Friday, 9 March 2012

Making cancer dangerous


When you have an active infection, your subject to the virus or bacteria, filtered through a series of pathogen leaders: these make life easier for the pathogen, by hiding all sidelined your immune response.
When the infection is cleared, these pathogen leaders can remain behind a strands of RNA at the end of the DNA particularly of inept is cells. When we have six pathogen leaders, we get an controlled growth of a non differentiated cells type: big acancer!
So cancer is caused by the some of your effective past. Specific viruses or bacteria are linked to specific cancers. They cancers are built from pathogen leaders from several infections.
The cancer cell devides like a single cell structure, totally separate to a multi celled life form. It does not know that he is cancer. It is just dividing them plant rarily according to the instructions of the pathogen leaders. It is stupid. It just grows until you’re dead!
That is its weakness! It causes body cells to divide and control boiling: and so maximize this, it gets extra blood supplies. So it’s cells are hard, and clung together into a tumour! Normal body cells are more flexible. Medical science has known this for a long time, but thought it did not give an immune target.
The they were right. It is not a biochemical target! Though we might be able to target inappropriate excretion of endolethial growth factor! But there are times when nobody needs to grow new blood tissues naturally! The viral blood cell growth signal is sited distinct! But in two centuries cell biology is only beginning to make an antibody against a straight.
We do not need to me that clever! It is a physical target: cancer cells are hard and inflexible! So we need are wary of causing such cells to fragment and I. If we are applying intermediate power ultrasound to a cancerous organs, this is what we achieved.
We have known for 15 years that ultrasound scans will show a cancer tumour is. I was taught in 1983 that high powered ultrasound can damage body tissues! Somewhere in between, is a power density that causes cancer cells to fragment, but only makes body cells wobble harmlessly.
Body cells are supported by a multi cellular membrane. Which cancer tumours, as they grow in the single cell way favoured by viruses and bacteria, find lethal! Cancer cells will explode necrotically.
This will coals a complete immune action against the cancer cell type. Where ever is rises in the body. All 200 sorts of cancer out there share the straight! They are overinflated, and susceptible to ultrasound at intermediate power levels.
30 years ago medicine do not an ultrasound device to remove kidney stones from the body! To remove non native power structures from the body. Sound familiar?
In 2002 medics in Florida tried ultrasound at this power range, against prostate cancer. They introduced the ultrasound via a direct probe. We can apply the same power density using external ultrasound sources: which have to adjust for the attenuation effect of travelling through the body.
Then every cancer in the body is accessible to ultrasound. This will allow us to cure all the diseases of age! Cancer, heart disease, liver disease, liver and brain scleroses. No biochemistry required! It just happens that 25 years ago I had a job working with ultrasound.
In 1988 I nearly died in a car accident. What a good job I didn’t die! As I am seeing connections Medics’ would not look for.

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