Thursday, 15 March 2012

Making cancer dangerous

Curing By
Both viruses and bacteria get extra blood supplies. So there cells are vital, but inflated! The bacterial cell wall is actually produced by the B cells of the white blood system-ever trying to be helpful! They assume the bacteria are empathic, as they coals no cell damage for last three days. After this the rapid body of the cancer cells causes the necrosis required for an immune action.
Viruses two same track, only really start the dividing after three days when the infection is well established! And it has an advantage on the immune system. Both copy out genome and strands of RNA. These bond to the end of the DNA, giving inactive cells by sex enzymes which makes up for cancer. There are additional viral genome strands, which determine which cancer it is.
One of the golden six pathogen leaders is endolethial growth factor: which results in over inflated cells! Which do no cell damage to other cells. And their rapid cell budding is hidden from the multi cellular immune system. This is why cancer and viruses divided using the single cell set me in our genome my days as amoeba.
This is a defining weakness of both viruses and cancer! Cancer is a post infection syndrome. Four centuries medicine has been obsessed with coals and motions! The answer actually lies in Dr. Matzinger’s idea of cell damage.
If we apply intermediate power ultrasonic sound waves, the over inflated cells explode necrotically! Suddenly the immune system seas massive cell damage. It does not care that the cells were created in the human body. It only sees the distinct pathogen genome. It targets or cells displaying those novel enzymes in the body.
The immune system will remove all remaining primary and secondary cancer cells. If we locate a virus cluster with low power ultrasound, intermediate level ultrasound will cure the virus! This technique should also work for bacteria. As all pathogens dividing in a single cell fashion. An end up with an unsupported single cell faster of overinflated cells.
So one outpatient visits will cure all cancers! All bacteria and viruses were also respond to ultrasound.
I suggested that ultrasound might be interesting on treating cancer, in 2001. The medics in Florida have found that intermediate power ultrasound will cure prostate cancer. They years A direct probe. It is less invasive to focus two more power ultrasonic generators on the tumour.
Until we have all the equipment designed and in place, he is the aultrasonic kit designed for kidney stones: and licensed for medical use on the human body. Focus the ultrasound on a primary cancer tumour. To be sure, repeat a couple of times, at one appointment! Heating different tumours.
For HIV we can focus the ultrasound on a main body arteries: my video on using interleukin two and four has amassed 21,000 hits today.

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