Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fusion bolt

    The gentle collision of rain drops in a storm turns the water into helium and oxygen gases, plus gamma wave radiation, heat and light. It does nuclear fusion from compounds of hydrogen: it does molecular nuclear fusion; prof argent fault of the name for my idea.

    The helium is produced as helium nuclei, so positively charged Alpha particles (He2+). They rise to above the clouds layer taking their positive charge with them. The negative charge is carried by hydroxyl ions (OH-) to fall to ground carrying the extra electron and its negative charge.

    Heavy rain storms produce ozone and give off nuclear radiation as a result. Where ever this occurs in nature we are doing molecular nuclear fusion: in the countryside, at waterfalls, or breaking waves and with animal blood systems. Your own beating heart does safe molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why he you breathe out helium gas. And you can take your poles with a Geiger counter.

    When we have 5000 volts an 100 amps we get a lightening down strike. That sets up A steam plasma connecting the areas of charge. We then see the flow of electrons up a steam plasma..

    Which in three sections their rates more heat than mankind has ever generated since he evolved. And there is one lightning strike every 3 minutes around the world. It fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant life. It is major league responsible for the ozone layer which cycles the air. And protects us from UV light.

    A lightning strike is 1.5 kilometres long. When the two the mathematics, a one metre steam plasma tube will generate up to 30 MW the of power. With no carbon dioxide, and no toxic fission waste. For free.

    Was started, it runs and powered: while we top up the water level. With regular water. It enrich years its own steam for us. Who would burn fossil fuels all do toxic nuclear fission? We can generate heat and power, and run a car with no petrol or diesel burn.

    And we will end for ever the free C notion that doing nuclear fission from uranium is safe. It is toxic, polluting, fatal and very expensive. Japan will never recover from Fukushima. Chernobil trade it's radioactivity around the world. Fukushima sent it down into the groundwater of Tokyo.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Diesels do fusion

    You hold a match to diesel fuel and it goes out. You hold a match to A spray or diesel oil in the air and it goes around again: diesel oil is not flammable.

    You pressurise the emulsion two around eight atmospheres and its spontaneously ignites. Producing gamma wave radiation and helium gas.

    Oxidising diesel oil to form carbon dioxide and steam is and her family: it takes in heat. But a diesel engine produces more power than the petrol engine: though not as much power as a steam engine.

    Petrol or steam engine's produce nuclear radiation as the fuel ignites all the hot water boils. No chemical reaction is energetic enough to produce nuclear radiation.

    The petrol cycle is as exothermic. Just. The diesel cycle should be endothermic. But all chemical engines produce helium and gamma wave radiation as they fire.

    The turbulent flow of steam as he oil burns all the water boils does molecular nuclear fusion. Steam will actually diesel: we want a high pressure, but will produce massive energy.

    We can use a small fraction of this energy to produce the steam, and run a diesel engine and with no carbon dioxide. Biology's carbon cycle has resulted in green plants taking in all man is extra carbon dioxide, to support more life on earth.

    So there never walls any man made climate change. Since 1998 the natural climate has been cooling. Carbon emissions have gone up year on year, nuclear power tells us.

    But the level of carbon dioxide in the air has not changed.

    Running A diesel engine and does nuclear fusion. If we run out of steam, we produce no carbon dioxide or toxic plutonium. From regular water.

    All because A diesel engine and does safe nuclear fusion. Nature is supported by free molecular nuclear fusion from high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow.

    Welcome to the fusion age. No nuclear fission plant should be allowed to operate on earth. Go ask the inhabitants and Fukushima in Japan for why.

    Japan will never recover from the tragedy of nuclear power.

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Refusal to do science

    2003 I realized that lightening volts used a 1.5 kilometre steam plasma, two centimetres wide to do 3x1039 Watts of work. Driven by the gentle bombardment of rain drops. This creates nuclear radiation and helium, it is a variety of molecular nuclear fusion from water.

    Lightning itself creates massive heat and light, plus nuclear radiation and five tons of helium gas. There is no chemical source of gamma wave radiation or helium. So again, we are seeing nature do MNF.

    Scale it down to a one metre by 1 cm glass tube. Fire up the plasma, and it should release between six and 30 megawatts of heat. Above four bars, lightening suggests the plasma will self sustain.

    My old university department have steam line's, and experience in gas plasmas. Therefore it would take them 5 minutes to prove MNF. And they have had eight years.

    They have not demonstrated molecular nuclear fusion to the world, as they make too much money from nuclear power do phantom research into the climate. Carbon dioxide levels have been fixed by photosynthesis at 2ppm since the end of the little ice age.

    During the ice age, carbon dioxide levels were twice as high. So obviously carbon dioxide follows the wax and wane of green plants and, and has no effect on the climate.

    The world's climate has been cooling since 1998: hence the change from manmade global warming two of man made climate change. They got as far as the title, linking him with her non existent rise in carbon dioxide in the air and left the rest to the media.

    We have natural weather. Steam plasma tubes do molecular nuclear fusion. Which is safe. And it is how nature is driven. Green plants in light do it, as does your beating heart.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Raining fusion

In a heavy rainstorm the rain drops collide. They produce helium, free radical oxygen and heat. They do molecular nuclear fusion: nuclear fusion from water here. The free radical oxygen forms ozone, which we have all smelt.
Also at breaking waves, waterfalls and in the countryside. We also breathe out free radical oxygen, as our blood systems produce nuclear radiation with every beat of our heart. All these areas do molecular nuclear fusion from water.
When rain does fusion the Alpha particles formed carry the positive charge to above the clouds (He2+), while the hydroxyl molecules carry the negative charge to the ground(2xOH-). That is why rainstorms are electric.
Where we have a potential of 5000 volts an 100 amps, we get a lightening down strike as the negative charge is point to the ground. This sets up A steam plasma. When it touches the ground, all the charge electrons flow up the plasma.
This is four atmospheres and room temperature. It releases more heat in three sections than mankind has generated since he evolved. There is a lightening strike around the glow every 3 minutes. This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilises life.
Without lightening doing nuclear fusion there would be no life on earth. A one metre steam plasma tube should release 6 MW of heat continuously, while we top of with distilled water. Was started it is self powering.
No need to burn fossil fuels and absolutely no desire to toxic nuclear fusion from uranium or the full plutonium. Go ask Fukushima about the wisdom of present nuclear power.
Nature is driven by molecular nuclear fusion. So sure that mankind be. No need to burn or oil, coal or gas ever again. And we can leave all uranium in the ground, the safest place for it.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Carbon dioxide is static

    In the little ice age there was four parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air, as there are fewer plants to take it in. At the end of the 18th century the little ice age ended naturally. It is all controlled by a predictable solar cycles.

    Since then free carbon dioxide has remained at two parts per 1,000,000. This is the lower limit for photosynthesis. As man has released more carbon dioxide life on earth has increased. But the level of carbon dioxide in the air hasn't changed.

    The only increases we could hope to measure air above cities in the rush hour. Was this air moves to the countryside we are back to 2 ppm. A level that has remained constant for 200 years.

    Why then do we think carbon dioxide is so global warming gas? It can only rise in a natural cold.. All our date is for a temperate period with constant global carbon dioxide.

    This includes the 1950s, when a plant that we headed into another little ice age. The 1930s saw little man made carbon dioxide, but 1938 the warm water and 2005 in the air.

    Globally temperatures have fallen since 1998-13 years ago air. 13 years in which global carbon dioxide has been static. Man made climate change is fiction by nuclear power for the stupid to believe.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Safe power

    If you bubble steam through water at the boiling point we get the release of nuclear radiation and production of helium and oxygen gases plus loads of heat. As confirmed by NASA there 2008.

    This is why fast breeder nuclear reactors work so well: they bubble steam through hot water. So they produce more fissionable material than the use up. They are actually converting some of the water into helium and oxygen, but molecular nuclear fusion from water is not consider years as a real process. No process can produce more energy than it takes in. Fast breeder reactors only appeared to do so there as the use up some of the system water.

    But the fissionable material they produce includes plutonium and strontium. Plutonium is the most toxic material known to man.. Strontium is nearly as bad. But we do not need to do any nuclear fission.

    We can burn or oil or gas until the water use warming. We then pass ears through a turbine and generate power. But we we circulate 20% of the produced steam. This takes the boiler in a state of boiling, without the need to burn and anymore fossil fuels.

    We use up some of the system water, but produces no plutonium and strontium. Handling such materials is a major expense of nuclear fusion. With molecular nuclear fusion we produce inept helium and oxygen gases. So the power is free.

    Nature does this all around and in us. Every beat of our heart produces nuclear radiation, as the pressure waves in the blood do molecular nuclear fusion. Lightning bolts of steam plasmas. They are the most exothermic structure is outside volcanoes and tsunamis.

    Which are driven by geothermal steam bubbling into high pressure water: doing molecular nuclear fusion again!

English to French translation


Arrêt sécurisé

Si la vapeur d'eau grâce à bulle vous au point d'ébullition nous obtenons la libération de radiations nucléaires et la production d'hélium et de gaz et d'oxygène plus des charges de la chaleur. Comme l'a confirmé par la NASA il ya 2008.
C'est pourquoi les réacteurs nucléaires à neutrons rapides fonctionnent si bien: la vapeur grâce à bulles, ils l'eau chaude. Alors, ils produisent plus de matière fissile à l'utilisation en place. Ils sont en fait convertir une partie de l'eau en hélium et d'oxygène, mais moléculaires de la fusion nucléaire de l'eau n'est pas considérer années comme un processus réel. Aucun processus ne peut produire plus d'énergie qu'il n'en faut po surgénérateurs ne semblait le faire il ya comme utiliser une partie de l'eau du système.
Mais la matière fissile qu'ils produisent du plutonium comprend et le strontium. Le plutonium est le matériau le plus toxiques connues de l'homme .. Le strontium est presque aussi mauvaise. Mais nous n'avons pas besoin de faire de la fission nucléaire.
Nous pouvons brûler du pétrole ou du gaz jusqu'à ce que le réchauffement de l'eau. Nous avons ensuite passer les oreilles grâce à une turbine et produire de l'énergie. Mais nous nous diffusons 20% de la vapeur produite. Cela prend la chaudière dans un état d'ébullition, sans le besoin de brûler et de plus de combustibles fossiles.
Nous utilisons une partie de l'eau du système, mais ne produit pas de plutonium et de strontium. Manipulation des matériaux est une dépense importante de la fusion nucléaire. Avec la fusion nucléaire moléculaires nous produisons ineptes d'hélium et de gaz oxygène.
Donc, la puissance est libre.
La nature ne présente tout autour de nous et en nous. Chaque battement de notre cœur émet des rayonnements nucléaires, comme les ondes de pression dans le sang ne moléculaires de la fusion nucléaire. Éclairs des plasmas de la vapeur. Ils sont la structure la plus exothermique est en dehors des volcans et les tsunamis.
Qui sont entraînés par barbotage dans l'eau de la vapeur géothermique à haute pression: faire moléculaires de fusion nucléaire à nouveau!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Steam does fusion

    When we boil off water, it releases nuclear radiation. Fossil fuels are slightly radioactive, by boiling water gives off or more radiation. Worse still, if we boil the water electrically we still get nuclear radiation. There is no source of radiation here.

    But the turbulence of boiling converts some of the water into helium and oxygen. If we collect the gas, we can measure the helium. And that there is no source of helium gas. Other than doing molecular nuclear fusion:


    So every boiler room on earth does nuclear fusion. Including the kettle in your kitchen. So boiling water does nuclear fusion. But the heat is carried away in the steam. We can use this to win the Google X prize.

    We start a jet engine off as today. We then use the exhaust manifold to boil off water. We introduce this steam into the combustion chamber, and turn off the aviation fuel. We can get a jet engine to drive a plane at supersonic speed, off water.

    A suitable jet plane will fly to the Moon, and take photos to return to the earth. The lack of oxygen does not matter. The plane flies exclusively off molecular nuclear fusion.

Lightning supports life

    Every 3 minutes around the world, it is struck by lightning. This is driven by the gentle coalition of rain drops. This turns water into helium and oxygen gases plus nuclear radiation and heat. It does molecular nuclear fusion from water.

    For free. No massive, expensive plant that the ITER: which uses the linear flow of hydrogen gas, to do nothing. To get nuclear fusion we need a fluid turbulence. So if we introduce some perpendicular magnetic fields to give the circulating hydrogen ions spin we will get nuclear fusion.

    But why bother? Nature does nuclear fusion for free every 3 minutes using A partial steam plasma. Plus regular water, not deuterium or tritium. Driven by the collision of rain drops.

    Each lightning up stroke produces 3x1029 Watts of heat. With no radioactive end product. The 3He totally inert, and he is produced by the sea's as they do MNF using the turbulent flow of the deep sea currents.

    Without MNF there would be no life on earth. Nature has done nuclear fusion on earth for 3.8 billion years.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Lightening does nuclear fusion

    Heavy rain turns water into helium2+ and hydroxyl2- molecules, plus nuclear radiation and heat: it does molecular nuclear fusion from water, and has done for 3.8 billion years on the earth. Man has failed to do nuclear fusion, but lightening does it every 3 minutes around the world.

    When we have 500 volts an 100 amps, we get a lightening down strike, cause by the gentle drift of electoral holes setting up A partial steam. When this touches down, we connect the negatively charged earth, with the positively charged cloud tops.

    We get a lightning bolt which liberates 3x1029 Watts of heat, plus nuclear radiation in addition to more helium and free radical oxygen. The latter forms ozone, which we have all smelt in heavy rain and lightning.

    Nuclear fusion from water is trivial: we need a steam plasma tube. Once set up electrically, it self sustains while we top up the plasma pressure with regular water. It produces power with no carbon dioxide and no radioactive waste.

    Only a certifiable idiots will burn fossil fuels all do toxic nuclear fission from uranium.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Producing fresh water


    We have a 10 foot high tower, surrounded by floats anchored in the sea. It is open bottomed, to allow the entry and exit of sea water. We attach a pipe linked to a vacuum pump the top.

    We start evacuating the water, and in hot countries, by the time the tower has filled fall forward hides the see water it begins to boil. So we extract pure water vapour-we have left the salt behind. This is a vacuum deceleration.

    We pump the water vapour are to a lower level reservoir. We plain the water vapour against A metal Framed plate and it condenses out as water. Fresh water. We publish to high storage, and a gravity irrigate the fields.

    To taking carbon dioxide, and grow plants. To feed man and animals. This is the idea which will save all horn of Africa from regular famines.

Destroying higher education

    The scientists who devised the phantom science of global warming have done more to destroy higher education than any government spending cuts could ever do. Photosynthesis takes in carbon dioxide. So the level of this gas in the air is controlled by green plants doing photosynthesis, not by man is emissions of CO2.

    The levels of this gas fell after the little ice age, and have remained static for 200 years. Life on earth has increased. The level of carbon dioxide in the air is static, and has no impact on the weather. Only predictable solar cycles affect the world climate.

    Which has been cooling for last 13 years. With the weather getting colder and more temperate. There are still floods and and hurricanes-that is what the weather turns. Nuclear power kills. Chernobyl and Fukushima gives you the idea. Japan and Germany no longer do nuclear fusion. The most technologically advanced society is on earth so nuclear power is too dangerous.

    They want new nuclear plants in England. They want to kill you. With academic backing. There academics should not be at their desks. I was told in 2003 there are no longer the scientists working on global warming. Presumably there have never be any working on climate change, who were not paid stooges to nuclear power.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nuclear fusion is here

    A lightning bolt is powered by the gentle collision of rain drops. This turns water into helium and oxygen gases plus heat. This is why the air is warmer after a rain storm.

    The Alpha particles carrying the positive charge to above the clouds. The hydroxyl ions carry the negative one to the ground. When we build up a potential of 5000 volts we get a lightening down strike. A rain storm in its nuclear radiation as it does molecular nuclear fusion.

    The down strike is coals by the gentle drift of electoral holes to the ground. It sets up a steam plasma. When this touches the ground we get a massive up strike of 3x1023 Watts. Over the year we get one strike every 3 minutes around the globe, and this provides 3x1039 Watts of heat to nature.

    It emits nuclear radiation, and produces yet more helium and oxygen gases. Want to see nuclear fusion? Go out in a rain storm and watch the lightning. Mankind can't yet too exothermic nuclear fusion, but nature has done for 3.8 billion years.

    I have ever 1000 videos out on YouTube. My VI most viewed video is on a lightning. My second most issued video is on the steam cycle doing nuclear fusion. So the industrial revolution happened as mankind found out how to do nuclear fusion, in the 18th century.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Sherlock Holmes and fusion

'Eliminated the impossible. What ever you are left with, no matter how improbable; is true'. All through nature we see the production of helium and gamma wave radiation. From steam in turbulent flow. Of gamma wave radiation is only a produced by nuclear reactions. There is no source of fission. So we are doing molecular nuclear fusion:

Green plants in light


Also from animal mitochondria, and plant photoblasts. It goes off in your own heart. You are nuclear.

Waterfalls and breaking waves


On my PhD, my supervisor could not understand the emission of gamma wave radiation by nature: this was beyond the energy range of chemical reactions. So he did the obvious. He didn't believe in it. Sorry and for the complexity of my equations-I am a chemist, go figure.

We are converting water into helium and oxygen, biological systems by taking in carbon dioxide and producing methane. You exhale helium, methane and free radical oxygen. This has never been explained.

Apply the hands guillotine: life does molecular nuclear fusion.

So does a steam cycle. That is why we got the industrial revolution. It was mankind finding out how to do nuclear fusion, by the boiling of water. So since the 18th century industry has been based around as doing nuclear fusion.

Power with no carbon dioxide, and absolutely no toxic plutonium. Nuclear fission is toxic death on earth. Toxic, polluting, fatal and uneconomic. MNF is safe, clean and free. Nuclear fission makes bombs and death.

Molecular nuclear fusion powers nature. Including your own beating heart and digestive systems. Repeat, safe, safe safe!

Lightening is fusion 2011

This is from my PhD work in 2001. Which Sheffield University did not consider was worth a Ph.D..

In heavy rain we do molecular nuclear fusion from water

H2O=>He+O-2+γ+E E>1015 Watts of power

These Alpha particles rise to above the clouds, and many have potential difference of 5000 volts we get a lightening down strike, which sets up a steam plasma. We then get a huge up strike, as the electrons flow through the steam plasma.

If we set up A steam plasma in a glass tube, it will self sustain at four atmospheres pressure. Turning regular water into light and heat. Benjamin Franklin have the right idea, in the 19th century. That is how the world first learned about electricity. We have not come very far have we!

Around the world we get a lightening strike every 3 minutes. So the total fusion energy the earth receives is 3x1039 Watts a day. Solar radiation provides 2x1060 Watts. All life on earth does MNF, so overall 40% of the energy life gets is from nuclear fusion.

You protest, nuclear fusion only happens at 10,000,000° C! That is a result of nuclear fusion, not the necessary prerequisite. The service are lightning bolt reaches the temperature of 10,000,000° C:QED.

Lightning gives off nuclear radiation, and these to the formation of ozone.


This explains why rain, and particularly lightning, warms the air. It takes in carbon dioxide to do nuclear fusion. Which explains why nuclear power, who do toxic nuclear fission, was so anxious to give a carbon dioxide a bad name.

And fortunately all life on earth revolves around sinking carbon dioxide. Particularly in the photoblasts or mitochondria, which first two biological MNF. This is a science which will drive our futures.

Told Sheffield University, England, what you think of her failure to warme me a Ph.D. 10 years ago air. There has been no increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide for 200 years. So man made climate change was always fiction by nuclear power.

Who did Fukushima 2010! That is what nuclear power does. They are not green. They are deadly crimson.

Never any Global Warming

    High school biology teaches green plants take in all available carbon dioxide to support life. The level of carbon dioxide in the air is controlled exclusively by the efficiency of photosynthesis. The limiting factor excrete Eaing oxygen-the worst pollutant in earth history.

    Has confirmed by Harvard University August 2010, free carbon dioxide has remained static at two parts per 1,000,000 fall last 200 years. Plant growth has increased since the industrial revolution. Taking in all mankind's additional carbon dioxide.

    There never could be any man made global warming. Which explains why the world has been cooling since 1998-13 years ago air! Global warming was for a by nuclear power after Chernobyl, in 1986. Or rather, they adopted the discredited theory at that time.

    This explains why nuclear power and its paid stooges now talk about 'man made climate change'. This is nuclear speak, for global cooling. Caused by a fictitious rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

    No academic who has ever published papers on man made climate change should be employed, at any level, in education today. Carbon dioxide boosts life on earth. Nuclear power kills it.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

False data

    It is the simplest high school biology: plants take in all the available carbon dioxide to create life on earth. They excrete the surplus oxygen, the greatest pollutant in earth history.

    The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide in the air. So as man has released more carbon dioxide, he estimated the creation of more life on earth.

    What he has not done is increased a trace of carbon dioxide left in the air for photosynthesis. That was a lie from nuclear power, desperate to be seen as ecologically friendly after Chernobyl.

    2010 sore Fukushima. According to the UAAE, A more serious nuclear incident than Chernobyl. If I live in Tokyo, I would have left. Or stay and die horribly. Fukushima has destroyed Japan.

    But over the last 200 years free carbon dioxide in the air has not increased. So they can have been no effect on the global weather.

    The only increases of this gas possible are transient increases over city centres. Was this air moves over the countryside, we are back to two parts per 1,000,000. The fictitious readings published about carbon dioxide levels are significant in that they have no location, date information.

    The last one I saw was fall the snow covered lands in the Himalayas. In an ice-age carbon dioxide levels rise. Have a permanent snow cover, we are going to get higher carbon dioxide levels.

    But the cities are just too small an area to have any impact on the weather. I thought that out on the Internet three years ago, and the only response I've got has been incredulity; that it is so simple.

    The climate changes. This has nothing to do with man or carbon dioxide output: that just emits the creation of more life on earth. Coincidentally, nuclear power kills all life.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Consuming plutonium

    As NASA put on record 2008, bubbling steam through liquid water at the boiling point releases nuclear radiation: a mixture of gamma wave radiation and a stream of neutrons. We do molecular nuclear fusion.

H2O->He+2+O-2+γ+0/1n0+E1 and

    No we came use this cycle to generate power. Nature does. Safe, clean and free power. But we have a massive reserves of man made plutonium, waiting to kill and pollute. The longer nuclear power uses nuclear fission, the worst the situation gets.

    Nuclear power uses PWR's, because they generate so much power: as they do MNF use some of the process water. But their focus is on generating power. So once a fission tube ceases to generate a lot of power, it is cent of four reprocessing. The resulting MOX tubes are more expensive than new uranium, but it is a way to handle your waste.

    Still Sellafield now has the biggest store of plutonium in the world. And they have just closed down the reprocessing plant, which cost the British taxpayer 1.3 billion pounds nine years ago. Because it was only suitable to make MOX tubes.

    But nuclear power has the plant to make plutonium safe. Once PWR is aged and uneconomic to run, or just plain dangerous, we can load it up with MOX tubes. We only generate enough power to drive the pumps and operate the plant. We do not sell electricity.

    The plant is run simply to consume plutonium. Rather than wait 100,000 years for the plutonium two decay naturally, in a stream of gamma wave radiation of neutrons it will decay in five years.

    We already have the plants waiting to be decommission. EDF got a five year extension on their life. Fukushima shows this is not safe, and should not be allowed. We could use aged plants to consume plutonium.

    And produce small atomic weights, which decays faster. And do not coals atomic explosions. Plutonium is the most toxic substance known. I do not want at eight PWRs still working, but if they are usefully eating plutonium this is the lesser of the evils.

    The plants are already built and paid for. Eng can be used to consume plutonium.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nuclear is dead

    Modern of nuclear power only makes economic sense if you use fast breeder reactors. Only the German, Japanese and French nuclear industry's were prepared to embrace this technology. It used nuclear fission rods to set of boiling molecular nuclear fusion.

    Since the Windscale incident of the 50s and Chernobyl in 1986, is have been realise that boiling water released heat energy. In both these cases fission material had been scatters through the apartment. But nuclear power claimed that lessons had been learned. It could never happen again.

    I was at the Rio Festival in 2010, and Fukushima happened to Japan. To the most technologically advanced society on earth. Germany and Japan renounced their nuclear programmes. The need not worry.

    Steam plasma tubes harness the power of lightening: that releases 3x1029 Watts of heat every three sections around the air. It does plasma molecular nuclear fusion. Turning water into helium and oxygen gases, plus loads of heat. With no carbon dioxide, and no plutonium.

    Carbon dioxide is actually the gas of life. Plants take it in to support all life on earth: the excrete oxygen, their waste gas. Animals evolved to metabolise oxygen and plant bulk, to release more carbon dioxide.

    The level of this gas in the air is determined by photosynthesis. The global average has been 2ppm for the last 200 years. Helium is produced only by molecular nuclear fusion, with the money to trace from radioactive decay.

    It is at 5.125ppm globally. It is lost to the air every day. This means non lightning MNF releases 5x1015 Watts every day. MNF is the most important Energy System on earth. It fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is also are on the earth. The Harver process, and scattering those drawings are site shows.

    Every sun in the universe uses a hydrogen plasma to do nuclear fusion. On earth a steam plasma is as energetic, and turns water into helium, oxygen and heat. Power with no carbon dioxide and no plutonium.

    The plutonium reprocessing plant at Sellafield is the biggest embarrassment to British Engineering the constructed. It cost three billion pounds of tax payer money to build. And lost 700,000,000 pounds from nuclear power to operate.

    Their only major customer was Japan: though the reprocessed fuel rods were supplied by French nuclear, Sellafield became the biggest repository of fuel grade plutonium in the world. No Franz will have to store its own nuclear waste.

    The 650 jobs in Cumbria have ended. They lost horrendous amounts in the 25 years of plant operated at a tremendous loss: it was meant to earn a profit of 1.2 billion pounds a year.

    One decent earthquake in Cumbria, and England is uninhabitable for 100,000 years. All about plutonium could be loaded into an out of service PWR. As steam bubbles rise around the fuel rods, they release neutrons and gamma wave radiation. This causes the plutonium and strontium to fission into smaller, safer elements.

    This science was confirmed by NASA there in 2008: boiling water does molecular nuclear fusion. Turning regular water into a stream of neutrons, gamma wave radiation and heat.

    We run a small steam process to power the plant. We do not sell electricity. We reprocessed toxic fuel rods. And make the world a safer place. We can use steam plasma tubes to replace or metal oxide tubes used by nuclear power today.

    We ended for ever nuclear fission as a fuel source: it is lethal, toxic and uneconomic. In contrast MNF is safe clean and free. Is the way nature is driven. It does not make bombs. So it does not coals early death.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Making plutonium safe

    In 2008 NASA shows that bubbling steam through liquid water at the boiling point released nuclear radiation: A mixture of gamma waves and neutrons.

    Search radiation would bond with plutonium, and cause it to fission into lighter, safer, elements. This is why PWR's work so well! They bubble steam through water, and do boiling molecular nuclear fusion:


    NASA had shown the world heard to do nuclear fusion, but were getting money from nuclear power. So promptly forgot all about it. This fact them having published the results in New Scientist that year. That was an easy one to fix: they got the magazine not to archive the article.

    Nuclear power is not safe: but the stores or toxic fission tubes will remain fatal for hundreds of thousands of years. If we immerse them in and out of service PWR, we can render them safe.

    We run the plant just to generate enough power to service its own pumps, not to generate excess power. To render the fission waste safe. To improve life on earth. Nuclear fission kills all life on earth.

    Carbon emissions increased life on earth, but have no conceivable effect on the weather, as the level of this gas in the air is fixed by photosynthesis: more carbon dioxide results in more plant and animal life. Any academic ever having written papers on man made global warming or climate change should obviously not be in education at any level.

    So as Coronas years A hydrogen plasma to do nuclear fusion. The interior of the star is cooler, as it does little nuclear fusion. A lightning bolt is powered by the gentle collision of rain drops in a storm.

    The lightning bolt itself, every three sections around the world, and releases more energy than mankind has generated since he evolved 3000 years ago: hominids do not boil water and do nuclear fusion.

    Forest fire years, green plants in light, animal blood systems, breaking waves, volcanic eruptions and water falls have always been driven by molecular nuclear fusion. Mankind's steam cycle has always done MNF.

    A steam plasma is effectively a contained lightning bolts. And will release massive amounts of heat and power. With no carbon dioxide and no toxic fission waste. Its helium is an inert gas, and leaves the body and the earth's atmosphere without interacting with any chemical.

    So mankind knows how to do safe, clean, free nuclear fusion. Nature is powered by MNF. We are partially powered by it. Once we know that, we can stop burning all fossil fuels and stop doing fatal nuclear fission: like Japan and Germany have.

    Only with T is eating surrender monkey's in France think fast breeders are a good idea. But only if all radioactive waste is stored at Sellafield in Cumbria. Are the English stupid? Go ask Tokyo.

Faire du plutonium sûre

En 2008, la NASA montre que bouillonnant de vapeur par l'eau liquide à la température d'ébullition rayonnement libéré nucléaire: Un mélange d'ondes gamma et des neutrons.
Rechercher rayonnement aurait des liens avec le plutonium, et l'amener à fission dans légers, plus sûrs, les éléments.
C'est pourquoi le travail REP si bien! Ils vapeur bulles dans l'eau, et ne bouillante moléculaires de la fusion nucléaire:
H2O-> Il ↑ + γ + O ↑
La NASA avait montré au monde entier de faire entendre la fusion nucléaire, mais obtenaient de l'argent de l'énergie nucléaire.
Si rapidement oublié tout cela. Ce fait de les avoir publié les résultats dans le New Scientist cette année. Cela a été une question facile à résoudre: ils ont obtenu le magazine de ne pas archiver l'article.
L'énergie nucléaire n'est pas sûre: mais les magasins ou les tubes de fission toxiques restent fatales pour des centaines de milliers d'années. Si nous les plonger dans et hors de service REP, nous pouvons les rendre sécuritaires.
Nous faire fonctionner l'usine juste pour générer assez de puissance pour le service de ses propres pompes, pour ne pas générer de l'énergie excédentaire.
Pour rendre les déchets de fission sûr. Afin d'améliorer la vie sur terre. La fission nucléaire tue toute vie sur terre.
Les émissions de carbone a augmenté la vie sur terre, mais n'ont aucun effet envisageable sur la météo, le niveau de ce gaz dans l'air est fixé par la photosynthèse: plus de résultats de dioxyde de carbone en plus la vie végétale et animale. Toute documents universitaires avoir jamais écrit sur l'homme fait du réchauffement climatique ou le changement climatique ne doit évidemment pas être dans l'éducation à tout niveau.
Alors que les années Coronas un plasma d'hydrogène pour faire la fusion nucléaire. L'intérieur de l'étoile est plus froid, car il ne fait guère de fusion nucléaire. Un éclair est alimenté par la collision des gouttes de pluie douce dans une tempête.
La foudre se boulon, tous les trois sections à travers le monde, et libère plus d'énergie que l'humanité a généré depuis qu'il a évolué il ya 3000 ans: les hominidés ne pas faire bouillir l'eau et ne la fusion nucléaire.
Année les incendies de forêt, les plantes vertes à la lumière, les systèmes de sang animal, vagues déferlantes, les éruptions volcaniques et les chutes d'eau ont toujours été animée par la fusion nucléaire moléculaire.
Cycle de vapeur de l'humanité a toujours fait la force multinationale.
Un plasma de vapeur est effectivement une des éclairs contenues. Et va libérer des quantités massives de chaleur et d'électricité. En l'absence de dioxyde de carbone et sans déchets toxiques de fission. Son hélium est un gaz inerte, et laisse le corps et l'atmosphère de la terre sans interagir avec n'importe quel produit chimique.
Alors l'humanité sait faire sûre, propre, la fusion sans nucléaire.
La nature est alimenté par la FMN. Nous sommes partiellement alimenté par elle. Une fois que nous savons que nous pouvons cesser de brûler tous les combustibles fossiles et de cesser de faire la fission nucléaire fatale: comme le Japon et l'Allemagne ont.
Seul avec T est de manger reddition de singe en France pense surgénérateurs sont une bonne idée.
Mais seulement si tous les déchets radioactifs sont stockés à Sellafield en Cumbria. Les stupides anglais? Allez demander à Tokyo.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Little suns

Every three seconds around the world there is a lightning strike. The heavy rain creates gamma wave radiation, as it turns water into helium and oxygen gases plus a lot of heat. It does molecular nuclear fusion. At 25° C. And warm atmosphere pressure: though the collision of rain drops does raise the applied pressure to four atmospheres.

It does

H2O->He+2+2xOH- the-

The hydroxyl molecule Carries the negative charge to the ground. The Alpha particle care is the positive charge to above the cloud layer. When we have 5000 volts and 100 amps potential, we get a lightening down strike. This sets up a steam plasma.

When this touches down, we get the inflow of electrons up a steam plasma. This releases 3.9x1023 Watts of power. Which we see as heat, light, sound and gamma wave radiation. It does massive molecular nuclear fusion.

A single lightning strike releases more energy than money is generated since he evolved 5000 years ago. We can strike up A steam plasma in a tube, and he turns regular water into heat. Releasing 6 MW per metre. With no carbon dioxide, and no toxic fission waste.

It is the way nature is driven. You do MNF as you heart beats. In the heart tissue, and in your arteries. Green plants do it in the sunlight. Which is why they produce helium and ozone. As do waterfalls and breaking waves.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Old fusion

    Professors of physics have known for 60 years that the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam gives out nuclear radiation. Green plants in light also give out nuclear radiation with no radioactive isotopes around. All biology emits gamma wave radiation as it produces helium.

    Biology uses carbon dioxide and water to form helium, methane and free radical oxygen. As it emits gamma wave radiation. Or engineers in the world know this science.

    The most exothermic variety of molecular nuclear fusion is lightning. Where it is initiated by heavy rain fall. Producing helium, oxygen and emitting gamma wave radiation again. It does not take a genius to realise we are seeing molecular nuclear fusion from water. If we do the calculations, nature gets 60 MW per metre from a 2 cm wide a lightning bolt.

    So nature takes in carbon dioxide to do nuclear fusion. Why all the fuss about man made global warming and climate change? Because nuclear power has spent ¼ billion dollars funding academic research into this fictional idea over last decade.

    The but all science academics no her to do molecular nuclear fusion. Or if they don't, they should not be in the job. I only have a master's degree in engineering, and I thought it out in two years.

Terrestrial fusion

    As I was taught in 1982 the boiling of water produces a massive blip of nuclear radiation. Once or boiling has commenced this decreases, but we still see molecular nuclear fusion.

    We are saying nuclear fusion from the turbulent flow of molecular hydrogen, this liberates more energy that boiling water takes in. The earth gets 3.9x1015 Watts of energy a day from molecular nuclear fusion occurring through nature.

Lightening is fusion

Every three seconds around the earth the gentle collision of rain drops causes a lightning strike. The rainstorms emit gamma wave radiation, and produce helium and ozone: they do molecular nuclear fusion from water.

This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is life. They give off massive amounts of heat, 4.9x1015 Watts a day. 10% of the heat nature uses comes from molecular nuclear fusion. 40% of the energy used by all life forms.

    Your heart and arteries do molecular nuclear fusion every time your heart beats. Your digestive system also does it as to eat and drink. You are a nuclear device. Nuclear fission kills, by producing toxic plutonium and strontium.

    Nature is powered by free nuclear fusion, producing inert helium and oxygen. Plus loads and loads of heat. A steam plasma tube is life lightning under our control.

    They will produce 60 MW per metre. From regular water. Producing no radioactive waste. Only heat and light. With no fossil fuel burn at all.

    Flames of fossil fuels produce steam in turbulent flow: so do molecular nuclear fusion. They give off nuclear radiation. But they are very expensive way to do safe molecular nuclear fusion.