Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Not carbon dioxide

Green plants evolved 650,000 years ago. Since then the level of carbon dioxide in the global air has been controlled by photosynthesis: green plants excrete the surplus oxygen. Animals only evolved to breathe in oxygen, combine it with plant bulk and breathe out carbon dioxide.
In the late cretaceous, 90% of life on earth died as those two little carbon dioxide in the air. Animals evolved and multiplied to redress this balance. There is 20% oxygen in the air, and only 0.00002% carbon dioxide.
As man has released more carbon dioxide his cities have seen are transient blip of carbon dioxide during the rush hour. But then we are back to the global level of 2ppm.
A level that can only rise in an ice ages: we have the ice core samples that prove this! Little ice age some carbon dioxide at 4ppm, the major ice age of the Permian saw it at 10ppm.
Carbon dioxide tracks the wax and wane of plants. Mankind is irrelevant to biology is carbon cycle. Global warming was PR for nuclear power, saying a non existent rise of carbon dioxide in the air would inevitably warm the world.
Harvard University has put on record that free carbon dioxide in the air has been static for two centuries. Then it was higher, in the little ice age.
1998 the world climate began cooling. So the stooges to nuclear power now push man made climate change. Based on a biologically impossible increase in global carbon dioxide. Not the level over cities, they have no impact on the climate.
If you read them predictions of climate change, it states that the rising level of carbon dioxide in the air will affect the world climate, though not warm it.
Who ever thought up this rubbish chose to ignore all their high school biology. A rise in global carbon dioxide levels in the air is not possible.
Man has increased life on earth, but he’s carbon emissions can obviously not impact the weather. The carbon dioxide level in the air has been static for two centuries.
And then we get to Chris Huhne. He was livid this week when it was announced at the conservative party conference that reducing carbon emissions for no scientific reason whatsoever, was a financial disadvantage to UK industry.
Chris Huhne knows that the level of carbon dioxide in the air is fixed. He just uses to ignore his available biology. And why not! Always very educated people do exactly that.
But they are not on a ministerial salary. They are on high research grants from nuclear power. I seem to remember that the funding for the minister of climate change does not come from the UK electorate.
It is paid direct by nuclear power. Chris Huhne is a directly paid stooge to nuclear power. A liberal MP being paid to do the PR for nuclear power. Can somebody explain to me why is this guy even in parliament?

Cities have no impact

on the global weather. They are just too small an area. The carbon dioxide has two short peeks during the rush hour. Once at air circulates over the countryside green plants greedily metabolise the carbon dioxide to form new life on earth, and excrete the surplus oxygen.
Each day over last 200 years man has released 0.0000175% more carbon dioxide. This has resulted in plant growth. So each day there are more green plants to take in man’s carbon!
As Harvard University has noted, backing up the O level biology were all taught at school, they can be no increase in carbon dioxide in the air, without basic changes to photosynthesis.
Man has created more life on earth. But he’s carbon emissions have not impacted the weather. So we get to Chris Huhne.
He has been spurting biological rubbish in favour of nuclear power during this government. Says he knew was fiction. They can not be any man made climate change, as carbon dioxide has remained static for two centuries.
So how much money have repaid Chris Huhne, for doing the PR of nuclear power? Not Green. More deep crimson. He leads the department of ‘climate change and the environment’ the environment is a real, but anybody who thinks climate change is at the, fiction from nuclear power should not PA minister of any government.


By J.Thomason M.Eng 26/10/11
The industrial revolution started with a contract to steam cycle. Where steam was produced in the boiler, then said into a cylinder where it condensed. It converted them into percent of the energy used to create the steam, into useful work.
Thing is massively progressed when it was found that she could feed high pressure, superheated steam into the cylinder. When you released the pressure water, it boils vigorously. This produces gamma wave radiation and turns the water into helium and oxygen gases plus a load of power.
So the industrial revolution was then driven by the power released by of boiling molecular nuclear fusion.
All organisms on earth produces helium and gamma wave radiation. As their mitochondria or photoblasts do biological MNF. Waterfalls and breaking waves do physical MNF. Green crops in light years UV light to initiate biological MNF.
Every time your heart beats it does physical MNF. Which is why you can take your pulse with a Geiger counter.
So industry has been driven by the evaporation of water at reduced pressure. That in this case producing from 4 to 3.8 atmospheres pressure.
If you want to pump water you have to pump it up the pipe. Otherwise the water evaporates. Pumping steam around corners causes capitation knocking, as a kinetic interaction of steam molecules does physical MNF. So the steam is heated up as it rounds a bend.
Some of it is converted into helium and oxygen gases.
If you applied a vacuum pump to sea water, you could not raise it above 80 centimetres before it boils. As it does so, the water vapour is heated by MNF. Then the cold brine left behind will sink back into the sea, taking its salt with it.
We would extract warm, pure water vapour. If we played this against a stainless steel finned metal plate, we would condense out hot, pure water.
So a solar powered vacuum pump, or animal tread mill will suck fresh water out of the sea: or brown, contaminated water. We let the water cool, and use it to irrigate the fields. At a stroke we have used the physics that has been known about since the 18th century to end global hunger and thirst.
As a side issue, or less plant growth will take in there carbon dioxide released by the developed world. That man made climate change was only ever fiction by nuclear power.
We can use high school physics to save the lives of 50,000,000 people who die of thirst or hunger every year.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Making fresh water


I learnt this as a 14 old schoolboy. Though I didn’t return to it on my PH D aged 36. If we expose sea water to reduce pressure, it boils. One metre of head the boil water and 0° C.
So we anchor a pipe in the seas, so the waves never expose the open air and. We attach the other end to a vacuum pump. This can even be A solar driven pump, or an animal tread mill. The sea water is sucked up the pipe, but boils before it has risen a metre.
So all the time cold brine will return to the seas, to be replaced by fresh sea water. Where the pump issues into the air, we will get a stream of pure water vapour. Which will condense. Returning its heat to the air, which rises and we are not concerned with.
We fill a high reservoir with pure water. No salt in it at all,so it will taste of nothing. Absolutely ideal to irrigate the fields and grow crops. The idea will end for ever global hunger and thirst.
Rather than $100 million dollars, such a plant more use local labour and cost $80.00. It does not use mains electricity or gas. It either uses solar energy, or animal power.
We feed the animal are some of the crops we grown. So obviously this is going to take in a lot of carbon dioxide. But photosynthesis around the world these are global average carbon dioxide level of 2ppm. Oxygen is the waste gas of plants, and makes up 20% of the air.
Man’s additional carbon dioxide represents 0.000017% a day for last 200 years. This is 100 times less than a local forest fire all volcanic eruption. Global warming was fiction from the base stooges to nuclear power. The world has been cooling since 1998. Hence man made climate change. To say a phantom increase in carbon dioxide levels in the air has led to whether there being used changeable as ever.

Monday, 10 October 2011


Fourteen years ago nuclear power got the government to subsidise the building of a planned to reprocessed plutonium into fast breeder fuel rods. The only customer was Japan, so they never repaid the capital cost of the plant.
Now at Germany and Japan have shut down their nuclear programmes. Uranium ore is cheaper to use than reprocessed nuclear waste. The British public have shown over 30 years they do not want reprocessed nuclear fuel using.
It guarantees a British Fukushima.
Now nuclear power, French owned, was a 6 billion UK pounds sensibly to reprocess there used fuel rods. Which have no customers.
Our nuclear accident will leave Chernobyl and Fukushima as a side note in the history books. EDF are asking the UK government to subsidise our own death.
Give fell and a free vote. 95% of UK MP’s don’t want this.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fusion from water


This idea was inspired by Dr. Zimmerman saying that turbulent flow of hygiene gas and does nuclear fusion: this goes on in the Corona of every star in the universe. But on earth, hydrogen gas does not exist. We gain hydrogen from space, as we lose 5.125ppm helium to space every day. That is the amount of molecular nuclear fusion going on around the earth. 1015 Watts of heat every day into nature from MNF. Power with no plutonium, and not even any carbon dioxide.
The latter is taken in by green plants doing photosynthesis. Which is why there is only 2ppm carbon dioxide in the global air. The air for above cities circulates over the countryside, so the global average carbon dioxide level in earth’s air is a preindustrial 2ppm.
Where ever we have the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam, we see the creation of gamma wave radiation, and production of helium gas. Even with no radioactive isotopes around.
Rain plants don’t even have any heavy water in. But they chaotic descent of rain drops towards the ground releases gamma wave radiation and produces helium gas. The helium is as Alpha particles, which rise to above the clouds.
The negative charge is carried to the ground in hydroxyl ions (OH-). When we build up a potential of 5000 volts, with a charge of 100 amps, we C the gentle drift of electoral holes to water ground sets up a steam plasma: a lightening down strike. I started writing papers on this three years ago, but no scientist in the world has ever challenged or augmented my ideas. Hmm. Scientists are famous for saying stuff about anything!
When we have set up the steam plasma, electrons travel back up the 1.5 kilometre steam plasma. It releases massive heat. Driven by the power of rain fall: which is not a lot.
There is a lightening strike around the world every 3 minutes. So nature gets 3x1039 Watts of energy from this system every year. It fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is the soil. Without it, there would be no life on earth.
Plants take in carbon dioxide and water to do molecular nuclear fusion. They excrete helium and oxygen gases: that’s right, you breathe in the waste gas of plants. At the end of the cretaceous, life hit a brick wall as there was only 1ppm carbon dioxide in the air. Animals increased represented massively, to metabolise their waste gas of plants.
And combine it with plant carbohydrates. So they breathed out CO2, the gas of life. For the last 650,000 years carbon dioxide has been limited to 2ppm, outside of an ice ages. They are the only appears free carbon dioxide can rise.
Today, even in an ice ages, we could construct Geodysic domes with artificial lights and heating. To consume the extra carbon dioxide in the global air. Plants doing MNF generates heat: as well as oxygen. So this would hold off the next ice-age, which is where the mass.
Man made climate change was a fictional invention of nuclear power: designed to scare the stupid. Sufficiently to allow a new nuclear plant to be built. Such plants are toxic, polluting, fatal and uneconomic.
Just think Fukushima. That is after 25 years progress after Chernobyl. They least safe industry on earth. Aged plants, such as those that EDF has just got a five year life extension for in the UK, are the least safe.

Total fiction


After Chernobyl in 1986, nuclear power devised ‘global warming’ to say that increasing levels of carbon dioxide would inexorably warm the weather. Green plants have taken in all man is additional carbon dioxide, to create more life on earth. Carbon dioxide has been static for 200 years.
Before protest ‘we are pumping out CO2’. Not really. We are adding 0.000035% to the gas of life every day. Plant life grows, so the next day there are more plants to take the gas in. Up yields have gone up by 15%. There is a preindustrial 2ppm CO2 in the global air.
Levels over cities in the rush hour maybe higher. But once I have no flows over the countryside, you are back to 2 ppm. The world started cooling after 1998. So the world weather getting colder and wetter.
So nuclear power no entitles its climate fiction ‘climate change’. That has never acknowledged that there is no global increase of carbon dioxide in the air. Then we got Fukushima.
This shows that all nuclear power is basically fatal and unsafe. EDF a five year extension on Britain is a doing nuclear plants. Fukushima demonstrates these are most dangerous plants to operate.
We should follow the lead of Germany and Japan. And powers all nuclear power. Raising the taxes on carbon fuels breaches European anti competition laws. We should be taxing nuclear power higher than carbon taxes; which are directed at a non existent problem. Up by nuclear power. Labour is a nuclear stooge.
All the while nature uses the turbulent flow of water or steam to do nuclear fusion: we produce gamma wave radiation and helium gas. Plus ozone. The most useful variety from mankind, is the steam plasma used by lightning to generate huge energies driven by rain drops.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Carbon shortage

Before green plants evolved, there was 40% carbon dioxide in the air.We are at the Permian .There was a 1000 year ice age.There is 0.0002% CO2 in the air today. So CO2 obviously does not warm the climate!
Since the industrial revolution 20% of all the carbon dioxide in the air comes from mankind’s machines. This equates to 0.000032% extra carbon dioxide every day. A decent volcanic eruption produces 0.001% extra local carbon dioxide. We see a massive growth spurt. But no warming of the local weather.
In the little ice age carbon dioxide was at twice today’s level. After the ice-age it fell, and has remained static at 2ppm for last two centuries. Life on earth has increased. No effect on the weather. Burning fossil fuels is the best thing man kind has ever done for life on earth.
Who made up global warming? Somebody adept at fiction. With no knowledge of biology. Step forward nuclear power. Who devised the fiction after Chernobyl, to terrify the stupid sufficiently to allow the building of a more toxic nuclear fission plants.
They were unaware that nature derives a lot of its energy from the molecular nuclear fusion of water. Turning water into helium and oxygen gases plus loads of heat. No plutonium. No carbon dioxide either.
But carbon dioxide is the gas of life. It could never have any conceivable effect on the weather, as its level is controlled by photosynthesis: which reacts to the weather cooling.
So in cold times carbon dioxide goes up. Nuclear power kills and pollutes. Just think Fukushima.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Life does fusion

Dr. Dyer has demonstrated that all life on earth produces visible light. Is no biochemical process energetic enough to produce having more energetic than low level infrared.
There is no nuclear fission goes on in biology: it is just too toxic for life. You to all life produces methane and helium gases. Is also a user to gamma wave radiation.
This tells us that all life on earth does molecular nuclear fusion from water, utilising carbon dioxide. Dr. Dyer reacted to the same side with horror.
I have just proved that all life takes in carbon dioxide to do nuclear fusion. This explains why had the last 200 years free carbon dioxide in the air has not increased. More life on earth has.
This means Dr. Dyer has turus disproved man made climate change. Was he pleased? No, he reacted with blind terror that he had been so clever. And totally disproved man made climate change. While demonstrating that biology doing nuclear fusion at 3° C.
He is about to present a conference involving biology, on water technology. The air stated that he will not mention that he has proved molecular nuclear fusion, although there have been no increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, because he is fun does want him to back man made climate change.

Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Man cannot influence photosynthesis

Any biology student knows that plants take in carbon dioxide, build carbohydrates and excrete oxygen. They support life on earth. The limit to life is available carbon dioxide.

As man has released more carbon dioxide life on earth has released, but carbon dioxide in the air is limited by the efficiency of photosynthesis to take this gas in.
So before last 200 years carbon dioxide levels have been static: as known to every biology teacher on this planet. Even a 40 old school kids no less.
Two hypothesised that an increase in this gas would affect the weather is totally pointless: man could never engineer such an event.
The only time global carbon dioxide levels rise is in an ice age. So we can conclude this gas does not cause global warming.
Since the industrial revolution mankind has increased the carbon dioxide levels only in cities during the rush hour. This is such a minute area it can have had no effect on the weather.
One decent bit of wind, and real back to global average at two parts per 1,000,000. Man has no evidence that higher levels of carbon dioxide produce warming.
His are only evidence is that when there are fewer plants around, carbon dioxide levels rise. Any biologists who has ever given any supports in the fictitious ideas of nuclear power, regarding man made climate change should not be in education.

Jonathan Thomason

The greatest pollutant


In earth history is oxygen. The early earth atmosphere was 40% carbon dioxide. Then biology started metabolising carbon dioxide:
The methane was used to build carbohydrates. Oxygen is formed a reason. This is how life first learned to do molecular nuclear fusion on earth. Producing no toxic end products, and not using hazardous fissile materials. Even the gamma waves produced are low energy and harmless.
Ghost and by a waterfall! Is this does molecular nuclear fusion. Or a field of green crops, as they do MNF. If you Geiger counter your own beating heart; you will find out that he does molecular nuclear fusion.
Four times as much energy as nuclear fission. This is why exploding an atomic bomb in a tank of water, so only produces a hydrogen bomb. So in other words, we have known how to do nuclear fusion since the fifties. And it generates a lot more power than nuclear fusion.
But there are far smarter ways to do it, don’t involve an atomic bomb. Green fields in light have the idea. Your microwave kitchen is home uses radio frequency waves to censor nuclear fusion within your fears. Which is why he might with levels puls ples plastered with radiation warnings,
Hot smokers in the seas for geothermal steam into high pressure water. The so do molecular nuclear fusion: and support massive ecosystems away from solar radiation. So biologists know all about doing molecular nuclear fusion.
Physicist are trying to the heated hydrogen gas around a tourus. The same approach they have used unsuccessfully since the 1950s. The linear flow of hydrogen gas will never do nuclear fusion (Professor Zimmerman 2000).
So is use a hydrogen plasma. Oxford University got four billion UK pounds in 2008 to look into this science. Every sun in the universe uses a us to do nuclear fusion. How embarrassing for Oxford University that they can’t get nuclear fusion! Might be something to do with nuclear power and their fantasy or climate change. You see nuclear fusion totally destroys the argument.
Green plants take in all the available carbon dioxide, so the global level gas hasn’t changed in 200 years. There the amount of life on earth has increased. This is high school biology. Coal increases of carbon dioxide over cities has no impact on global weather systems. Climate change is a scary name, blaming whatever happens to the weather on increasing level of carbon dioxide. That is not possible. And hasn’t happened.
A really accessible place that does MNF, is the countryside. Take a Geiger counter to a waterfall, breaking waves or green plants and light. All three areas give off gamma wave radiation, with no source of nuclear fission.
No academic knew that nature did nuclear fusion: no no we know this, we need to go study how it works. The simplest way to generate power is to copy lightning: using a steam plasma to turn regular water into heat and power.
Once we start the plasma in a tube, it will self sustain. Lightning is a free partial steam plasma, which flows itself out after three sections. Driven by a heavy rainstorm. From regular water again.

Monday, 3 October 2011

The best life

Was in the Jurassic. Temperatures were more even. There are massive forest at the poles., No matter it does heart the pressure. The whole world was more temperate.
Sea levels were 65 metres lower. There was 60% more life on earth. Best of all, though mankind. Unfortunately there were dinosaurs. The level of carbon dioxide in the air was determined, as today, by the efficiency of photosynthesis to take this gas in. So there was slightly more carbon dioxide in the air. As you would expect, from the more dynamic carbon cycle.
So in other words, the exact opposite of the predictions of global warming: the lower seas, more life on earth and more temperate climate. Carbon dioxide controls all life on earth. He’s has no effect on the climate.
In an ice age there is less life on earth. So more carbon dioxide in the air. In a warm period there is less common dioxide in the air. This shows that global warming was dreamt up by physicists, who knew nothing about carbon dioxide.
They will wrong footed in 1998, when the world started cooling. They dreamt up ‘man made climate change’. To say, what ever bad thing happened to the weather was the fault of increasing level of carbon dioxide in the global air.
They had never bothered seeking advice from the biologists. Who could tell them it was impossible for mankind to affect the level of carbon dioxide in the global air. There might effect the level of the city’s, but this is such a small area of the world he’s has no importance for the world’s weather.
That has never been affected by the static level of carbon dioxide in the air for last two centuries. Mankind has increased life on earth. And e-mails by the natural weather.
The physicists were inventing fiction for their paymasters a nuclear power. Who also did not do biology. It was 1986, the year off Chernobyl. They badly needed to invent a reason that they have of green: this was an impossible task. They are polluting, toxic and produce waste which is hazardous for hundreds of thousands of years. They are the enemy of life.
Now they are busy throwing money at any academic prepared to write papers on man made climate change. They hope that one in the end will actually fill in the bad outcome they hope you’ll find.
Nuclear power should learn from me meteorologists: the climate is controlled exclusively by natural forces. Man lives with it. Nuclear power is the only abnormal heating system on earth. So if anybody caused global warming, it would have been them! Thank cure the world is now cooling.
The only problem they can help with, this is shut down there toxic polluting industry. That will massively improve life on earth. Nature uses the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam to turn water into helium, oxygen, and heat.
That is the answer! Years molecular nuclear fusion to generate power, them shut down nuclear fission tonight!

Rain does fusion

Heavy rain produces rain drops in collision. Regular water rain drops. We produce helium and oxygen gases, loads of heat and electricity. The helium exists as Alpha particles(He2+) which rise to above the clouds layer. The negatively charged hydroxyl molecules falls to the ground.(2xOH-)
Every person on earth has experienced this. When we get a potential of 5000 volts, was hundred amps we set up a steam plasma, cause by the gentle drift of electoral holes to the ground. We get a lightening up strike above the clouds.
We see a ½ MW lightening down strike, towards the ground. When it touches down, the charge electrons flow up the steam plasma to above the clouds layer.
This forms five terms of helium gas. And we get one lightning strike every 3 minutes around the world. This represents 3x1039 Watts annually. Which fixes all the organic nitrogen which fertilises plant life. All with no carbon dioxide production.
Photosynthesis takes in carbon dioxide, combines it with water to produce helium, methane, free radical oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat: biology does molecular nuclear fusion big time.
We also see physical MNF where ever we see water in turbulent, high pressure flow. This produces the 5.125 ppm helium gas in the global air. Earth’s feeble gravity does not constrain this gas. So it is replaced every day.
So non lightning MNF produces 2x1015 Watts of heat every day. This is on record. There is no controversy. Nobody has thought nuclear fusion went on around the earth: but it happens with every beat of your heart.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Carbon dioxide is life

At the beginning of the Permian there was 40% carbon dioxide in the air. Green plants evolved, so at the end there’s only 1 part per 1,000,000. 90% of life on earth died. Life I only got out of that problem as you do a lot more animals.
They breathed in oxygen, and combined it with plant and animal matter. To produce energy and exhale carbon dioxide-the gas of life.
What is less well known is a all life gives out gamma wave radiation and helium gas. Dr. Dyer has also told me all life produces visible light. This is nuclear radiation, he can only be produced by nuclear fusion or fission.
Nuclear fission is toxic to all life. And life avoids eating radioactive material for this reason. So all life is doing biological molecular nuclear fusion from water:
That’s right, as you heart beats a heart and arteries do nuclear fusion 30° C. I also convert some of the circulating carbon dioxide into methane, which also breathe out.
Green plants this system:
Down to 0° C. So biology does routinely what CERN is spending 100 million euros failing to study. As Dr. Zimmerman told me in 2001, a linear flow of hydrogen gas will never do nuclear fusion.
Summers use the turbulent flow of hydrogen in the plasma to do nuclear fusion. In the same way, the turbulent flow of steam in a lightning bolt sets up a partial steam plasma.
There is a lightening strike every 3 minutes around the earth. So annually the earth receives 3x1039 Watts of heat from the molecular nuclear fusion lightening does.
Waterfalls, breaking waves and biology does MNF: producing 5.125 PPM of helium in the air. Which is lost to space every day and replaced. So other sources of MNF provide nature with 2x1015 Watts of heat every day
Nature does not do nuclear fission year biology. But biological life forms give it a lot of energy by doing molecular nuclear fusion from water.
If we utilise the steam plasma tube, we can generate all out heat and power from regular water. Was started, the plasma will self sustain-while we top up the water level.
Producing no carbon dioxide, and definitely no plutonium or strontium. And is free. As you heart is doing is as you read this.

Climate change was always impossible

Even a 14 old school child realises that the limiting factor to life on earth available carbon dioxide in the air. Over last 200 years life on earth has increased by 15%. But high school biology teaches that the carbon dioxide level in the air is limited by photosynthesis.
There is 20% oxygen in the air. Globally there is only 2ppm carbon dioxide in the air. So city levels during the rush hour maybe higher, but cities are such a small area these levels are transient and of no importance to the weather. Even professors of physics knew this in 1986.
That is the year of Chernobyl. When nuclear power adopted the discredited science of man made global warming, to try to get a new generation of nuclear plants approved. They failed. In 2005 academics for some ‘man made climate change’. To explain why the world was stop warming.
Is had actually been cooling since 1998: but academics have research budgets to fail. I use the term ‘academics’ loosely here, as these nuclear stooges are not even quasi scientists. They have no place in education.
Climate change is just global warming, when the world is cooling. It is an admission that global warming was totally wrong. There has been no increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the air for last 200 years: since the ending of the little ice age.
So global warming always baseless fiction. Serving the interests of nuclear power. In the little ice age carbon dioxide was at 4ppm, in the major ice age of the Permian it was at 10 PPM for 1000 years.
We can safely assume carbon dioxide does not warm the climate. Is level in the air tracks the wax and wane of plant life. So carbon dioxide is the gas of life, and the climate former.
All the professors of physics and engineering have never published spurious papers on the climate should not be in education.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dr. Dyre proves fusion

Processes they can produce light are rare. If we exclude the rapid oxidation of pure metal and combustion of hydrocarbons all carbohydrates, aon no chemical processes which can produce light.
In the biochemical world aon no processes that can produce light. That light production is prevalent in the deep. Where life forms produce flashes of visible light. I knew in 2000 that all life on earth gives out gamma wave radiation, and produces helium and oxygen.
We are doing molecular nuclear fusion. Where the turbulent flow of water or steam does
So biology does nuclear fusion down to 3° C. It goes off from regular water: but we see the same process in other compounds of hydrogen. The most exothermic variety is lightning.
Heavy rain storms the have the chaotic interaction of water drops. And produce helium, free radical oxygen, nuclear radiation and heat. So heavy rain warms the air. Because it does nuclear fusion. So do snow fumes.
Where we have a potential of 5000 volts an 100 amps, we get the gentle drift of electoral holes to the ground. This sets up a steam plasma. The links the positive hydrogen ions above the clouds, with the negatively charged hydroxyl ions, which are the residual atoms are we are taken away half a helium from each water molecule.
Was connected. We get massive up flow of the charge electrons. A lightening strike occurs every 3 minutes around the world. This does 3x1039 Watts of work in any year. Nature does molecular nuclear fusion in other ways, resulting in two have ½ times as much helium in the air, as there he’s carbon dioxide.
This helium is lost to space in the day. And is replaced by nature. This is a staggering heat system. It does 2x1015 Watts of work every day. The helium from a lightning strike goes up last 10 million degrees C. And he is lost to space instantly.
So there is a staggering amount of nuclear fusion going on around the world. Towards or Energy Systems is from man. But burning fossil fuels does molecular nuclear fusion. As does the boiling of water. So all mankind’s power stations have to do MNF today.
Nuclear fusion is toxic, polluting and uneconomic. Molecular nuclear fusion is safe, clean and free. With no plutonium or carbon dioxide. Green plants in light do it. It is the Energy System of nature. It is a system mankind should years to generate all his power.
The best way is via a steam plasma tube. Which weather started would draw no external power. But generates 6 MW of heat per metre. That figure is based on a partial steam plasma in a lightning strike. A pure steam plasma should generate 30 MW per metre.
But scientists are so addicted to the money from nuclear power, they fight madly to deny that nuclear fusion is possible outside of a star. The surface of which is 10 million degrees C. The temperature of a lightning bolt.
Temperature is a result of nuclear fusion. But nature does molecular nuclear fusion and 3° C. ITER will do experiments on a linear flow of hydrogen gas. Plants use the turbulent flow of hydrogen gas to do nuclear fusion. So ITER will cast 100 billion euros and will not do nuclear fusion.
Dr. Dyre is denying he big result that all might produces light, as this means all life does nuclear fusion. At 30° C. From regular water. No carbon dioxide. No possibility of man made climate change; but there again, every biologist on this planet knows that green plants have converted all mankind’s additional carbon dioxide into new life on earth.
There is no possible weather effect. That is all lie from nuclear power, to scare the stupid and there paid: into this last group, falls massive swaves of academia. Aone years man made global warming was untrue and impossible, before the world started cooling 1998.
Man made climate change is a headline, to hold out the possibility of new nuclear plants. It was always wrong. Then Japan nuclear did Fukushima. That is a million billion times more important than any biological impossibility nuclear power can dream up.
Dr. Dyer is hosting a conference on water technology in Vermont October 20 years. He does not intend to tell the world about life generation of life forms. Now that I have told him that this is the signature of nuclear fusion occurring in all life on earth.
The way he to desalinate water he’s too years solar powered pumps to draw off water vapour out of the tower sat in the see, and rising to 1.2 metres above sea level. The water vapour has no salt in it. So when we vent it to the air, we have a limitless supply of fresh water. That uses no electricity.
Cold brine will sink from the base of the tower, and be replaced by warmer sea water. So where ever we have access to the sea, we can make fresh water. Using only an animal powered tread mill. Or a solar powered pump.
High pressure deceleration is so expensive, capital intensive and dangerous. Vacuum desalination is very cheap, totally safe and each plant will cast $80.00.