Friday, 13 January 2012

Proving molecular nuclear fusion

13 January 2012
I heard about the light emission of boiling water whereas at Sheffield University 2001. At the time I could not understand it. No it makes perfect sense. It proves molecular nuclear fusion.
At the same time I heard that steam rounding a sharp bend is off light. It is see no possible reason for this, as I do not think you are MNF until 2003.
So if we put the fibre optic camera into existing steam line in an engineering plant, as a steam rounds a bend we should C the emission of visible light.
Alternatively, we construct a convoluted steam pathway with glass piping. And pumping steam around it. We can then use a star has photograph a light metre to measure the emission of light.
We are obviously return the steam to a holding chamber. We want to on to sample the lightest gas. This will consist of helium and oxygen gases.
Geiger counter will show the emission of nuclear radiation: but visible light itself can only be produced by nuclear reactions.

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