Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Professors make themselves idiots

Professors of physics and engineering know nothing about biology is carbon cycle: and have been very careful not to ask biology for any help. Biologists have been trying to tell them since 1986 that photosynthesis controls the level of carbon dioxide in the air, more man.
All man can do is increase in he life on earth: The average level of carbon dioxide is controlled by green plants metabolising carbon dioxide. Local increases over cities are too minuscule to affect the weather.
The professors know nothing about the weather either. They did not care. There have been paid by nuclear power to talk about global warming. They didn’t notice this pushes started in 1986-the year are Chernobyl.
They also did notice when 12 years later the global climate began calling. Nuclear power did. They shifted their PR to be climate change. Blaming the natural weather on a biologically impossible increase of carbon dioxide in the air.
The professors also into the swing. No they didn’t care what the natural weather did. Fourteen years ago air started cooling. So a natural weather has been cooling for longer than he was warming.
The only time carbon dioxide levels can rise is in a natural ice age. In the Permian there were twice today’s levels: carbon dioxide has been static for two centuries since then.
In the 1000 year ice age of the Permian carbon dioxide levels for a five today’s paltry two parts per 1,000,000. So we are safe in concluding that carbon dioxide is a climate follower. The axe in tension with the natural weather.
I am waiting for anyone be in the world to save more climate change actually predicts!

Jonathan Thomason JonThm9@aol.com

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