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Plasmas and nuclear fusion

11 January 2012

In regular atoms the protons and electrons kept of plants by kinetic forces: the electrons are all working around the protons.
The neutrons form part of the nucleus: they are composite particles of protons bonded to a transf. They don’t move: so they are locked in a matrix with a proton. Electrons and protons don’t annihilate; whereas electrons and positrons would!
I don’t know negatively charged static subatomic particles, and a fast moving positive subatomic particle. That is a requirement for antimatter to stable. Last I heard, with only managed to produce helium antimatter.
In the plasma the kinetic separation does not apply. However atoms are mostly empty space. So there transf hurtled towards the proton, and miss. So we get loads of heat and visible light.
We also get nuclear radiation: what does have a light is beyond the energy release of physical interactions, so he is a type of nuclear radiation anywhere! We usually get gamma wave radiation though X ray radiation is also possible.
A plasma tube also heats up: exactly as expected.
Only occasionally doing get doubt proton and electron into action. As mentioned above; we then form a neutron. With associated liberation of heat and nuclear radiation. This is the energy equivalent of electrons moving close to the speed of light.
As neutrons they do not move at all. So we get energy liberation. We reduce the atomic number of the aroun by one, and raise its neutron count by one.
So we produce A radioactively unstable element. This is going to fission; liberating one or more neutrons as nuclear radiation, light and heat.
When we get a direct nuclear interaction, we get nuclear fusion. Which up to iron their rates energy. It is the only because of the liberation of free neutrons conversion of neutrons into heat, nuclear radiation and light that the nuclear fission is exothermic too!
So the plasma gives us loads of nuclear interaction, plus a little neutron formation with associated nuclear fusion and fusion.
The amount of interaction we get is linked to the temperature, but natural to the applied pressure! Lightning bolts show us that a mixed steam air plasma causes nuclear fusion.
Each lightning bolt produces five terms of helium gas, with associated free radical oxygen from regular water. This is why we’ve form ozone.
We experienced the same at waterfalls, breaking waves, deep water, in photosynthesis an animal blood systems. All areas of molecular nuclear fusion.
A steam plasma is the most useful form of MNF to drive man is machines. The emission of nuclear radiation from a gas plasma has been known about since the 1950s.
The emission of helium by nature is written up in the environmental text books.
Direct solar radiation produces 1.2x1060 Watts of heat every day. A natural MNF produces 2x1044 Watts of heat. Directly targeted to within biological organisms. Most of solar radiation falls on barren land and sea.
So molecular nuclear fusion is the most important Energy System for biology. It can be used to replace all burning of fossil fuels, and all toxic nuclear fission.
Bubbling steam through water at the boiling point does molecular nuclear fusion. And produces more steam than we used to stop the system. As I said in 2003 we use some of steam to maintain the process, and use the rest to generate power.
With no fossil fuel burn and no use of polluting metal oxide fission tubes. Such a system produces clean, safe name free power. I first suggested this idea eight years ago!
If I went and resume my PH D I would be discarding eight years and my life. And ignoring my singing career this is no getting started!
The steam plasma idea would allow us to replace metal fission tubes. The bubbling steam through liquid water and would allow us to safely reprocess fission tubes.
The MNF of their rates neutrons. These bond with the plutonium or strontium, and caus nuclear fission into nucleuses that her massively shorter half lives!
So we could render them safe or toxic waste from nuclear power. We then use MNF as an energy source directly. And generate power with production of inept 3helium and 18oxygen. As produced by fields of green crops.
Waterfalls produce very low levels of strontium. But later waterfalls will cause this element to fission into safer atomic numbers. F
If I resumed my PH D now, I would be inviting the academic institution to restrict access to my ground breaking ideas. Stead for two years to give people ideas via the Internet.
Life old university also urged me a PhD from 2001: such a qualification would have totally answers my life. And also the lives of everybody alive today!
I am staggered that professors of physics have totally ignored photosynthesis, the most important biology on earth, in formulating their ideas of man made global warming. As the world cooled they changed it to climate change: which contradicts global warming! As the world has been cooling since 1998.
Photosynthesis describes have biology metabolises carbon dioxide to form life on earth. It totally prevents any build a of this gas in the air. I have no faith in such scientists.
To ignore biology’s carbon cycle two octane research funding from nuclear power: the most toxic industry on earth. And totally inconsistent with academia.
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