive province of nuclear reactions.  Here we have no fissionable isotopes.  So we are doing nuclear fusion from water!  Natural gas is the end product of physical molecular nuclear fusion.  Turning carbon and water into helium, oxygen, methane, heat and gamma wave radiation.

                The oxygen dissolves in the geothermal water, so we are left with helium and methane.  Since the industrial revolution man has increased crop yields by 15%, by burning the fossil fuels: releasing life from the Jurassic back into the active biosphere.

                This means there are massive reserves of carbon in the deep.  Once they are exhausted we can use a steam plasma to turn regular water into heat-with no toxic end product.  Lightning shows you the way!  Where the gentle collision of rain drops sets up an elliptical difference between the cloud tops and the ground.

                ½ MW of power snakes a steam plasma from requires to the ground.  Flow of electrons up the steam plasma creates 2.9x1030 Watts of power.  Again by physical molecular nuclear fusion.  A one metre steam plasma tube will generate 6 MW of power, being no fissionable material, and releasing no carbon dioxide!  Turning regular water into heat.

                It is the way biology is powered!  As biological molecular nuclear fusion is the driving energy behind photosynthesis.  We see physical MNF at waterfalls and breaking waves.  And with the deep sea currents.  MNF is the most important, and totally unstudied Energy System on earth.

                Solar radiation releases 1060 Watts of power a day.  MNF only releases 1040 Watts of power (sic).  This is greater than the total energy production of mankind ever!  Power with no fossil fuel bound.  And there carbon dioxide production.

                But carbon dioxide is metabolised by photosynthesis.  To support all life on earth.  No accumulation of this gas in the air is biologically possible!  Man made climate change is simply biologically as impossible as manmade global warming.

                What on earth made nuclear power think bad mouthing carbon dioxide would make it green?  The gas that powers all life on earth.

                By burning the fossil fuels we restore the fossilised life back into active life on earth today.  Provided we don’t allow nuclear fission to turn the earth’s surface into her radioactive waste he like Chernobyl or Fukushima!

                EDF have extended the working lives of aged nuclear plants: I used to work in heavy engineering.  You do not extend the life of plants beyond their design!  Or you guarantee a fatal accident.  With nuclear power certain accident will render biology areas of the UK uninhabitable for 100,000 years.

                The ground storage of on reprocessed fuel rods is the hidden cost that a great great great great great grandchildren will still be paying.  If they have not died in a nuclear incident before they all born.  Go ask Tokyo about Fukushima to get the general idea.

Golden Time

                In the Jurassic age there was 65% more life on earth.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower!  And there were massive deciduous forests at the north and south pole.  The latter was based on solid ground, due to the lower sea levels.

                Then a comet hit in Mexico and wiped out 85% of life on earth.  It took 10 years for life together this, with more animals evolving to metabolise oxygen and carbohydrates-and oxygen being the waste gas of plants!

                In warm periods are sea levels were 60 metres lower.  But there also three natural ice ages-created by a predictable solar cycles.  This was 65,000,000 years ago air.

                All those carbohydrates abducted into the deep and formed coal deposits.  They geothermal water percolates over this at 250° C-due to extreme pressure the water is still liquid.  This forms methane, helium and oxygen: it does physical molecular nuclear fusion.  This formed all the natural gas man is extracting.  And if there is exposed platinum metal we get Petroleum Oil.

                The oil runs out.  But there is any inexhaustible supply had of deep earth coal.  Drilling down to the magma layer yields steam with methane!  And a little sulphurous and sulphuric acid.  The exact compounds plant life requires to grow!

                Burning the fossil fuels restores the organic carbon to the active biosphere-where life hangs out!  Over 200 years crop yields have increased by 15%.  So there is still a lot of deep earth coal to use up!  All the nuclear fusion is kept away from mankind.

                The only products are methane, helium and oxygen.  The helium will have decayed.  The oxygen we breathe!  Photosynthesis on land converts carbon dioxide and water into helium, oxygen and carbohydrates.  It is a form of biological molecular nuclear fusion.

                All the energy production units in your cells do the same!  Which is why you breathe out helium and methane.  Though you do not really breathe any helium in.  The helium is lost to space the same day-it is not held by earth’s feeble gravity.  There is still doing of times as much helium in the air as the trace of carbon dioxide which supports life on earth.

                Man made global warming was PR fiction by nuclear power!  Who sought to make themselves green by bad mouthing the gas of life.  The natural climate started cooling 1998.  They changed tack to man made climate change.

                Again based on a biologically impossible increase of carbon dioxide in the air.  They even got there paid stooges to produce ridiculous mesh years-370 parts per million.  The global average has been 2ppm says levels fell at the end of the little ice age.  The date are is just plain crazy and impossible!

                Global photosynthesis on land and in the seas limits free carbon dioxide in the air.  Local droughts just shift life into the seas, it does not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                All the scientists who have ever written fictitious papers on man made global warming and climate change should so obviously not be in education.  Any academic institution that is used its name to add academic gravitas to such work of nuclear PR, should not be in education!

                East Sussex university in the UK is the most glaring example.  Nuclear power is toxic, polluting and uneconomic.  It seeks to hide the latter fact by not reprocessing is used fission tubes!  This was the subject of my sea university in 1983.  Still is true today as ever!

                We are heavy rain does physical molecular nuclear fusion-producing electricity heat and helium.  By get 5000 volts 100 amps we get a lightening strike!  The down strike uses ½ MW of power.  The up strike passes electrons through a steam plasma an does 2.91030 Watts of power generation!  A steam plasma is the most engineering useful way man can do nuclear fusion on earth.

                Turning regular water into heat, inept helium and oxygen!  Safe, free, non polluting power.  Everything nuclear fission is not!  It kills on a continental scale.  You had Windscale.  30 years later we had Chernobyl.  Then 2010 sore more serious Fukushima-which will bankrupt Japan for ever.

                If you live in Tokyo, get the hell out!  Before you dye of cancer or the other effects of radiation.  I never did get my Ph.D.  For noting that global photosynthesis made increase of carbon dioxide in the air impossible.

                Totally true.  And not nuclear funded!  It turns out my university was!


                The cost of nuclear power plant having an accident like Windscale in the 1950s, is somewhere around 200 billion!  It renders a home record set area uninhabitable for 100,000 years.  And destroys all houses and businesses within this area!  They do not physically, but there can never be reused ever again.

                Ukrainian nuclear still owes Western Europe for $400 billion for the cast of Chernobyl.  From 1986.  The interest alone is $15 billion.  I used to work in heavy engineering, for a company that did nuclear contracts: which is why I left Inco on graduation.

                Civilian nuclear power has running commercially for 15 years.  Totally uninsured!  While nuclear power was a national concern, the government character of the insurance.  Fukushima has bankrupting is the Japanese government 2010.

                The most risky plants are those which have extended their working lives beyond their original design.  EDF has all terrain had a five year extension on the aged magnox power plants.  This is the type that produce the Windscale disaster!  The most serious incident before Chernobyl.  They are not accidents, you are the inevitable consequences of man trying to do nuclear fusion.

                EDF has a abandoned their fast breeder reactor programme: as just too dangerous!  Chernobyl, and after 25 years of safety improvements the more serious Fukushima incident.  The technology kills on a continental scale.

                It is criminal that EDF run magnox power stations beyond their design life.  When the next nuclear incident happens, the north of England will be rendered totally uninhabitable!  To the commercial gain of France.  EDF should not run an insured power plants.

                That commercial insurance beyond one billion dollars is not available!  Which is why no nuclear concern is that interested in building nuclear plants in the UK: such facilities kill on a continental scale!  They are toxic, polluting, fatal and totally uneconomic.

                The cheapest way to generate power today is to burn and natural gas!  Drilling down deep coal deposits below the north sea, produces access to limitless quantities of methane gas.  This is produced by geothermal water percolating through coal deposits before the steam emerges at the surface with natural gas Ian!

                We also get helium and free radical oxygen gases: as we are doing molecular nuclear fusion in the deep.  Nature does loads of this, producing 5.125 parts per million helium in the air around the earth.  2 ½ times the level of carbon dioxide-which drives all biology.  The helium is lost to space every day.

                Global photosynthesis metabolises there carbon dioxide, to restore the life that died with the dinosaurs!  When there was 65% more life on earth, sea levels were 60 metres lower and the earth experienced a more temperate climate.  There are predictable solar cycles degree 83 natural ice ages.

                Key is no commercial nuclear plant building a interested in the UK plant.  The planning would cost 500 million pounds.  And would result in a massive public rejection of nuclear power.  He each new nuclear plant would have to carry indemnity assurance of 100 billion: as outlined above, this is not commercially available.

                All existing magnox power plants should be caring and enmity insurance of 88 billion pounds power plant.  It is simply criminal that EDF is running an insurance plants.  One predictable nuclear incident in an aged plants operating beyond its design life, will totally bankrupt EDF.  And lead to 50,000,000 human deaths.  And the largest insurance loss in history!  Fukushima there ain’t nothing!  Chernobyl-not even serious!

Getting gas

                And when the dinosaurs died so did 85% of all life on earth!  And they carbohydrates formed the deep coal deposits.  The water molecules were squeezed out, leaving carbon behind.

                There is a river of geothermal water running along the earth’s mantle!  It is heated and emerges as steam.  Causing all the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the earth.  In the deep sea we get the emission of steam into high pressure water.

                As the superheated water percolates through the coal deposits, it forms methane gas!  This is the source of all natural gas around the earth.  If their ears exposed platinum metal, we get Petroleum Oil.  So all the fossil fuels originate in life that died with the dinosaurs.

                Burning the fossil fuels causes modern photosynthesis to increase life on earth-there was 65% more life in the Jurassic than there is today.  Some crazy people were proposing there was a ceiling on photosynthesis.  Mankind has no uncertain and all through history!  Certainly the Jurassic age had all the fossil fuels circulating as organic carbon.

                There was a more temperate climate across the earth, 65% more life on earth, and sea levels were 60 metres lower!  And no fossil fuels.  Who ever thought up the nuclear PR of global warming was obviously totally biologically retarded.

                Man can not increase the trace level of carbon dioxide in the air.  The most he can do is increase life on earth!  So there is obviously no weather effect possible from burning carbon fuels.  Biology is boosted by burning fossilised life!

                Below the north sea is Ploderland, which has massive coal deposits.  Mining these deposits is dangerous and expensive.  But if we drill down to the pressurised geothermal water, it emerges at the surface with natural gas in.

                We separate out the methane gas, and tanker it inshore as I nearly endless supply of natural gas!  We do actually get surplus oxygen and methane gases: as the turbulent flow of high pressure water does molecular nuclear fusion.  The deep sea produces massive quantities of these gases.  Helium is totally inert, and 25% of the oxygen you breathe is produced by the deep seas do molecular nuclear fusion.

                We vent these gases, and the helium is lost to space the same day.  The oxygen is consumed on burning the methane.

The cancer cure

                Is amazingly simple!  Cancer tumours grow in a single cell way-two avoids scrutiny from immune system.  So the coals body cells to bud off each other.  Passing on a cancer RNA.  To gain a vitality they demand extra blood supplies-which is unusual for body cells.

                The lack of multi cellular support mechanisms may cancer cells susceptible to physical stress.  Above 180w/cm2 ultrasound damages body cells.  But above 90 W/cm2 we damage cancer cells!  This is the unique characteristic of the cells of the diseases of age.  Heart disease and MS are caused by fragments of bacterial genome setting up a bacterial rumps!  Whereas diabetes and cancer are caused by a viral rumps.

                Bacterial rumps have a minimal cell walls, so are also damaged by ultrasound above 90 W/cm2.  No drugs are required to cure cancer or heart disease and diabetes.

                If we apply high intensity ultrasound from an external emitter held above the skin, 150 W will destroy the cells causing the diseases of age.  650 kHz is a powerful frequency to cauls rump infestations to experience cell contents boiling.  This provokes an immune action to clear that structures from the body.

                The Moffitt cancer centre in Florida has been curing prostate cancer for a decade using a single application of high intensity ultrasound.  This will work for the other 200 types of cancer out there.

                It will also work for heart disease, diabetes, MS, IBS, arthritis and the other diseases of age!

Maintaining health

                Medical ultrasound replaces all drugs!  That is ultrasound 150 W 650 kilohertz.  This frequency of sound can be used to maintain a person’s health.
                When ill application of this frequency of sound will cause the immune system to cure all infective disease!  Cells infected budd off, to form a viral structures.  Bacterial structures have a minimal cell wall, and like viral cells are overinflated!  So uniquely vulnerable to ultrasound.  Normal body cells are only damaged by ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2.
                The diseases of age are caused by fragments of infections disease: so they are both under supported, or her minimal cell walls and are overinflated and towns.  Hitting such structures with ultrasound results in the cell contents boiling, and the cell fragmenting explosively causing an immune action to clear that cell type from the body.
This was cycles all 200 sorts of cancer out there: selectively destroying cancer cells within an organ.  It does not offer massively expensive failing treatments for those offered by the drug companies.  Cancer is history: as demonstrated over last decade by the Moffitt cancer centre.
                Heart disease is caused by a small bacterial structures on the coronary arteries!  Making inappropriate enzymes signalling for heart disease-so research signals are progressively ignored!  Application of medical ultrasound to the coronary for theas will clear the heart disease and remove the need for the coronary surgery.
                Diabetes is produced by hardened body cells in the pancreas cease singing to make insulin!  Rather carving out the viral genome-so progressively the pancreas should so all biological activity.  It does not take a genius to suggest the application of medical ultrasound to the pancreas will remove such cells.  In the same way application of medical ultrasound selectively removes cancer cells from or otherwise healthy Horgan.
                Operators is caused by hardened bacterial structures in the joints!  Medical ultrasound will clear the problem at one application!  The body will take two weeks to fully repair the cartilage warm all rooms from the application of medical ultrasound.
                IBS and MS are caused by bacterial structures in the colon and in the brain.  It history are expected that such structures will be overinflated and susceptible to ultrasound.  A drip of interleukin two and four will also clear such structures from the body, in long course of pills!
                It is hard to see how the drug companies will make a living.  A regular cause of human antibody pills, or medical ultrasound will prevent all the diseases of age!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Climate impossible

                So every science professional knew that photosynthesis limited free carbon dioxide in the air!  Extra carbon dioxide was reverted into the active biology the fossil fuels last were in the Jurassic age.  We know this by the presence of shells and fossils exclusively from late Jurassic!  When there was 65% more life on earth, sea levels were 60 metres lower and the whole earth has a more temperate climate.

                So as not one syllable of global warming which was correct!  It was PR by nuclear power and its paid stooges.  Nuclear power use its money to try and buy a future.  The arming thing is a number of academic professionals who went along with the idea.

                Then the natural climate started cooling 1998-two years before my abortive PH D.  2005 nuclear power hypothesised that for no apparent reason extra carbon dioxide in the air would make the weather more violent.  Any high school biology teacher knew this was impossible!

                Professors of physics and engineering used an academic gravitas to overall high school teachers.  It just so happened, high school biology was irrefutable!  The fossil fuels formed from life which died with the dinosaurs.

                Modern photosynthesis converted the burned fossil fuels into active biology.  I have got loads of emails from incensed climate pundits, who would rather I did not refer her to photosynthesis!

                They have spent the last 35 years avoiding mentioning it!  When talking about biology.  They would rather not have to engage with biological science.  Because they don’t know any!

                I would recommend they pick A good book our high school biology.  And actually read it!  A belief in manmade climate change is inconsistent with a career in academia.  Or the media!  Any queries can be handled by an Xi your old school child!


                Every academic professional on this planet knows that photosynthesis limits the carbon dioxide in the air!  So the available life on earth is limited by the circulating organic carbon in the environment.  All the fossil fuels formed when 85% of life on earth died with the dinosaurs.

                So by burning the fossil fuels mankind increases life on earth.  But he can’t increase the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air: which resulting me has been static since the little ice age!  Local droughts just increases life in the seas reducing life on land.

                They do not affect the global average carbon dioxide in the air!  That he is biologically impossible.  Nuclear power and its paid stooges invented man made global warming.  Only to see the natural climate cooled from 1998.

                Undaunted they thought up manmade climate change: which actually contradicts global warming-it is not the same!  The earth has been cooling for 14 years.  It will next warm naturally in 2026.  Man has no important into the natural weather patterns.

                All the carbon dioxide he releases just restores life to active biology!  Carbon dioxide levels only rise in ice ages.  Four years after the world has experienced massive natural global cooling.

                All the academics who have written fictitious papers seeking to enhance the prospects for nuclear power so obviously do not hard place in education.  They are totally ignorant even our high school biology!

                In the Jurassic there were no fossil fuels-they formed at the end of the Jurassic.  C levels were 60 metres lower.  And there was 65% more life on earth even than their ears today.  Life was so much better!

                Physically as there was no toxic nuclear fission producing polluting waste which is lethal for 100,000 years.  This technology is the worst technology ever devised!  It is toxic, polluting and uneconomic.

                Burning natural gas, oil or coal and the increases life on earth.  It does not affect the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air: which has been fixed at two parts per million for last two centuries.  Man made climate change is biologically na├»ve and impossible.

Killing cancer

                Cancer is not random!  It is composed of the five common enzymes from infective disease!  Plus the instruction used by all viruses to cause single cell division!  This avoids scrutiny by the immune system.  Cancer likewise can only be formed by binding body cells!  Only in late stage cancer does the genome infect local stem cells!

                To gain an advantage on the immune system both bacteria and viruses make the enzyme to acquire extra blood supplies!  Medics term this endolythial growth factor!  Because it grows blood vessels-normal body cells are flaccid and under inflated.  Cancer cells are overinflated!  And are outside the dendrites multi cellular mesh: they are under supported.

                This is the unique weakness of all cancer cells!  If you hit normal body cells with ultrasound above 180W/cm2 they are damaged.  But for body cells ultrasound above 90W/cm2 will cause tumour cell damage.  No normal body cell is damaged by ultrasound at 150W.

                If we emit that level of ultrasound through a short guided tube, it emerges answer at the other side of the body at 95W!  I suggested ultrasound as a novel treatment for cancer in 2001.  The medics in Florida have been curing prostate cancer using one application of high intensity ultrasound for last decade!

                Annoyingly my friend’s father died of prostate cancer in 2008: despite him spending in order at loads of time in Florida.  The NHS is now evaluating ultrasound as a drug free cure to prostate cancer.  All 200 types of cancer out there are equally susceptible to ultrasound.

                Body cells are totally unaffected by ultrasound toxic to cancer cells.  Somebody cells divide rapidly, so are damaged by chemo or radio therapy years.  Ultrasound is totally benign to all body cells.

                My work and degree experience man metallurgical application of ultrasound: annoyingly enough, I knew about the toxicity of ultrasound to joint tissues in the kilowatt power range 1983.  I did not recognise the importance of this fact.

                My work boss at Inco died of pancreatic cancer in 1986.  Two years after retiring from the ndt laboratory in Wales.  The drug companies are going bankrupt and are livid, that they have lost the cancer treatment drunks, to an ultrasonic one appointment cure.

                Ultrasound also works for heart disease, diabetes, MS and arthritis.  All are diseases of age are caused by genome left behind from infective disease.

                Leagenaires disease is caused by a week virus of bacteria, as her HIV is caused by a variant of Simeon Infections Virus.  They fall below the immune scrutiny level for a four immune action.  If we give a drip of interleukin four and two the APC.s will make the active human antibody to the infection.  And the immune system will action it-curing the disease!

                In the same way drug companies can produce the effective antibody pills to cancer!  That will cure all body cancer in one application of the pills: drug companies do not, as there is no repeat prescription necessary-until the next time you catch cancer.

                No ultrasound produces a one stop cure to cancer, that costs 20 UK pence.  It will be useful to have the aanti cancer cells in the drug coverage, for week cancers that do not respond to ultrasound.

                All types of diabetes are characterised by hardened cells in the pancreas-that turn out to be a post viral structures.  A single application of medical ultrasound will cure diabetes.  Likewise arthritis is characterised by hardened cells in the cartilage.  Which displays novel pathogen genome.

                A course of human antibody pills, produced by application of the human interleukin above, will clear the arthritis.  The big battle is to prevent the diseases of age.  A cause of human antibody pills will prevent the development of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, MS, IBS and arthritis…

                There is no learned immune immunity to nfections: all infections wait for three days before doing necrosis-cell damage coals by a fast budding of body cells.  As every infection will require a new course of antibody pills.

                All cancers out there will be cured by a single application of medical ultrasound: which makes me regret going off and establishing myself as there are over and folk lyricist and singer.  There is more important work I should have been doing!