Thursday, 31 May 2012

Biological impossibility

                In the Jurassic age free carbon dioxide was limited by global photosynthesis happening on land and in the seas!  In ice ages carbon dioxide levels can rise, and lies photosynthesis is an absolute cap on them.

                With grasses this has resulted in a static level of carbon dioxide in the air of two parts per million since the levels fell at the end of the little ice age of the 19th century!  Strangely enough, all date are about carbon dioxide never converts the date or location the air samples taken!

                Any high school biology teacher will tell you that average global carbon dioxide is absolutely constrained by global photosynthesis.  Cities and towns are just too small to have any global effect on the weather!

                For ever thought up and propagated the phantom idea of global warming, was totally biologically ignorant!  Nuclear power started promoting the discredited idea of global warming after the Chernobyl incident in 1986.  They attributed it to an increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                That is a biological impossibility-something professors of physics are ignorant of.  When Ph.D. supervisor ended my PH D when the animated biological or metrological ignorance.

                Ignorance does not change a basic biological fact!

                A fact he was well aware of as a chemical engineer, was that fossil fuels are so named because they contain shells and fossils from the late Jurassic!  They formed from the 85% of life on earth which died with the dinosaurs.  In the Jurassic the free carbon dioxide was constrained by photosynthesis.

                Yet there were three natural ice ages!  65% more life on earth than today.  And sea levels were 60 metres lower!  The world has been cooling naturally since 1998.

                Man made climate change is pointless fiction, based on the erroneous idea that man can affect the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis!  He can’t.  He can just return the fossil fuels to active biology!  Five burning these fuels he increases life on earth but has no effect at all the world climate.  That is controlled exclusively by a predictable solar cycles!

                There has never been a change in free carbon dioxide in the air: and never could be, for photosynthesis is the dominant Energy System on earth.

All scientists ignored global warming fiction!

                They were taught about the carbon cycle in the first year of high school.  They were instructed that the trace of carbon dioxide in the air and was set by the lower limit for photosynthesis to metabolise this gas!  All the carbon man is releasing used a very active life!

                In the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth are various today!  Since industrial revolution Harvard University put on record in new scientist August 2010, that crop yields had increased by 15% since industrial revolution!

                But exactly as expected from biology, there have been no increase in carbon dioxide levels in the global air!  Over towns and cities are many are local transient level increase!  But this additional carbon dioxide just increases life in the surrounding countryside.  It is too minuscule to have any affect on the weather.

                So where did the proponents of global warming get the idea is from?  Big research contracts the nuclear power!  After Chernobyl they realised to get new plants there has by green.  So they picked up on the gas which drives all biology-carbon dioxide!

                Levels of this gas can only rise in natural ice ages!  For last 200 years the level has been static at two parts per million.  So there is no historic data are showing carbon dioxide affects the weather: because carbon dioxide tracks the natural wax and wane of the global climate!

                In the Permian mega ice age which lasted 1000 years, carbon dioxide was at five times today’s medium level.

                In the little ice age of of the 18th century, free carbon dioxide was at twice today’s present levels!

                In the Jurassic the growing covering was ferns!  Which are less good at photosynthesis than grasses.  So we have free carbon dioxide at twice today’s present levels, but 65% more life on earth and sea levels were 60 metres lower.

                Before the fossil fuels formed when the dinosaurs died, the Jurassic have three natural ice ages!  We know when the fossil fuels will formed, as a have shells and fossils from the late Jurassic!  Carbon dioxide is a climate follower!

                Man made global warming and climate change were always fiction or PR from nuclear power and its paid stooges!

Making fresh water

                Nature creates a pressure water by evaporating sea water!  This is not done with heat, that we pressure waves!  Also of molecular hydrogen fluids under pressure waves release helium and molecular fragments-while they produce heat and gamma wave radiation.  This is molecular nuclear fusion!  The most powerful Energy System on earth!

                Even solar radiation does MNF as he passes through moist air!  Anyway, back to desalination!

                If we pump sea water up under a metre, it boils!  Around him and we only have two pump the water 80 centimetres!  No low pressure are much cheaper to generate than high pressures, and totally safe!  Elite causes the hissing ideas, not course of eight limbs.

                So the sea water evaporates, into pure water vapour moving cold brine behind!  Which sinks and is replaced by new sea water.  We vacuum water vapour to high storage!  When we vent the vapour to the air, it condenses to pure water vapour.

                Is has lost its salt!  He’s has also shed any bacteria why heavy metals!  We are left with pure water.  Ideal for irrigating the deserts to become lush and fertile areas!  We can turn the land of the marsh Arabs in Iraq back into the lush personal area!

                Around the world photosynthesis will convert carbon dioxide from the air into fiction plant growth!  It already does this!  In the C’s and on land.  There is only two parts per million carbon dioxide in the global air!  Cities are too small an area to have any global significance.  The only globally significant industry on man is toxic nuclear fission!

                The fossil fuels were active life in the Jurassic!  Life that died with the dinosaurs.  When the 65% more life on earth are various today!  Five burning the fossil fuels we increase modern active biology on this planet.  We do not get back the dinosaurs!

                We get back more life on earth on land and in the seas!  It is biologically impossible for man to affect the level of carbon dioxide in the air!  Carbon dioxide is at the lower limit for global photosynthesis!  Between ice ages this is two parts per million.  In ice ages carbon dioxide levels rise!

                So in the Permian carbon dioxide levels were five times as high as today that we have 1000 year ice age!  Carbon dioxide is the natural climate follower, it reacts to the weather it does not make it!

                Man made global warming was devised by nuclear power!  Who modified it to be climate change as the world started cooling from 1998!  All the academics who have written learned papers on this phantom science have no place in academia!

                Just hours nuclear power has no place in the energy equation on earth!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Illegal medics

                Since 2002 the medics in Florida have been curing prostate cancer in one outpatient visit using high intensity ultrasound!  150 W 650 kilohertz for two sections is a suitable description of the ultrasound!

                So a for the last 10 years or prescription of biomedical pills to treat cancer has been in direct contravention of the Hippocratic oath: which promises to give the best possible medicine!  At the lowest price.  Cancer treatments contrary in both these policies!

                Cancer surgery is medical malpractice!  Organ mutilation for profit!  When all cancers will respond to a medical ultrasound!  As a tumour cells are overinflated and under supported!

                I suggested high power ultrasound while doing a Ph.D. into Chemical Engineering: which suggests why that PH D was ended!  Though it does not explain why the job offer 2000320004 from the NI H was declined by my people!

Power generation

30 May 2012

                The environmental lot have put on record that there is a lightening strike every 3 minutes around the world!  Creating five terms of helium gas for two terms of free radical oxygen!

                This Power System is driven by heavy rain!  Itself releases helium gas and free radical oxygen.  All the gamma wave radiation and heat!  Gamma wave radiation can only be produced by nuclear reactions.

                Here we are not doing nuclear fission!  We are sea using hydrogen atoms into helium.  So we are doing molecular nuclear fusion.

                Breaking waves, growing green crops and animal blood systems all produce helium gas!  Of which there is no chemical source.  As a result there is 5.125 parts per million helium in the global air!

                This helium and is replaced daily, as there is feeble gravity does not contain it!  It lightning strike liberates 2.9x1030 Watts of energy!  This is the relativistic conversion of five tonnes helium gas the greenest from hydrogen.

                Prof Z is a professor of Chemical Engineering!  He may be a bit vague about the biology above –but the biology department is only a phone call away!  That is why Bell invented some.

                Or rather to sell man is laboratory assistant as he spelt acid on himself.

                I world is fusion powered-usually going off from water!  Even solar radiation MNF as he passes through moist air!  It produces inert helium and ¼ oxygen you breathe!

                And the area is totally unstudied.

Jonathan Thomason

Nuclear is red

                October 1986 Ukrainian nuclear experienced the Chernobyl incident!  The inescapable results are trying to use nuclear fission to generate power-as Japan, the most technologically proficient nations on earth found out and Fukushima 2010.  Germany and Japan have abandoned its nuclear programmes.

                The professors of physics desperate to try and make nuclear power green!  So they chose to stigmatise carbon dioxide!  The gas plants and bacteria take in to do photosynthesis!  This limits the free carbon dioxide in the global air.  Local level rises over cities in the rush hour has no global significance!

                As Harvard University put on record in new scientist August 2010, the average free carbon dioxide in the air has not increased since the little ice age ended!  Natural carbon dioxide only rise is in ice ages when there is less global photosynthesis.  Harvard also noted that the biologists have been ready to help totally disproved the global warming hypothesis: physics had never asked them!

                First year of an engineering degree students are taught that the fossil fuels formed at the end of the Jurassic!  The fossils and shells in the fuels are all from life that they it to the end of the Jurassic.  85% of life on earth died.  And the earth saw massive tectonic adjustment.

                Both these factors are required to lay down deep coal.  The river of geothermal water naturally converts the carbon into methane, and in magma pockets exposed platinum metal turns this into Petroleum Oil!

                There years no external source of carbon!  It was all active biology in the age of the dinosaurs.  Harvard noted in last two centuries yields had increased by 15% as man released the life encapsulated in the fossil fuels back into the active environment: by burning the fossil fuels!

                Carbon dioxide powers biology!  Nuclear power produces plutonium and strontium-substance is toxic to all life on earth.  Nuclear power is the least green technology conceivable.

                Burning carbon fuels restores life that died with the dinosaurs back into the active environment.  Nuclear power is the most toxic, polluting, plain fatal and uneconomic method man will ever devise to generate power!  Uranium is best left in the ground!

                Nature uses the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam to turn the water into helium and oxygen gases, with massive heat and a little gamma wave radiation.  This is molecular nuclear fusion.  Four times as exothermic as nuclear fission.  And totally benign!

                Your beating heart does MNF 70 times a minute for whole of your life!  Green crops in light do it.  Waterfalls and breaking waves do it.  Growing bacteria do it-in fact all biological organisms do it!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Nature controls carbon

                Since photosynthesis evolved six and 50,000 years ago air; the trace of carbon dioxide in the air is determined by the efficiency of photosynthesis to take this gas in!  It metabolises it into carbohydrates and excess oxygen!

                The limit to life on earth is available carbon in the environment.  There is no external source of carbon!  The droughts bring in a few pounds a year.  The organic carbon circulating the environment is handers of tonnes a month.

                In the late Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth than their ears today!  But there were no fossil fuels-they hadn’t formed.  Because all the extra life sea levels were 60 metres lower.  There were three natural ice ages!  In these natural carbon dioxide levels rise!  And is ice covers the seas and snow covers the land.

                It was over to climate than today!  The equator was cooler and lusher, and the poles were warmer!  The cell Paul was based on land-whereas today there is no cap plants on the sea.

                Then a comet wiped out the dinosaurs and 85% of life on land!  The carbohydrates abducted down to the earth’s mantle, and under the anaerobic conditions laid down carbon deposits!  Natural geothermal steam percolated over these coal.

                This formed methane gas and helium!  As technological for wrecking does today!  The helium is a result of molecular nuclear fusion going on in the deep.  The gas collected in magma pockets.

                If there was exposed platinum metal, the methane groups linked up to form Petroleum Oil!  The long chain hydrocarbons man has been extracting and burning.

                As he does so plants take in the extra carbon dioxide!  And grow!  They release oxygen and build carbohydrates.  Animal life expands as the floor or X plants.  The level of carbon dioxide in the air is still controlled exclusively by photosynthesis!

                In the Jurassic the main growing covering was ferns.  Which resulted in twice the present level of carbon dioxide in the air.  But sea levels were 60 metres lower and there were three natural ice ages!  And there was 65% more life on earth-as I have pointed out!

                Now the main growing covering of grasses.  For last 200 years there has been a constant 0.0002% carbon dioxide in the global air.  Cities are such a minuscule area, they carbon dioxide circulates over the countryside and creates more life on earth.  The carbon dioxide is metabolised within 5 minutes!

                In 200 years mankind has increased life on earth by 20%!  But he is not increased the level of carbon dioxide in the air at all.  Man made global warming and climate change are biological impossibility years!  There never has been an increase in carbon dioxide due to man.

                Burning the fossil fuels releases Jurassic Life back to the active environment!  But it does not increase the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis.  Cities are just too minuscule an area to have any global significance.

                The army technology and man which has a global significance, is nuclear power!  Which kills by the continent!  It is toxic and polluting.  And without doubt the worst idea mankind has ever had!  Go ask Fukushima or Chernobyl what they think of nuclear fusion!  Death on a stick-without the stick!

                Nature is supported by molecular nuclear fusion.  Where regular water is converted into helium and oxygen gases with gamma wave radiation and heat.  Lightening does this direct!  Every 3 minutes around the world a lightning strike releases 2.9x1030 Watts of power!

                It creates five terms of helium gas.  There is no chemical source of this gas!  It is lost to space the same day, and rolled into suns, as we gain hydrogen from space.  And lightning strikes convert this hydrogen with the excess oxygen back into water.  The water by generates.

                Molecular nuclear fusion creates no toxic plutonium!  It is four times as exothermic as nuclear fission from uranium-which uses enriched uranium and generates toxic death.  MNF the is behind oxygen gas-1/4 oxygen you breathe comes from molecular nuclear fusion.

                Nature uses the carbon cycle to do molecular nuclear fusion!  Nature has no problem the carbon dioxide-it is the limit to life on earth!  Extra carbon dioxide results in extra life.  It does not result in an increase of the trace of carbon dioxide in the air.

                Man made climate change is biologically impossible!  And is the most scientifically stupid concept ever given credence by supposedly intelligent people.  The individuals involved have large research budgets from nuclear power!  Climate change is one matzinger vested interest chanting of plants the prospects of the most toxic industry that will ever exist!

                Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Nuclear fission from uranium or plutonium kills it!  Nuclear power is the least green technology possible.

No build up of carbon dioxide

                The idea that man can affect the level of carbon dioxide in the air is either stupid concept ever invented!  It came from the diseased minds of nuclear power; were trying to invent a reason why nuclear fission was green!  It is the most fatal technology ever devised!

                For the last 650,000 years plants and bacteria on land and in the seas have metabolised all available carbon dioxide to form carbohydrates!  Excrete ink the surplus helium and oxygen: oh yes, photosynthesis is a type of biological molecular nuclear fusion.  Which uses carbon dioxide to turn regular water into helium, oxygen, heat and nuclear radiation-fishing with the carbohydrates of life!

                The level of carbon dioxide in the air is a product exclusively of global photosynthesis!  Ignores local droughts-that just produces more life in the seas!  In the immediate area.

                At the end of the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth even than their is today.  When the comet hit in Mexico 85% of life on earth died!  This life formed the fossil fuels!  So named because of the presence of shells and fossils from the late Jurassic.

                Burning these fuels restore was that life to active biology.  There is no external source of carbon on earth!  Carbon is a limiting factor to life on earth!  You release carbon dioxide locally, and all their plants and the surrounding countryside grow!  This supports more animal life on earth.

            What it does not do is increase levels of carbon dioxide in the global air: that is biologically impossible due to photosynthesis.  This is all taught in the first year of high school biology!  But there paid stooges to nuclear power chose to ignore!

            They come with crazy numbers for free carbon dioxide!  Yet the global average level of this gas has stayed constant says levels fell at the end of the little ice age.  Carbon dioxide levels can only rise in ice ages-when there is less photosynthesis on land and in the seas!

            Carbon dioxide is a climate follower!  The Jurassic age had no fossil fuels were three natural ice ages!  And sea levels were 60 metres the level of war to date!

            Who ever thought up manmade global warming was ignorant of basic high school biology, and did not know their prehistory!  Step forward nuclear power!  You are so education me deficient.

            Yet professors of physics went along with this rubbish!  Which says a lot about the quality of teaching of physics at universities.

Photosynthesis eat carbon dioxide

                Since photosynthesis evolved 650,000 years ago air, the level of carbon dioxide in the air has been determined exclusively by plants!  So in an ice age, as the ice covers the seas; and snow covers the land, global carbon dioxide levels rise!
                In a temperate period like today, they are limited to the minimum level by photosynthesis to take in this gas!  0.0002 percent.  A static level for last two centuries!  Global warming was devised by nuclear power, and so totally ignored photosynthesis-the most important life an Energy System on earth.
                Carbon emissions over cities increases plant growth in the countryside!  But can’t increase average levels in the global air!  That’s the only number which might have affected the weather-had it not been static says levels fell at the end of the little ice age!
                With no increasing level of carbon dioxide man made global warming and climate change are biologically impossible fiction from the diseased homes of nuclear power and its paid stooges!

Making fresh water!

                All day the way he is produced pressure cycles in sea water!  Under reduced pressure and the see water boils!  This moist air circulates, and forms the clouds!  And in time forms pressure rain.  See water boils with under a metre of reduced pressure!

                So if we have towers boyed to be more than a metre above the surface, a solar powered vacuum pump will produce fresh water all day!  We then use A chain of solar plants, and vacuum reinforced tubing, to transport the water vapour to high storage!  We then vent the water vapour, and it condenses to pure water.  This fills a reservoir.

                We can then distribute this water to alleviate global hunger and thirst!  The system will operate during the day, or even power up factories so it can run uninterrupted and all day!  Ending global hunger and thirst!

                Photosynthesis around the world already metabolises all man is additional carbon dioxide: this is produced by burning the fossil fuels which formed from life which died with the dinosaurs.

                There was 65% more life on earth bound than their ears today!  Five burning the fossil fuels we get that life back!  Provided we use vacuum desalination to alleviate global draped.  An end starvation in North Korea and other places!
신선한 물을 만들기!

하루 종일 그는 바닷물에서 압력 사이클을 생산하는 방법! 감소 압력 물의 종기 아래! 이것은 습한 공기가 순환하고, 구름을 형성! 그리고 시간이 양식 압력 빗 속에서 말야. 감소 압력 미터 이하물이 종기를 참조하십시오!
우리가 표면 위에 미터 이상으로 boyed 타워있다면, 태양열 구동되는 진공 펌프하루 종일 신선한 물을 생산 것이다! 그러면 높은 스토리지 수증기의 수송을, 태양 식물의 사슬, 그리고 진공 강화 튜브를 사용하십시오! 그러면 수증기 방출이, 그리고 그것은 순수한 근원인. 이것은 저수지채웁니다.
그러면 전 세계 기아와 갈증을 완화하는 데이 물을 배포할 수 있습니다! 그것중단하고 하루 종일 실행될 수 있도록 시스템이 공장 백업 , 심지어 권력 동안 작동합니다! 세계 기아와 갈증을 죽여라!
세계의 광합성은 이미 모든 사람이 추가적인 이산화탄소이다 metabolises : 이것은 공룡과 함께 죽었 삶에서 형성된 화석 연료를 태워서에서 생산된다.
오늘날 자신의 귀를보다 구속 지구상의 65% 더이상 생명이 였어! 우리가 인생을 다시 화석 연료를 태워서 다섯! 우리는 글로벌 draped을 완화하기 위해 진공 담수를 사용하여 제공.최종 북한의 기아와 다른 장소!

Making cancer dangerous

                Cancer cells like viruses grow by causing body cells to plant!  Cancer is actually formed using left over genome from pathogens-and the instructor for single cell type division is the most potent ‘pathogen leader’.

                Cancer cells are also are overinflated!  Because like pathogens they demand, and get extra blood supplies!  This results in the showing up and or magnetic or ultrasonic scans!

                The ultrasonic scan uses low power ultrasonics.  In 2001 I suggested using higher power ultrasonics to restrict cancer growth!  In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in Florida uses high intensity ultrasonic to fix prostate cancer up one visit!  Non surgically: since the end all cancer surgeries have been medical malpractice.  As high intensity ultrasonics will cure all cancers out there!

                All failing drug treatments have become expensive, ultimately fatal medical malpractice.

                150 Watts 650 kilohertz is one characteristic ultrasound that will cure them all cancers: when an external ultrasound emitter is slowly tracked over talcum powder on the skin above the cancerous organ.

                Prostate, colon, pressed them skin cancers are all accessible to external ultrasound sources.  Lung cancer has been examined for 10 years using an external ultrasound,.  If we include a higher power ultrasound emitter, we can buzz all cancer tumours we find!

                London cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the world!  And he is amongst the first week in care!  Breast cancer will obviously respond to the same external source as skin cancer.  Dr. Polly Matzinger has been flying around the world for over a decade lecturing about the cancer danger idea!

                Cancer is not cleared by the body, as it does no cell damage directly to body cells.  So is not seen as dangerous.  Exposure to ultrasound makes cancer cells explode!  This alerts the body to the dangerous nature of cancer!  And all secondary us our removed because of the production of heat shock proteins and the scattering and lose cancer DNA into the blood.

                This idea also cure HIV!  Quite what the H and he is going to study there I do not know!  They get hundreds of billions of dollars a year to study cell biology!  Which is the wrong answer.  Ultrasound at intermediate power levels cures all cancers.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Total cure

                Highly intensity ultrasound causes inflated cancer cells to explode!  It kills all 200 sorts of cancer out there!  At one appointment.  No follow up drugs.  The drug companies are working hard to protect their income!  Even though it causes suffering and death!

                You need two seconds of 150 W 650 kilohertz ultrasound.  Apply eight through an external ultrasound emitter run over talcum powder on the skin above the cancerous organs!  It is that simple!

                The drug companies are patients and their families 10 years of drug spend.  As high intensity ultrasound has been used to cure prostate cancer employed or for a decade.  All cancer surgery for last 10 years was medical malpractice: as the medical practitioners knew about the Florida work!

Earthly fusion

                Around the earth there is no cases hydrogen!  The hydrogen that we gain from interstellar space is converted into water at lightning strikes!  And there is one lightening strike every 3 minutes around the world: and each lightning strike generates 2.9x1030 Watts of energy!  Power with no carbon dioxide an utterly no toxic fission waste!

                At waterfalls over 10 feet higher some the water is converted into helium and oxygen gases; plus heat and gamma wave radiation!  This is molecular nuclear fusion from water.  Produced here by the kinetic interaction of the fall in water hitting the ball at the base of the waterfall!

                That is why we get a warm pall of mist at the base of the waterfall!  We smell the ozone that results from the funding of free radical oxygen with molecular oxygen in the air.  We are not sensitive to the helium gas or gamma wave radiation produced.

                At lightning strikes the lightening down strike is caused by the gentle drift of electoral holes to the ground.  This sets up a steam plasma, of which 100 amps and 5000 volts flows!  The steam plasma have turning ½ MW of power in to 2.9x1030 Watts of power-2.9 MMMMM Watts.  This is the most energetic structure on earth!

                It is powered by heavy rain fall.  The collision of rain drops produces helium and oxygen gases plus heat and gamma wave radiation!  Heavy rain does molecular nuclear fusion from water.

                And ammonia refineries uses the turbulent flow of ammonia gas to turn some other ammonia into helium and carbon!  Plus heat and gamma wave radiation.  A hydrocarbon refineries also produces helium and carbon and the rest!  This was taught to me in 1980!  Without explanation.

                In 2000 I was doing a Ph.D.  And the cold fusion idea was out!  Again I have been taught about the release of radiation from aqueous solutions doing electrolysis in 1982.  Again without explanation.

                Cold fusion is a massively week for of molecular nuclear fusion!  Its production of nuclear radiation should be detectable by a Geiger counter!  Only very careful collection of the gases will demonstrate the production of helium!

                Cold fusion is not useful!  But the chemist who devised the idea, even if he was from science already knows, deserve the Nobel prize!  Power with no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste.  Academia has tried to ignore the idea.  But every college on earth is investigating called fusion in private.

                Your own beating heart gives off helium, free radical oxygen gamma wave radiation and heat!  The mitochondria in your cells do likewise!  This is why you breathe out helium, there you breathe very little he and!

                There is 5.125 parts per million in cities-as internal combustion engines also do MNF!  And produce massive amounts of helium gas!  Of which there is no chemical source.  The amount of helium in Petroleum Oil is in parts per billion.  So an internal combustion engine produces helium gas!

                It is not doing nuclear fission: yes it gives out nuclear radiation and helium gas!  The free radical oxygen also forms ozone.  So it is the most prevalent form of molecular nuclear fusion on earth.

                Steam engine’s use the turbulent flow of steam to do MNF!  Oxidising hydrocarbons should take in energy-if you do the enthalpy calculations.  We C the release of helium of nuclear radiation when we burn hydrocarbons.  So steam engines also do molecular nuclear fusion.

                Green plants in light turn regular water into helium and oxygen gases!  They also give out nuclear radiation.  And the free radical oxygen forms ozone!  Every person alive has experienced this at first hand!

                Every person alive also does MNF as the heartbeats, and their cells combine oxygen with hydrocarbons!  All biological systems do molecular nuclear fusion!

                Steam an internal combustion engines do it!  We just don’t realise!  Nature does MNF down to 3° C!  No 10 million degrees C.  We are talking about the causes water which is not present.

                As avalanches skied down a slope, there have been water layer does MNF-so an avalanche gives off nuclear radiation!  This was known before my PH D work at the turn of the millennia!

                There is no Energy System in nature that does not do molecular nuclear fusion!  Physicists are one I few scientists who care not to exothermic nuclear fusion!  Biologists have loads of examples of biological organisms doing nuclear fusion: they just didn’t realise!

                Until now!  Within the next year 80% of biological PH D’s will be investigating molecular nuclear fusion.  Physicists will be out of work!  The guy is a idiots, funded by nuclear power not to find nuclear fusion!  There is so much nuclear fusion all throughout nature they must be finding this fight a hard task.

Making cancer dangerous

28 May 2012
                If we apply he medical ultrasound (450 Watts 650 kilohertz) to a cancerous organ, we selectively explode cancer cells!  This provokes a four immune action against a cancer cell type.
                It turns out that the cure to all cancers is not biochemistry!  It is physical.  The work of Dr. Polly Matzinger was essential to this whole idea!
                Ultrasound makes cancer dangerous.  Medicine has known for 40 years there cancer tumours were opaque to low power ultrasound.  It is logical to drive high intensity ultrasound, and medics found this selectively damage cancer cells!
                The adjacent body cells being destroyed revised of four immune action against cancer.  All cancers share six common enzymes with infective disease!  We produce an action the antibodies to these enzymes.

Jonathan Thomason

HIUS and cancer

                Ultrasound at 180 W/cm2 is toxic to body cells!  But cancer, like viruses device in a single cell fashion-so lacked multi cellular support.  It over excrete the enzyme that requires extra blood supplies!  So it is over inflated.

                Ultrasound at 150 Watts/cm2 and 560 kilohertz is toxic to cancer and viruses!  Bacterial structures have a minimal cell wall, so also fragments explosively and are this level of ultrasound!

                So medical ultrasound cures all cancers-not just prostate cancer!  It also cure MS all viruses.  Apply to the coronary arteries it also fixes heart disease!  The development of high intensity ultrasound is the greatest medical advance ever!  I used to work using metallurgical ultrasound in 1983!  Medical ultrasound is eight times less intense!

                Medical ultrasound is most closely linked to the sound radiation used in ultrasonic cleaning devices!

Powering biology

                As every girl their on earth moves, carbon dioxide increases plant growth!  The trace level of carbon dioxide in the air is controlled exclusively by global photosynthesis!  This powers life on earth on land and in the seas!  There can never obviously be a drought in the seas!

                A local drought only increases life in the nearest seas!  Globally droughts are not an issue!  The weather has never been controlled through history by carbon dioxide levels in the air!  Rather carbon dioxide levels have been controlled by the global climate.

                Carbon dioxide rises in an ice age!  As the ice covers the seas, and snow covers the land!  In warm and temperate periods carbon dioxide is at the lower limit for photosynthesis to occur air!  So for the last 200 years global average carbon dioxide levels have been fixed at two parts per million!

                Harvard University published this fact in New Scientist August 2010!  Apparently few people read New Scientist.  Global warming was the cash cow of the newspapers.  It was the only hope nuclear power has to convince anybody there fatal, polluting and uneconomic technology was green!  In the hope of getting new plants.

                October 1986 has been Chernobyl!  And nuclear power realised to have a future it must be seen to be green!  Plutonium is toxic to all life on earth.  A release of radiation from a nuclear plant is similarly fatal to life.  Such an event haven’t had Fukushima, showing the inert and safe amounts of the technology!

                The two most technically proficient nations on earth, Japan and Germany, have now turned their backs on nuclear fusion!  Burning carbon fuels only increases life on earth.  Cities and towns are too small an area to affect the trace of carbon dioxide in the air!

                That is the province exclusively of global photosynthesis.  There never could be any man made global warming!  As carbon dioxide levels have remained stubbornly static, as crop yields have increased.

                The world cooled from 1998.  Nuclear power invented the headline ‘climate change’.  Never getting around to inventing quite what that meant!  And totally ignoring the limiting effect of photosynthesis on levels of carbon dioxide in the global air.

                Nuclear fission remains the least green technology that mankind will ever devise!  Biofuels increase the risk of global hunger!  While remaining more expensive than fossil fuels.  Regenerate to walk fuels sources are inherently uneconomic and unreliable!

                Burning fossil fuels is the greenest technology that can ever exist!  There is no conceivable effect on the weather-as the trace of carbon dioxide in the air is static and limited by photosynthesis.  Nuclear people refused to discuss photosynthesis-it is biology!

                So are you.  And nuclear power kills all biology!