Thursday, 19 January 2012

Nuclear fusion is death

19 January 2012
They have found injecting steam into shales are over four will release 1000 years of natural gas. This is massively cheaper than nuclear power.
The latter produces toxic plutonium, while generating massively expensive electricity. They need to build a store for this, for 100,000 years! Fukushima shows that such the store can release nuclear waste into the groundwater.
In an area of outstanding natural beauty! One earthquake and nobody could counter Cumbria for 100,000 years. An underground store would have to use it 30 kilometres away from in the objector.
Or we would infringe on their basic human rights. And remember, this is for uneconomic power. That is a massive vote loser! Will find other areas of underground shales at we can frac, so there is no conceivable reason to do nuclear fission for 500,000 years.
But lightening has shown us that a syllable team plasma turns regular water into inept helium and oxygen, and four times as much power as nuclear fission generates.
We can generate power that masterly undercuts even gas power generation! We can vent the helium and oxygen to the air, as the deep sea does today.
The helium is lost to outer space the same day! It reacts with nothing, and as it is heated he will react been no source of sses before it leaves the earth’s atmosphere. No underground store require.
I her plants have stuff on the Internet about molecular nuclear fusion, strangely enough nuclear fission has produced not one comment in the last four years.

Jonathan Thomason

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