Monday, 31 December 2012

Cancer is cured

31 December 2012
                I write this in the dying hours are 2012: the Moffitt cancer centre in America shows that high intensity focused ultrasound cures prostate cancer in 2002!  This works for all cancers.
                Body cells are flaccid and when exposed to ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2 experience cell content boiling!  Which is fatal.
                Pressurised cancer cells boil at 90 W/cm2.  If we are applying 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound through a one ended cylinder held externally to the body, all cancer cells in the ultrasound power are destroyed!  So violently the immune system wakes up to the undesirability of cancer, and a secondary us throughout the body.
                A one appointment cure to all body cancer!  Why is the NHS messing around with expansive, and pleasant and ultimately fatal Bio chemical treatments.  Which always ends with a patient’s death.
                One session of ultrasound and the cancer is history.  Without any drugs or surgery!  For a decade that drug companies have done a fantastic work disguising the fact that cancer is cured.
                Utilising no drunks what so ever.  This will save the NHS 12,000,000,000 UK pounds a year!
                I explain it all in my book
ISBN 13388277
Ultrasound and cancer
by Jonathan M Thomason
onathan Thomason

Curing arthritis

31 December 2012
                Arthritis is caused by a fragment of bacterial genome floating round the body!  It colonises cartilage around the body.  This is why the disease can range from all over the body.
                The bacterial rump forms inflated Sanders in the joints!  Which suddenly act like sheets of sand paper rather than swoop glass.
                If we use the ultrasound equipment licensed for human slimming, across an arthritic joint, will get a three day the relapse of the problem.
                Then it will be cleared for ever!  As the bacterial rump is so mobile, we may need repeat treatment.  We need to try it and see.
                We need ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz-as with cancer, heart disease, IBS and MS.
Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Static carbon


30 December 2012

                The limit to global life is available carbon dioxide!  Plants convert it into active biology-leaving only two parts per million in the air durin the modern epoch.  This has been a static level of carbon dioxide in the global air for last two centuries.

                Local variations over cities are too minuscule to affect weather systems.  The weather only seas the global average.  And photosynthesis fixes this durin warm periods.

                Only in natural ice ages do carbon dioxide levels rise!  In the little ice age they doubled!  In the Permian mega rises age, which lasted 1000 years, there were five times higher.

                Since the little ice age ended photosynthesis has fixed the carbon dioxide levels in the global air.  During the near ice age of the 1950s.  Even in the drought of 1976.

                Because photosynthesis supports life on land and in the seas!  Local droughts only serves to move life into the seas.  They do not increase the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.

                And that is what we are talking about! 0.0002%.  Such out a small number!  This could never have any effect on anything, as at is static!  Static trace gases affects nothing.

                Global warming was fiction invented by the paid stooges to nuclear power after the Chernobyl incident.  Even after the world started cooling in 1998 nuclear power was not prepared to give up on this fiction!

                That man could affect the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis.  No he can’t!  He can restore the fossil fuels to the active environment.  Increased life on earth.

                And have no possible effect on the weather.  Proponents of man made climate change needs to reset first year high school biology.  And stop taking money from nuclear power!

                Carbon dioxide supports life on earth!  Oxygen is the waste gas of plants.  No CO2, no O2; and mankind would never even have evolved!

                Plants metabolise extra carbon dioxide to increased life on earth.  There is no more carbon dioxide in the air today than there was in 1890.  The very idea of man made climate change is a most stupid nuclear fiction ever invented!

                And nuclear power invent the most stupid fiction on this planet.  Believed by idiots within the BBC.  No journalist now is even writing about man made climate change.  It is just the most stupid concept a diseased mind has ever vomited.

Jonathan Thomason

Photosynthesis limits carbon


30 December 2012

                In the Permian mega ice age carbon dioxide levels in the air were five times greater than they are today!  The ice age only ended at the end of the Permian!  And the ice age abated.

                Carbon dioxide levels fell to one part per 1,000,000-and 90% of life on earth died.  Life only recovered as more animals evolved to metabolise oxygen-the waste gas of plants!  They combine it with carbohydrates to breathe out carbon dioxide.  If a gas of plants.

                Now carbon dioxide levels can only rise in natural ice ages.  In the little ice age there rose to four parts per million.  As the ice age lifted they fell to two parts per million.  And have remained static at that level for last 200 years.

                All the fossil fuels formed from the 85% of life on earth which died with the dinosaurs at the end of the Jurassic age!  In the Jurassic global carbon dioxide levels were limited by global photosynthesis.

                Except during the three natural ice ages: the latter which was 180,000,000 years ago air.  As some of her older readers may remember!  The limit to life on earth is available circulating organic carbon him the environment.

                As man has burned the fossil fuels Jurassic Life has been resurrected in modern biological form.  The trace of carbon dioxide in the air has remained static for 200 years.

                Obviously man made global warming was rubbish!  Particularly as the world started cooling naturally in 1998.  The paid stooges and plain stupid I rushing around trying to explain why organic carbon has made 2012 the wettest year in English history.  Also one of the coldest!

                Man made climate change is an oxymoron recited by the brain dead!  Who think man could influence global photosynthesis.

                Man has increased life on earth!  Man made climate change is self evidently rubbish!  Carbon dioxide levels have remained static for 200 years.

                Last year was a record year for the Antarctic ice sheet.  Man hours busy being a smashing through the northern polar ice sheet, or a claim is this is evidence of global warming.

                Which had ended 15 years ago!  Global warming was nuclear fiction to distract the world from the Chernobyl incident.  Man made climate change is simple nuclear fiction by the stupid or paid!


Jonathan Thomason

Curing mental health problems


30 December 2012

                When an individual has a viral or bacterial infection for a period of time the pathogen shows its genome by putting out strips of RNA.  These are picked up by other infections, but also by cessated cells.

                They can form pathogen rumps in the brain!  And then make inappropriate neuro transmitter enzymes, which leads to a mental health problems!  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or simple, dimensia.

                These rumps do no harm to other cells!  So the immune system gives am T cell tolerance.  This is exactly the process we C in cancer or heart disease.  Cancer is a viral rump sharing six enzymes with infective disease.

                Heart disease is caused by a bacterial rump on the coronary arteries.  All such rumps are overinflated-to give them a vitality advantage on the immune system.

                They have a minimal cell walls all are grown in a single cell fashion.  They are especially vulnerable to ultrasound.

                150 W 40 kHz ultrasound will remove such rumps!  For viral rumps the explosive fragmentation will cause an immune action to clear the rump throughout the body.

                How to get hold of such a device!  Buy the appropriately specified unit, sold for signing reasons!  And licensed for human use.  Applying the ultrasound to the head should remove that mental health problems.

                Though this process may take six months.  A course of ultrasound will be ideal!  We do not even have to buy the device.

                This process is especially important for cancer!  Where ultrasoundThe in the cancerous organ will clear the cancer at only one application!  This is experience of the Moffitt cancer centre in American.

                I had three people send up on blogger about mental health issues.  Really they should try and the process out, it will either cure the disease or have no affect!  A suitable device for personal use costs 35 UK pounds.


Jonathan Thomason

Engineers can cure cancer

30 December 2012

                Every engineering department in the world has experience of ultrasound!  Ultrasound below 180 Watts/cm2 is benign to body cells.  Ultrasound above 90 W/cm2 is toxic to cancer cells.

                Making the pressurised cells fragment explosively.  This induces an immune action to clear all cancer cells from the body.

                150 W ultrasound applied through a 10 cm guid cylinder held above the cancerous organ, external to the body cures all cancers!

                All cancer cells are over pressurised and under supported.  High intensity focused ultrasound is toxic to cancer cells!  As demonstrated by the Moffitt cancer centre Florida says 2002!

                So all engineering departments in the world can cure all cancers!  Cost about 10¢. Read

ISBN 13388277

Ultrasound and cancer by Jonathan M Thomason

Jonathan Thomason

The best medicine

30 December 2012

                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre started using high intensity ultrasound on prostate cancer.  This exploits the under supported overinflated nature of all cancers!  To avoid scrutiny by the immune system viruses are forced to use the single cell method of cell replication.

                Pathogens share genome, so this is an essential trait of all cancer cells!  They are overinflated and under supported.  The over inflated nature also cells makes an hellishly vital!  Which is why all viruses share this trait too.

                When exposed to ultrasound above 180 Watts/cm2 body cells experience cell content boiling, and rupture!  Cancer cells experience is at the only 90 W/cm2.  During this process may kill off nuclear radiation!


                It is an example of biological molecular nuclear fusion.  Your cell mitochondria do this process every second of the day!  But at a much lower level.

                Cancer cells do so much MNF they rupture explosively!  The immune system sees this, and launches an immune assault to clear that cell type throughout the body.  A defining characteristic of cancer cells.

                When exposed to 150 W the more flaccid body cells are not affected!  Virus, cancer and bacterial cells or experience explosive fragmentation.  Adjoining body cells are damaged-which immune system takes as a danger signal.

                All 200 sorts of cancer out there are totally cleared by one application of 150 W ultrasound.  The simplest method to get at this ultrasound is via an ultrasound messarge.  Or use of an ultrasound slimming device.

                Such exposure to ultrasound is already licensed for human use.  No drugs or surgery is required.  The use of massively expensive by chemical treatments is the most fatal and expensive treatment option out there.

                High intensity focused ultrasound is a one appointment cure!


Jonathan Thomason

Saturday, 29 December 2012

fusion is go!


29 December 2012

                For last 3.8 billion years heavy rain has turned some of the water drops into helium and oxygen gases!  Plus loads of heat and electric charge:


                There is no chemical source of helium and gamma wave radiation.  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion from water!  The Alpha particles rise to above the clouds layer, and the negative charge is carried to the ground on of the rain drops.

                Why we get a potential of 5000 volts we get a weak lightening down strike, cause by the gentle drift of electoral holes to the ground.  When it touches the ground, all the electrons flow back up the steam plasma to the cloud tops.

                1.5 kilometres! 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  5 tonnes of helium gas.  This fixes all the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant life.  The plant life which takes in any extra carbon dioxide-to support more life on earth.  It prohibits a builder of carbon dioxide in the air.  That idea is brain dead fiction from paid stooges to nuclear power.  You know who you are”

                So nature contributes 40% of the energy biology uses.  By doing nuclear fusion from water and other compounds of hydrogen.  Is has gone quite happily for 3.8 billion years.

                We lose the helium to space, gain hydrogen and at lightning strikes get back our water!  So lightening both removes hydrogen from environment, and returns it has molecular water!  Quite neat 1,000,000.

                So a one metre steam plasma tube will liberate 6 MW.  Above four atmospheres it will self sustain.  Your name five times more energy than toxic nuclear fission.  It utilises no enriched uranium and produces no super toxic plutonium!  And it is free.

                If we fact the north sea, there is 2000 years of natural gas down there: it is a result of all life that died with the dinosaurs.  85% of all life on earth!

                As we burn the fossil fuels we resurrect that life in modern biology.  We can’t increase the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  That is a most stupid scientific idea I have ever heard!  First year high school biology precludes it.

                Nuclear fission is the most toxic, uneconomic, polluting and plain fatal way man kind has ever found to generate power.

                Lightning shows mankind have a small electric current can induce nuclear fusion from the turbulent flow of water molecules-like in a steam plasma!

                Fission is stupid toxic death.  Nuclear fusion is the way of life!  And it is free.  Which makes carbon fuels looked massively overpriced.


Jonathan Thomason

An antibody to cancer

29 December 2012

                This idea was sent to me 2003 by professor fossil from Michigan State college.  Just as he was retiring!

                We produce the antisense to the enzyme which causes single cell division!  The single cell helicase is a big retailers in all viruses, and may even be written up in the text books!

                The the we years reverse transcriptase to produce the antisense RNA to this enzyme.  We then packaging up with the interleukin four entry sequence!  As appended to all human antibodies.  Also has used by HIV to get into T cells, and get its genome copies and liberated.

                Now we use the T cells to act as antigen presenting centres.  And producing human antibody to the cell division done by all viruses and cancer.

                Pills of this drug will cause the immune system to remove all viral and cancer cells in the body.  This idea I have been circulating for nine years!


Jonathan Thomason

cancer is simple


29 December 2012

                Cancer is forced to use the single cell method of division!  As used by all viruses out there.  This avoids scrutiny by the immune system.  All cancers share five enzymes with infective disease, and one to do the cell division!

                Cancer is not random!  It is the result of pathogen genome!  Leading to uncontrolled cell budding.  Of non differentiated cells.

                Like all pathogens cancer cells are overinflated and hard-to gain a vitality advantage on the host immune system.  Usually this does not matter!

                If you apply our 180 W ultrasound to body cells, there cells experience cell boiling!  And joint tissues are damaged-known as white finger disease!

                Cancer cells experience of this process at 90 W-as the heat generation system is initiated by ultrasound is pressure linked!

                Normal body cells give off a bit of nuclear radiation in response to low power ultrasound.  The ultrasound induces molecular nuclear fusion in the cell.  So the cell converts ultrasound into gamma wave radiation.  This is beyond the energy release of chemical processes.

                We are talking nuclear fusion from water.

                If we expose the body to 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound through a 10 CM one ended guided cylinder, the cancer cells experience massive cell content boiling and fragment explosively.

                The clustering dendrites no see the single cell structure causing cell damage to surrounding body cells.  The immune system now recognizes cancer as dangerous!  And will remove any remaining cells in the body.

                A 10 second ultrasound session will remove all primary cancer cells.  The immune system will coals all secondary cells to be removed.

                Diabetes and heart disease are caused by similar pathogen rump Colonies.  A single treatment with ultrasound will cure all the diseases of age!  Biochemistry produces failing cancer treatments.

                Ultrasound will provide a one appointment cure.  All that drug companies have now lost 99.8% of the income!  You do not need a course of ultrasound.  A one appointment session will cure the diseases of age.

                Biochemistry is the wrong answer!  And violate the Hippocratic oath: use the best available medicine to cure illness.


Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 28 December 2012

Fusion plant


28 December 2012

                A steam turbine plant gives off gamma wave radiation, as it turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases or surgery!  We them for this heat away to the air!  Very stupid.  Professor Will Zimmerman gave me the answer to this 2001!

                We take off 15% appear that steam.  The rest goes off to a cooling tower as today!  It meets the low pressure end of a helical turbulence heat exchanger!  The cold end of a double helical heat pump.

                This transfers the heat into a cold gas.  To explain in the Carnot cycle:

The Carnot cycle is a theoretical thermodynamic cycle proposed by Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot in 1823.  We transfer the heat into a low pressure end of a gas cycle.

            We then pressurise the gas, and we can lose the heat at a low of 80 temperatures!

                This allows all air conditioners in the world to work.  Pressurise being a gas makes it hot.  So can lose the heat to the environment.  Then where we vent the gas, reduce the pressure, it gets cold!

                As the temperature of the gas is effectively the number of collisions on the container war in a given time.  If we reduce the volume of the container, effectively that temperature has been increased-though we have added no heat.

                So we lose the steam heat into a low pressure gas!  When we pressurise the gas we can boil off water in the boiler room-a venting the steam at higher pressure!

                This system does lose 20% of the heat!  Theoretically we only need 12% of the heat from the exit steam.  We are efficiency losses this means we must utilise 15 per cent of the steam.

                Was at temperature, we burn no fossil fuels-we do no massively toxic nuclear fission: how interesting that nuclear power utilises the steam cycle!  The steam turbine is the simplest way for man to access molecular nuclear fusion.

                So once running we utilise a minuscule quantity of the system fluid-the water; which we turn into helium, oxygen, heat and gamma wave radiation.

                The cooling tower utilises 10,000 times as much!  So most energy around the planet is generated using nuclear fusion.  Going from water-molecular hydrogen, rather than atomic hydrogen.

                If we are bothered about the emission of fossil fuel bound, we can years a lightning power!  Heavy rain produces helium, oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat.  The chaotic flow of rain drops does molecular nuclear fusion.

                The He2+ rises to above the clouds.  The 2xOH -falls to the ground!  Hence the feeling of electricity in heavy rain.  Rain close operates as a massive natural battery.

                When we have 5000 volts potential, we get a lightening down strike.  Caused by the gradual drift of electron holes to the ground.  Which sets up a steam plasma.

                When he touches the ground we get a lightening up strike which converts ½ MW into 2.5x1024 MW!  The this is nature doing molecular nuclear fusion big time.

                Scale down, a 2 CM thick, one metre long steam plasma in a glass tube will release 6 MW continuously from the molecular nuclear fusion we are doing.  Above four atmospheres pressure, the plasma self sustains!

                So we can start the steam cycle off utilising no fossil fuel bound.  And absolutely no toxic nuclear fission!  The only technology all mankind’s which causes continental toxic death.

                And produces waste which remains fatal for 100,000 years!  Sheffield University know her to neutralise this toxic waste!  Utilising molecular nuclear fusion as a constant source of neutrons!

                Which causes the toxic isotope of uranium to fission into savour elements!  Naked molecular nuclear fusion produces inert helium and ¼ oxygen you breathe!

                MNF produces no toxic death!  It cannot be utilised by a terrorist to produce bombs.  Nuclear fission is the worst idea mankind ever had!  The least green technology that will ever exist!

                Burning carbon fuels increases plant growth.  This totally limits the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air.  At a static two parts per million for last two centuries.

                Levels were last higher in the little ice age!  The Jurassic the warm periods had four parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air!  The three natural ice ages with higher power is 8ppm.  The last Jurassic ice age was 180,000,000 years ago air.

                The Permian 1000 year ice age sore free carbon dioxide at 10ppm.  Manmade global warming and climate change from country to all historical data are!  They are plain wrong: as known to every real scientist on the planet!

                They are nuclear PR!  Designed to kill.


Jonathan Thomason

Saving lives


28 December 2012

                All the diseases of age are caused by fragments of infections genome remaining in the body is the main infection is cleared: either as viral or bacterial rumps.

                All such structures over excrete endothelial growth factor.  You are overinflated and hard-but gain a vitality advantage over the immune system.

                When exposed to high level medical ultrasound (150 W 40 kHz) they fragment explosively!  Creating the human antibody Asia and the human immune system totally clears secondary us from the body.

                With coronary heart disease applying the HIFU to the coronary arteries, even the kidneies will clear the disease in 1 10 second application.

                HIFU applied to the liver or kidney years will clear liver or kidney disease.

                Applied to the cancerous organ just once will clear the cancer.

                I am flight to the pancreas just once wore clear other one and type two diabetes.  With no need inconvenient insulin injections.

                Applied to an arthritic joint will clear the arthritis.

                Applied to the colon and lung cancer and IBS!


Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The least green


27 December 2012

                Nuclear power brought us



3 mile island


And it off nuclear incidents from EDF.

                Nuclear power is the enemy of life on earth!  It also releases more carbon dioxide than burning natural gas!  Due to its rapid plant turnover programme.

                Mining purifying and shipping uranium ore from the third world.  Countries with no endogenous nuclear programmes.

                Transporting workers in the first world!

                It produces massively toxic waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.

Jonathan Thomason

Nuclear power owes carbon taxes!


27 December 2012

                The construction of a nuclear power plant uses to 10,000 tonnes of concrete: which are a massive producer of carbon dioxide!  The gas which supports all plant life on earth!

                But the EU have decided to tax life!  So every new nuclear plant in Europe I have to play two billion euros in taxes as the plant is constructed!

                Was running the lightning, purifying and the shaping of toxic enriched uranium Inco as more taxes than burning natural gas!  Which stimulates life on earth.

                Every 25 years nuclear power expenses a catastrophic failure of a nuclear facility.  Causing death on a continental scale.

                EU anti competition laws prohibit taxes designed especially to favour one industry!  Carbon taxes shown by low mood uniformly.  Which means nuclear power has to play a more carbon taxes that if they burned clean natural gas!  Which does not cause toxic death.

                How has the EU become a nuclear stooge?  Trying to impose discriminatory taxes on other energy sources?  Where nuclear power is without doubt the least green technology that will ever exist.


Jonathan Thomason

Dynamic balance


27 December 2012

                The Permian age had 1000 year ice age, which only abated as photosynthesis talk hold.  Reducing free carbon dioxide from 10 parts per million.

                In the Jurassic photosynthesis left four parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.  It had 65% more life than their ears on earth today!  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.

                But there were three natural ice ages!  The last 180,000,000 years ago air.  No doubt carbon dioxide levels would have risen during these ice ages!

                Through or recorded history carbon dioxide levels only risen during a natural ice ages.  In a temperate or warm periods free carbon dioxide is limited to the minimum for photosynthesis to take this gas in.

                For last 200 years this has been two parts per million: in the little ice age the global air had four parts per million carbon dioxide in!  Within recorded history.

                Every day photosynthesis proceeds until global carbon dioxide falls below two parts per million.  Volcanic eruptions or forest fires have a growth spurt, caused by the extra available carbon dioxide.

                Carbon dioxide has a 5 minute residency in the air, before photosynthesis converts it into active biology.  So removing carbon dioxide from the air-before the weather systems the sensitive to any increase the level of this gas.

                The stratosphere and troposphere have only ever seen a static level of two parts per million in the modern epoch.

                Where have all the higher data the carbon dioxide readings come from?  The diseased pens of the paid stooges to nuclear power!

                There never could be any man made global warming due to increasing level of carbon dioxide in the global air-because they never having any!  All the academics who have ever written papers on this subject so obviously should not be in education.

                You are teaching against the carbon cycle-the biological system that supports all life on earth.  Including yours!  Certainly no reporter should be employed by the media if he has ever written papers about man made climate change.

                The natural climate cooled from 1998!  So the world has experienced pressing years of global cooling, after 12 years of natural global warming!  All, related to predictable solar cycles.

                Man made climate change is an attempt by nuclear stooges to when the natural weather on a static level of the trace gas in the air!  The gas which supports all life on earth.

                And yes I know some life does use the Salford circuit!  But the bulk of life on earth uses the carbon system.

                If nuclear power car understand the carbon system, there is no hope for these ‘scientists’!  Carbon supports life on earth: European carbon limits on attempt to distort the energy market.

                EU law specifically makes such attempts to break the market with favour of or toxic industry illegal!  All European carbon tax is are biological nonsense.  And contravene European community law.

                Ghost is there a existence of toxic nuclear power!  The only industry which causes death on a continental scale.  The least green industry that will ever exist!

Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Stupid Physicists


26 December 2012

                When the polar ice Melt (as they do every summer-partially!) They form water at 3° C!  That is the maximum density of water.  The ice contracts as it melts!

                The polar ice of floating in the sea-they are buoyant.  As Archimedes formulated years 212 BC

                As the icecaps melt, they sit down in the seas.  So sea levels do not rise!  The world has been cooling since 1998.

                So the global seas have been contracting!  As the global sea water cools.  So the seas are falling, and the Antarctic ice sheet is a record levels!

                Nuclear power has been using nuclear power ice breakers to breakthrough on of on passage!  The seas are not getting warmer!  We are just breaking up the ice sheets!

                The world cooled from 1986-the year Chernobyl until 1998.  So the world has been cooling for 15 years!  So the world has now been cooling for longer than it warmed!

                As I keep pointing out, photosynthesis imposes a total cap of free carbon dioxide in the air!  Every day plants, algae and bacteria grow until free carbon dioxide falls below two parts per 1,000,000!

                Then photosynthesis stops.  Every day since industrial revolution mankind has released an average of 0.00004% additional carbon dioxide: this is a small number!

                Every day he biology has expanded, returning the fossilised organic carbon that was laid down at the end of the Jurassic age into the active biosphere!

                The fossil fuels have fossils and shells from late Jurassic!  65,000,000 years ago air.  So you know exactly when there were deposited.  The limit to life on earth is circulating organic carbon in the environment.

                The trace of carbon dioxide in the global air has been a static two parts per 1,000,000 says levels fell at the end of the little ice age!

                Natural carbon dioxide levels only rise in ice ages!  Man is additional carbon dioxide has resulted in an increase of life on earth.  Not a change in the gas composition of the air.

                That idea is a crazy lie from nuclear power!  The failed to realise the melting ice was buoyant in the seas, and so contract it as it melted!  The ice settled down, sea levels don’t change a millionth of a millimetre!

                You were taught this in high school!  Where you not awake?


Jonathan Thomason