Thursday, 12 January 2012

Photosynthesis dummy!


The most important Energy System on earth is photosynthesis: this takes in carbon dioxide and water and uses carbohydrates and excrete the surplus oxygen. At the end of the cretaceous there was two little carbon dioxide in the air.
Mike only got around this by increasing proportion of animals metabolising waste gas of plants-or oxygen. And combining it with eatin plant matter and exhaling more carbon dioxide.
This has the effect that carbon dioxide in the air is at and fixed level during a warm period. It can only rise in an ice ages! When there is less photosynthesis going on.
The amount of photosynthesis proportional to the carbon dioxide in the air. As New Scientist published 2004 global average carbon dioxide has been fixed since the ending of the little ice age at two parts per 1,000,000. During the ice age it was at 4ppm.
In the mecher ice age of the Permian it was at 10ppm. It is safe to conclude that carbon dioxide does not coals global warming. That it is a climate follower. And the essential gas of life.
Climate pundits are coating values of 300ppm. So they are obviously taking her hair samples at diesel exhausts. Air circulates, and once over the countryside it is back to 2 theppm. It is the global average which might potentially have affected the weather.
But carbon dioxide is a static trace gas in the global air. So obviously has no impact on the weather. 300ppm is 0.003%. So even this inflated value would have no effect. We get more carbon dioxide with forest fires and volcanic eruptions. There is no recorded case of a sudden he wave after a forest fire.
A sudden burst of plant growth is an effect of forest fires. Think of it this way: no carbon dioxide at 300ppm, grass would grow by 10 centimetres a night. Rather than to millimetres a month. So climate pundits are obviously in need of serious medical attention.
Also stop being paid by nuclear power-which are actually amounts to the same thing!

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