Wednesday, 16 November 2011

No rise in CO2

2010 Harvard University published the results of a two year survey. If you exclude geothermal vents and city centres, carbon dioxide has been static at 2 parts per 1,000,000 since the levels of this gas fell at the end of the little ice age.
Cities are such a vanishing this small proportion of the earth’s surface, the average global concentration of this gas in the air is fixed by photosynthesis. This gives us our figure of 2ppm.
A level which can only rise in an ice age years. Nuclear power sort to differentiate themselves from regular power, and fought they released no carbon dioxide.
They forgot that the 25 year turnover of plants results in massive emissions of carbon dioxide. They are the world’s second biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, after conventional power generation.
So emitting carbon dioxide boosts life on earth, he does not affect the level of this gas in the air. So global warming and climate change were devised without the ever having been an increase of carbon dioxide in the global air.
They are nuclear fiction to scare the stupid. A rise of carbon dioxide in the air is a biological impossibility outside of an ice age. The Permian mega ice age higher carbon dioxide £10.00 per 1,000,000.
Five times today’s level. And we heard 1000 year ice age.
I should mention the work of Dr. Dyer of Warwick University. He discovered that all life on earth in its visible light. Weiner he shouldn’t also it is cours it emits gamma wave radiation.
There is no biochemical reaction energetic enough to produce visible light. So he has just proved biological molecular nuclear fusion from water.
Mike turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases, heat and nuclear radiation: which includes visible light. Life does Bio luminescence. This means life also does nuclear fusion at the mitochondria or photo glass.
Dr. Dyer is so shocked by his genius he know denies his own work and refuses to talk about it. If you’re a student after Warwick, think twice.

Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Photosynthesis destroys cl theimate change!

Biology teaches that green plants taking carbon dioxide, build carbohydrates and excrete oxygen. Oxygen is the greatest pollutant in earth history. Animals evolved to metabolise oxygen and carbohydrates and expire extra carbon dioxide.
The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide. There is a massive surfeit of photosynthetic plants. He each day plants grow, until they leave only two parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.
A level that has remained constant since the little ice age. Manmade global warming and climate change were a biological impossibility years. Designed to scare the stupid, and greedily adopted by the money hungry in academia.
They were called upon by nuclear power. Need I say more? Fatal fiction.


Monday, 14 November 2011

Are nuclear power stupid?

Then to make themselves ‘green’ they start off by contradicting basic biology: plants take in carbon dioxide, build carbohydrates and excrete oxygen and helium. The latter is interesting. It tells us that plants via photosynthesis do nuclear fusion from water.
Two suggest they could never be a builder of carbon dioxide in the air, any time in last 650,000 years-says green plants evolved; is remedial.
Cities are such a small area, the global average concentration of carbon dioxide is a free industrial two parts per 1,000,000.
Being green enhances plant growth: and burning fossil fuels releases more carbon dioxide, so does exactly that. It doesn’t increasing carbon dioxide in the air, it increases life on earth.
Nuclear power kills all life on earth. They are two fatal error to the rain. Every academic on this planet knew that, but went along weather global warming or climate change stuff to get out nuclear money. So a further down the line somebody could tell them about the carbon cycle.
There was no way global warming would ever get new plants. Even before the world started cooling 1998. Climate change it contradicts global warming. So really the available invoke climate change, they negate global warming.
Academics have played nuclear power as idiots. And all the time nuclear power for the faint academics for idiots. A smartest guys on this planet. Wake up. You have been had!

Jonathan Thomason

Ignore biology

We are in the lecture room at a professor of physics has delivered a lecture on the most important science of the 21st century: global warming. He has failed to notice that the world has been cooling since 1998: and all the climate details realy!
Tim prof, you talk as if carbon dioxide amassed in this air until we had all asphyxiated
Prof that’s the one! Got it in five
Tim have you never considered biology’s carbon cycle?
Prof biology? I do physics! The real science.
Tim but biology is an older science. And deals directly with carbon.
Prof that’s all very well. But I have a thumping basic research budget from nuclear power. And I gave my personal assurance to EDF that I will single-handedly get them a new generation of nuclear power plants
Tim that we are all explode like Fukushima. No doubt killing four million UK citizens, and making the north of England is uninhabitable for 100,000 years.
Prof that is very unlikely!
Tim just as Chernobyl was unlikely after windscale
Prof all I can say is, ‘thank god for Chernobyl!’ Before that the UK, had world’s worst nuclear incident.
Tim and now Japan has ut – according to the UEAA.. The most technically adept nation on earth has abandoned its nuclear programme. As has Germany.
Prof could never see why! After all Tokyo is a third of a planet away
Tim unless you live in Japan. It is home to 60,000,000 Japanese.
Prof anyway I’m concerned about Britain.
Tim and bringing Fukushima home.
Prof no! Not a bit of it. Fukushima is a silly name. I would have prefered ‘a Preston’. That is a real name for a nuclear disaster.
Tim you have been talking about global warming. The great phantom science at the end of the last millennia.
Prof yes! Greatest threat to life on earth. Greatest source of higher education research ever.
Tim until the world started cooling 13 years ago. As life on earth had increased 15% and sea levels may even have fallen. Things have got cooler and it is hard to tell with the weather, but maybe calmer.
Prof where to get your data?
Tim I read, and get emails from Harvard and around the world.
Prof Hmm. Cheating that one. Being informed. Very un-English. And now we have climate change.
Tim based on the same biologically impossible rise of carbon dioxide in the air.
Prof impossible? Explain.
Tim biology teaches that the limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide in the air. As man has released more carbon dioxide, so life on earth has increased. But the level of carbon dioxide in the air can only rise in an ice age.
Prof oh yes? What was the carbon dioxide level in the little ice age and the Permian mega ice age?
Tim four parts per 1,000,000, and 10ppm. Since the little ice age ended carbon dioxide has been pegged at 2ppm by photosynthesis.
Remind me. Who is the climate scientist here?
Really to talk about the carbon cycle you should know something about biology. Or even open the 256 emails Harvard has sent U.
Prof an exact number! How did you know that?
Tim I asked why professor friend at Harvard.
Prof well there is a good job that not everybody is in touch with Harvard.
Tim the point remains. You should know something about biology. And the impossibility of man kind affecting the level of carbon dioxide in the air.
Prof you just said it keen to have an ice age!
Tim no. Its just nature for U. CO2 is a climate follower. In all recorded history carbon dioxide has risen four years behind natural climate changes.
Prof yes yes yes. But since the industrial revolution man can have been pumping out the carbon dioxide.
Tim an additional 0.0000175% per day. My PH D area. That is 20% additional organic carbon into hundred years. So crop yields have gone up, the free CO2 has not.
Prof damn it! Now you can told me that, I can’t give lectures on man made climate change anymore. Do you realise the research budgets you have denied me.
Tim so you are not interested in truth, rather money!
Prof wake up and smell reality! Biology department are robbing me. Your little facts gets in the way of raising research money. While people did not engage with the carbon cycle I was coining it in.
Tim so now you can’t.
Prof well no: that would be dishonest
Tim and you recent behaviour wasn’t?
Prof while we were all at it! For the last 25 years. The cartel only talked with each other, and we all agreed that global warming was real and was having a real effect. And the only answer was to build new nuclear power plants.
Tim so how many people are there in the cartel?
Prof 100 leading world scientists!
Tim niw then?
Prof the hardcore. At least 8 of us. The old members stated that they off to talk to with biology, and we never heard from again. The cartel felt so threatened. Then you jump out with the words carbon cycle.
I hope you are happy with yourself! It wasn’t as if we were doing any harm to anybody. Just getting money from nuclear power.
Tim so you would aim to establish a new generation of fatal plants around the world?
Prof that would be good. That it is not as if anyone be listens to us anyway.
Tim when you ignore the oldest science in the human pantheon in order to make money, can you blame them? Making money by writing up their death warrants.
Prof you do make it sound dramatic don’t U! The we’re just trying to have fun. And with the squeeze on university budgets, how else could we find our departments?
Tim why not do research in real, important work!
Prof boring!
Tim like the fact that the turbulent flow of high pressure water gives off nuclear radiation!
Prof and you say that because?
Tim I did an M Eng in the eighties. When truth still mattered.
Prof go on.
Tim we see the production of gamma wave radiation throughout nature. Along with the production of helium and ozone.
Prof there are many chemical sources of ozone!
Tim but none of helium. Your heart emits gamma wave radiation as it beats. And you exhale helium and methane.
Prof not back to biology are we?
Tim your life depends on it. Green plants in light give out gamma wave radiation and produce helium and oxygen. As do growing bacteria.
Prof are you certain?
Tim Google it. I was taught this stuff in 1982. We also get nuclear radiation from waterfalls and breaking waves.
Prof impossible. There is no source of nuclear fission! Now nuclear fission I know about.
Tim what we are seeing is nuclear fusion from water.
Prof where did you read about that? News to me
Tim and you are a professor of physics! It came out of my Ph.D. into Chemical Engineering.
Prof Oh see, you were cheating. You should be a fan of global warming.
Tim no. I am a fan of truth. There has been no increase in carbon dioxide over last 200 years globally. Only local increases over cities or forest fire years. Forest fire years been 1000 times more important than our additional feeble carbon emissions.
Prof truth? That is subjective!
Tim no it isn’t absolute. And there is no man made climate change.
Prof OK. Run with it. I can’t give any more lectures on science I don’t understand. At least nobody has bothered to ask the biologists.
Tim so I have make videos on this stuff on YouTube.
Prof Oh that’s you is it? Well I have not bothered to watch them because you’re not part of the cartel
Tim so I don’t get paid to do the PR for nuclear power.
Prof that’s right. But now neither can I! Happy?
Tim when the last person on earth realises that man made climate change is PR fiction from nuclear power. And the biology is supported by doing nuclear fusion on water.
Prof hmm. Have you written that one up?
Tim no. Two busy singing and making videos.
Prof (scribbles e-mail on paper) give my postgrads a heads up on this stuff, and I am sure that we can get you published in Nature. After all, I have a research budget to fill.

Jonathan Thomason T/F 0161 848-0416

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Media stupid

After Chernobyl nuclear power far as I as their fiction of man made climate change. Attributing it to biologically impossible rise of carbon dioxide in the air.
They fall got over photosynthesis. Plants take in carbon dioxide down to the lower limit for photosynthesis. Excrete ink oxygen and producing life on earth.
This meant that man is production of carbon dioxide has boosted life on earth, But not increased the level of carbon dioxide in the air. This meant they can be no man made climate change or global warming due to increasing levels of this gas in the air.
This gas can only increase in the air in an ice age. It is outside the control of man kind.
Now we have had Fukushima. Japan and Germany have abandoned their nuclear programmes. So should we be if we wish to live.
Nature gets at energy by molecular nuclear fusion on water: Google it. I have published loads of stuff about this Energy System on blogger. It is safe, clean and nontoxic: it is the way biology is powered.

Climate impossible

Biology sinks all the free carbon dioxide from the air down to 2ppm, outside of an ice ages. When the level rises up to 10ppm. A fact you are well aware of do to your engagement with the carbon cycle.
Manmade global warming was devised by physicists and familiar with biology: acting to further the interests of nuclear power, the most toxic industry on earth. An enemy of biology and life.
Even as the world cooled from 1998 nuclear power would not give up on their climate fiction. So they gave us manmade climate change: based on a biologically impossible rise of free carbon dioxide in the air.
So both manmade global warming and climate change are biological impossibility years. All academics keeling house room to this fiction should not be in education.
Meanwhile biologists have noted that all organisms on earth you about this of or light. All physicist on earth could tell them this was a sign of nuclear processes.
But there is no nuclear fission in nature. The visible light and gamma wave radiation emitted by all life as it emits helium gas tells us that all life does molecular nuclear fusion from water.
We do see MNF from hydrocarbons, sulphel biology and ammonia, but on earth and the carbon system is the most potent source of MNF. It requires water, as does all life on earth.
The insight that MNF from water is the most important Energy System for biology on earth will give rise to so much biological study.
It totally demolishes the chance of a new generation of commercial nuclear fission plants on earth. The last thing we sat country of Bangladesh needs, is the donation of the toxic nuclear fission plant.
The fast breeder idea is fatal. As he is the lesser economic uranium nuclear fission system. Carbon dioxide powers life. Nuclear fission powers death.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Nuclear fiction

In October 1986 Russian nuclear power and the world experienced Chernobyl. Nuclear power seized on their discredited science of global warming, to suggest that carbon dioxide would warm the atmosphere.
They always ignore the fact that their plant building programme they burn the second biggest emitter of carbon dioxide after conventional power generation.
They fought carbon dioxide was the distinguishing feature. So a build up a fictional pantheon about the houses of carbon dioxide. They ignored the fact that plants take in carbon dioxide. And excrete oxygen while building carbohydrates.
Animals breathe in their waste gas and combine it with plant matter. So all life on earth hinges on a trace of carbon dioxide in the air: in the little ice age there was four parts per 1,000,000. Since then he’s has fallen to 2ppm, and remained static for last 200 years.
They predicted land would aridify. All errors places without. And there bigger idea was that sea levels would rise: by 15 feet by 2010. And of course the whole world would be 20° C warmer five. Wrong.
Life on earth has increased as plants had taken in by extra carbon dioxide. So there is no more carbon dioxide in the air. The world climate has cooled; according to predictable solar cycles.
There have been plants in Australia and Pakistan. In fact the whole world has experienced natural cooling weather. Let me repeat –life on earth has increased. One many other predictions of global warming, was a life would decrease. Since 1998 the world has cooled.
By 2005 even nuclear power had given up against them global warming: it only proponents near our academics stupid enough to ignore biology’s carbon cycles and all the meteorology date gathered by real scientists: those people should not be in education.
Hence 2005 sore the announcement of climate change. 2004 was a predictably bad hurricane year. So they seized upon the idea of the natural weather becoming more violent. Trouble is, it hasn’t. It has become colder and wetter.
Tarea for another a cold snap by the 1950s. Which coincided with large carbon dioxide prediction during the post war boom.
But again, that just increased life on earth. It did not increased the level of carbon dioxide in the global air. The winter for harsher, but on the outside world the some as well more lush.
No we have Fukushima. And EDF are determined to bring such an incident to England: after all the French hate the English. And EDF are French nuclear.

Jonathan Thomason

Rain is fusion

In heavy rain we form helium and ozone gases; nuclear radiation and loads of heat. This is why heavy rain warms the air. Is no nuclear fission, so we are doing molecular nuclear fusion from water:
As the rain drops collide chaotically they do nuclear fusion. Only at four atmospheres pressure, and room temperature. The important addition is that turbulent flow of rain drops.
The Alpha particles (He2+) collect above the clouds. The hydroxyl molecules fall to the ground. When we have a potential of 5000 volts, 100 amps we get a lightening down strike. This sets up steam plasma connecting the areas of charge.
We then get a chance fly up the steam plasma, and releasing in three sections more power than mankind has ever generated since he evolved. Around the earth we get one lightning strike every 3 minutes.
This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is life: without lightening there would be no life on earth. It is nature doing nuclear fusion driven by a rain storm.
Power with no carbon dioxide or super toxic plutonium. However, green plants take in all the available carbon dioxide. So man has not increased the levels of this gas in the global air, merely increased life on earth.
The date are on increasing carbon dioxide relates to rush hour in the cities. Once this air circulates over the countryside, we are back to the free industrial two parts per 1,000,000.
The level of carbon dioxide fell to at the end of the little ice age: at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Jonathan Thomason

Friday, 11 November 2011


Any rational person realises that plants metabolise all the available carbon dioxide: so mankind has increased life on earth. But have no conceivable effect on the weather. That is all lie from nuclear fission.

Biology controls carbon

Since are green plants evolved 650,000 years ago the level of carbon dioxide in the air has been controlled exclusively by biology.
Carbon dioxide has been a trace gas at two parts per 1,000,000 for the last 300 years. In the little ice age there were fewer plants online, and so more carbon dioxide in the global air.
Mankind’s carbon emissions have increased life on earth, but had no effect on the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. This is the wrong answer for nuclear power, who made up global warming is PR fiction.
It was so successful as in 1998, as the world cooled, they changed over to man made climate change. That predicts nothing, but blames the weather on a biologically impossible increase of carbon dioxide in the air.
Every scientist on this planet knows about biology’s carbon cycle. All academics who have ever written papers on man made global warming of climate change obvious and cities to all life in education; which deals with the real world.
The concentrations of carbon dioxide has no effect on the global weather systems. He are just two tiny an area. And once at air have circulated over the countryside we are back to preindustrial 2ppm.
Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting, uneconomic and fatal. They have no experience with biology or truth.