Monday, 25 July 2011

No excuse

Professor Zimmerman has said previously that he understands and agrees with biology is carbon cycle. But maintains that mankind's production of carbon dioxide is excessive.

Over 200 years 20% of the CO2 in the air comes from man: J. Lewis in the university biology textbooks. This represents an additional 0.0003% carbon dioxide A day since the industrial revolution.

Nature has not even noticed! A major volcanic eruption releases 0.008% additional carbon dioxide for a week.

All that happens is that plants grow. So the next day there are more plants to take in the air additional carbon dioxide. So photosynthesis carers on for 0.0000% longer each day. A belief that global warming was never a real process caused by man, is a sign of a derelict brain that should not be in education.

100 leading American scientists have now put on record that the world started cooling 1998. 13 years ago air. Yet there are still people going on about global warming.

Obviously they need medical treatment: as do people who never leave the carbon dioxide has any effect on the weather.

A static vector has no impact on the system in question. There is no more carbon dioxide in the air than at the end of the little ice age. How could this have any effect on the global weather?

Man made global warming was self serving fiction from nuclear power and its paid stooges. I am still waiting after three years for a valid objection from will Zimmerman. He is lost or junction was at the rate of carbon dioxide production … Which he is obviously an oxymoron. Volcanoes are massively more important sources of carbon dioxide than money is. Totally nature.

Vacuum desalination reduces the pressure on sea water. With a head under 6 feet the water will boil. Shedding all its salt and bacteria. For 1% of the energy cost of high pressure deceleration.

The plant costs 1,000 x $80.00. Rather than 100,000,000, as Florida has are paid. The energy experiments is PxV. So this provides the world with access to unlimited fresh water 100 less expensive than mains water in the developed world.

As I said in 2000 (to no comment from Will Zimmerman) the extra plant growth will take in loads of carbon dioxide. But as there is been no increase in carbon dioxide for 200 years, this will shift plant and animal growth, plus drinking water, to the drought blighted regions of the world.

It will save two million lives a year. I am still awaiting Sheffield university's response to these life saving idea.

Life sinks carbon dioxide

Green plants take in carbon dioxide in the day: down to the lower limit for photosynthesis. Man is carbon dioxide power plants have contributed 0.0003% extra carbon dioxide in the air every day since the industrial revolution.

    This represents an extra 0.0001 seconds of growth a day. So the carbon dioxide level in the air has not increased for last 200 years; since the ending of the little ice age.

    Ice ages are the only periods when free carbon dioxide in the global air can rise. Man's carbon dioxide has stimulated growth. So every day there are more plants ready to convert carbon dioxide into life.

    Plants excrete oxygen-animals only evolved to metabolise plant bulk and their waste gas, to form more carbon dioxide; their food.

    The world climate started cooling in 1998: exactly the natural timescale. The climate was and cools every 28 years. Man has had no effect on it.

    There is more helium in the air than there he's carbon dioxide. Plants convert carbon dioxide into life. Nature converts the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam into helium and oxygen gases plus loads of heat: molecular nuclear fusion.

    It is free. And contributes 3x1015 Watts every day to the heat the earth receives. Man can use MNF to turn water into inept helium, oxygen and loads of heat.

    Power with no carbon dioxide and no toxic nuclear waste: nuclear fission from uranium is toxic death. Go ask Japan about plutonium and Fukushima. 25 years after Chernobyl, where nuclear power said it was totally safe. And lied.

    Nuclear power is cooler lying. It is totally ignorant of basic biology, and made up global warming to terrify the stupid.

    Who failed to notice the change in nuclear PR to climate change as the world was obviously cooling. So carbon dioxide no makes world cooled: according to the warped logic of nuclear power.

    Carbon dioxide supports life on earth. Nuclear power kills it.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Shine like lightning

    A lightning bolt is powered by the gentle collision of rain drops in a rain storm. This gives off gamma wave radiation and forms helium and ozone. We are water into helium and on bended oxygen, plus nuclear radiation and heat. This O then bombs with O2 to form O3.

    The this process, molecular nuclear fusion from water, powers nature. It drives earthquakes, tsunamis and all the weather. The first two as it goes on in the deep. Again releasing helium, gamma wave radiation, oxygen and heat.

    Nature does not do nuclear fission: this makes atomic bombs, but he is fatal to all life. It forms plutonium. Which is the most toxic substance known to mankind. Intermittently, it escapes into the environment and kills everything.

    Today EDF are storing France's plutonium in Cumbria, at Sellafield. When the British public weak up to the fact they have a Fukushima on their doorstep, all France's plutonium will have to go home.

    Why years man doing nuclear fusion? Because he didn't know her to do nuclear fusion. The latter releases four times as much energy weight for weight as nuclear fission and forms inert helium.

    So nuclear power has given SERN loads of money to ensure they do not find out how to do nuclear fusion on earth. Oxford University has rather rowing that idea: because they are doing experiments on hydrogen plasmas.

    Every sun in the universe uses a hydrogen plasma to do nuclear fusion. But on earth hydrogen gas does not exist. Every lightning strike it gets bound up with oxygen to form water.

    Lightening is interesting. The molecular nuclear fusion from heavy rain fall as a weak down strike: which sets up a steam plasma. And connect the negatively charged ground with the positively charged cloud tops: the He2+ rises to above the clouds, the 2xOH-falls to the ground. So the nuclear fusion going on in the rain sets up areas of charge.

    We then get the passage of electrons up the steam plasma. This releases 3x1023 Watts of heat for strike. Around the earth there is one strike every three sections, 24 hours a day. 365¼ a year. Clean, safe, free power. Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting, fatal and very expensive.

    The turbulent flow of the deep sea currents also does MNF. Turm percent of the heat the earth gets is from MNF going on around the world. Burning fossil fuels does MNF. More with increasing pressure, he is steam engine's out pull diesels, which outperform petrol engines.

    Every time your heart beats, it does molecular nuclear fusion. All life on earth does it. This is where man should generate his power. First and foremost it is free. And very very safe. No Chernobyl or Fukushima by.

Top of Form

Un éclair est alimenté par la collision des gouttes de pluie douce dans une tempête de pluie. Cela donne le rayonnement d'ondes gamma et hors des formes d'hélium et de l'ozone. Nous sommes l'eau dans de l'hélium et l'oxygène plié, en plus des radiations nucléaires et la chaleur. Ce joint, puis des bombes avec O2 pour former O3.
Le processus de cela, la fusion nucléaire moléculaires de l'eau, la nature des pouvoirs. Il entraîne des tremblements de terre, des tsunamis et de tous les temps. Les deux premiers car il se passe dans la profondeur. Encore une fois libérant l'hélium, le rayonnement d'ondes gamma, l'oxygène et la chaleur.
La nature ne fait pas la fission nucléaire: cela fait des bombes atomiques, mais il est fatal à toute vie. Il fait du plutonium.
Quelle est la substance la plus toxique connue de l'humanité. Par intermittence, il s'échappe dans l'environnement et tue tout.
Aujourd'hui EDF est le stockage de plutonium de la France dans le Cumbria, à Sellafield. Lorsque les Britanniques jusqu'à publique faible pour le fait qu'ils ont un Fukushima à leur porte, le plutonium toute la France aura à rentrer chez eux.
Pourquoi l'homme des années à faire la fusion nucléaire? Parce qu'il ne savait pas qu'elle fasse la fusion nucléaire. Ces derniers communiqués de quatre fois le poids de l'énergie pour un poids que la fission nucléaire et de formes inertes hélium.
Ainsi l'énergie nucléaire a donné des charges SERN d'argent pour s'assurer qu'ils ne trouvent pas comment faire la fusion nucléaire sur terre. Université d'Oxford a plutôt l'aviron cette idée: parce qu'ils font des expériences sur les plasmas d'hydrogène.
Chaque soleil dans l'univers utilise un plasma d'hydrogène pour faire la fusion nucléaire. Mais sur la terre de l'hydrogène gazeux n'existe pas.
Chaque coup de foudre il est lié avec l'oxygène pour former de l'eau.
Lightening est intéressant. La fusion moléculaire nucléaire de fortes pluies comme une grève faibles vers le bas: ce qui met en place un plasma de vapeur. Et connectez au sol chargées négativement avec le sommet des nuages ​​chargés positivement: le + He2 repasse au-dessus des nuages, le 2xOH-tombe au sol. Ainsi, la fusion nucléaire se passe dans la pluie met en place des zones de charge.
Nous obtenons alors le passage des électrons du plasma jusqu'à la vapeur. Ceci libère 3x1023 Watts de chaleur pour frapper. Autour de la terre il ya une grève tous les trois sections, 24 heures par jour. 365 ¼ par an. Propre, sûr, la puissance libre. La fission nucléaire est toxique, polluant, mortel et très coûteux.
L'écoulement turbulent des courants marins profonds fait aussi la force multinationale. Turm pour cent de la chaleur de la terre reçoit est de la FMN se passe dans le monde. La combustion des combustibles fossiles ne FMN. Plus la pression augmente, il est hors machine à vapeur de tirer les diesels, qui surpassent les moteurs à essence.
Chaque fois que votre cœur bat, il ne moléculaires de la fusion nucléaire.
Toute vie sur terre, il le fait. C'est là que l'homme devrait générer sa puissance. Tout d'abord il est gratuit. Et très très sûr. Pas de Tchernobyl ou par Fukushima.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Stimulating life


    The best way to stimulates plant life on earth is burning coal: this releases the carbon and sulphur dioxide plants take in two photosynthesis. They excrete oxygen and creates the plant bulk which plants heat to grow and reproduce.

    So the more plant there on earth, the more animals store on earth. But the level of carbon and sulphur dioxide in the global air is fixed by photosynthesis. Only local, transient, fictitious rises in carbon dioxide in city centres is possible. Once the air flows over the countryside, carbon dioxide is fixed at two parts per 1,000,000.

    And has been fall last 200 years. A factor known to all science professors on this planet. Who knew that the nuclear fiction of global warming or climate change were impossible. They still talk money. And further the aims of nuclear power.

    Into his swing and all forgotten Chernobyl, in 2010 they did Fukushima to remind us they are the most toxic, least green technology on earth today. Nuclear power would like to kill us all. If you allow them to.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Plants eat carbon dioxide


    Every scientist in the world knows about biology is carbon cycle: this tells us that plants metabolise water and carbon dioxide to support all life on earth. The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide (and water).

    August 2010 Harvard University published in New Scientist that since the little ice age has ended, carbon dioxide had remained static. In the ice-age carbon dioxide was at four parts per 1,000,000, fall last 200 years it has been at two parts per 1,000,000.

    All man is additional carbon dioxide has resulted in more life on earth. But there was no more carbon dioxide left in the air to affect the weather. Global warming and later climate change, are fiction from the diseased minds of nuclear power and its paid stooges.

    The climate changes. This is called weather. This has happened for all time on earth. Carbon dioxide has been static for 200 years, so obviously has no impact on the weather.

    It can only rise when there is less plant life: like in an ice-age. It increases the natural climate cooling.

    Then I was in Brazil, more locals saying the weather have been cooler of late. American scientists have sent this year the weather has been cooling for 13 years. We are headed into the next little ice age.

    I had turned on BBC News, as you do when you don't speak Portuguese. Japan have just experienced the nuclear incident and Fukushima. This sort of fatal incident happens every 25 years the nuclear power.

    Japan and Germany has now abandoned their nuclear programmes. France is using written as a dumping ground for its plutonium. If there was another in habitable planet in the solar system I would move.

    Nuclear power kills: you actually.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Reducing fuel costs

    As we burn fossil fuels, the flame produces helium, gamma wave radiation and a lot of heat. From steam in turbulent flow. We do molecular nuclear fusion:

        H2O -> He+O+γ+E1

    The earth gets 4.9x1015 Watts of heat from this heat source every year. This is 5000 MMWatts of heat. More than money uses in a century.

    A rain storm does molecular nuclear fusion, producing helium, ozone and loads of heat. If we get enough charge, we get a lightening strike. Which provides the electrons with an easy passage through a steam plasma. This does 3x1023 Watts of heating. It fixes the organic nitrogen which is vital for life on earth.

    Around the earth we get a lightening strike every three seconds. And it produces inert helium and at ozone to the ozone layer. This is where the ozone layer came from.

    It is free power, using science worked out in the 1950s. Burning fossil fuels is expensive: though it does produce the carbon dioxide which boosts plant life on earth. Harvard University documented the fact that there have been no increase in the global carbon dioxide level for 200 years.

    Only local, transient rises of carbon dioxide happened in city centres in the rush hour. This has no impact on the weather. It was fiction from nuclear power, the agents are Chernobyl and Fukushima. Who are trying to invent a reason why mankind should permit this toxic industry to function on earth.

    Molecular nuclear fusion is safe, cheap and free. Within 10 years fuel prices will have fallen to 10 per cent of their present inflated levels. The oil industry will no longer function. Eng Gas will be left in the ground. As will coal.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Biggest fraud ever


    Every science academic on this planet knows about biology is carbon cycle: this tells you that green plants metabolise all the available carbon and sulphur dioxides to form life on earth. They excrete oxygen. Animals evolved to metabolise the waste gas of plants. And breathe out more carbon dioxide, the gas of life.

    So since the little ice age carbon dioxide in the global air has remained at the a static two parts per 1,000,000. Only transient, local, unimportant rises in carbon dioxide over city centres in the rush hour were possible. This has no impact on the global weather.

    A week ago 100 American academics put on record that the world has been cooling since 1998. This probably explains why Sheffield University ended my PH D into global warming for no reason in 2001.

    This means that academics have been paid for ¼ trillion dollars to research phantom science: a simple biological impossibility. A rise in global carbon dioxide has not been impossible says green plants evolved 650,000 years ago.

    Any moral academic should repaying the research firms: paid to research an impossible process. And we tracked all papers concerning a non existent rise in carbon dioxide.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The seas will not rise

    In 1986 a nuclear power created the Chernobyl accident. And desperately tried to invent reasons why anyone be when ever construct a nuclear plant.

    Ignoring the and a massive carbon dioxide output, through a 25 year plant replacement programme, they decided to target for their PR and carbon dioxide: using paid academic stooges. Who have no place in education.

    Green plants take in all the available carbon dioxide, to create life on earth. So you the last 25 years Harvard University found crop yields have gone up by 15%, but the carbon dioxide level in the air has not shifted a little. 20% of the carbon dioxide in the air is from man's machines.

    This implies that you 5% increase in non crop plants. But the global carbon dioxide levels in the air has not increased. So they can have been no effect on the weather. This week American scientists have also announced that the weather has been cooling for 13 years.

    This explains why nuclear power started pushing climate change: because we had to global cooling. They got as far as the name. 2004 was a bad tornado year, exactly on the natural schedule. Future years have been quieter. So nuclear power pretend climate change is global warming, whereas really it is global cooling.

    And nothing to do with man. Nuclear power is the third biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. One 8th of the power stations owned by EDF, is conventional in nature. So it is not carbon free power. It is plutonium and carbon dioxide producing power.

    2010 the world experienced Fukushima. The seas are actually showing a great reluctance to rise. In 2003, Scotland experienced a record breaking low tide.

    To raise sea levels you have to import trillions of gallons of water. The ice which might have melted the earth have warmed, is floating. So the see water would take in up a melting ice seamlessly.

    But no we have global cooling. But there is no sea level fall, as there was no sea level rise in the late 20th century: A period of natural global warming. As in the 1950s, it. There are massive carbon dioxide have fought in the post war boom, we experienced a cold snap-scientists thought preceded an ice-age.

    Nuclear power produces plutonium and toxic death. And massive amounts of carbon dioxide. This gas, is the gas of life. Plutonium is the substance of death. Nuclear power is the most toxic industry allowed on earth today.

    Actually within 20 years no government on earth will allow it to operate. Not Japan, not Germany, nor England, North America or maybe not even France.

    Carbon dioxide, the gas of life. Nuclear power, the industry of death.

Organic carbon is life


    At the end of the Jurassic 85% of life on earth died. In the anaerobic conditions of the deep the hydrocarbons of life again the hydrocarbons are fossil fuels.

    Harvard University has confirmed that over last 200 years, as man has burned the hydrocarbons, crop yields have increased. Green plants have taken in all the additional carbon dioxide to form more life on earth.

    Conventional power generation stimulates plant growth; he is by definition green. It increases plant and animal life on earth.

    In contrast nuclear fission produces plutonium or toxic death. And radioactive waste which is hazardous for 100,000 years: it is dark crimson.

    Nuclear power is anti green.

    Meanwhile life on earth uses fluid turbulence to turn steam or high pressure water into helium and oxygen gases plus a lot of heat. This is molecular nuclear fusion from water. Nature is powered by it.

    Totally non toxic, and Andy produces no radioactive waste: your heart does it every time it beats. So do waterfalls and breaking waves. So as green plants in light doing photosynthesis-which turns out to be a biological variety of molecular nuclear fusion.

    Nuclear power is not green. There has been no increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide in the global air for last 200 years.

    The only increases possible are local, transient increases over city centres. As the air moves over the countryside it is converted into new life on earth.

    Both manmade global warming and climate change are fiction by nuclear power: though I have not heard anyone talking about climate change for a couple weeks. There has been no increase in global carbon dioxide.

    That is biologically impossible. The climate is all to do by solar cycles. Nothing to do with man. Though nuclear power is an abnormal heat import, so is the only possible source of man made climate change.

    The world has been cooling for 13 years: so nuclear power is just toxic death. Nobody wants it. Go ask Fukushima.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Carbon impossible

    The great shortage in the air above the earth is carbon dioxide: The air above the earth used to contain 40% carbon dioxide. But then green plants got busy. At the end of the Permian age there's only one part per million carbon dioxide in the air.

    As a result, 90% of life on earth died: the biggest mass extinction of prehistory. Life I only got out of this problem animals evolved to metabolise the oxygen excreted by plants, combine it with the carbohydrates of plant bulk to exhale carbon dioxide.

    There is only 0.0002% CO2 in the global air. Man is machines emit more, but plants just turn this into additional life on earth. The levels of this gas over cities in the rush hour maybe higher than the global average.

    But the next morning we are back to 2 ppm: the level of carbon dioxide after the little ice age. In the little ice age it was twice today's present figure, as there are fewer plants to take the carbon dioxide in.

    Man's carbon dioxide has increased life on earth, but have no impact on the global weather. So from 1998 to 2008 there was no evidence warming. Al Ninos last for two years. So we can conclude global warming is total fiction.

    Cooked up by the paid stooges to nuclear power. The nuclear power that routinely makes plutonium, the most toxic substance known. Nuclear power is not green. It is dark crimson.

    Burning fossil fuels stimulates life on earth. And has no effect on the weather. All the scientists who have been paid by nuclear power to write fictitious papers on the climate affect our carbon dioxide should obviously not be in education.

    It is a biological impossibility for mankind to affect the global carbon dioxide level in the air. I told Sheffield University this in 2001. They ended my PhD for no explained reason: in a violation of the statute which allows them to issue degrees.

    If you graduated from Sheffield University this decade, they owe you your tuition fees, as the degree was implied.


    The gentle collision of rain drops in a heavy rainstorm converts some of the water into helium and oxygen gases plus a lot of heat. This is why heavy rain will warm the air.

    The helium ions (He2+) collect above the clouds. The hydroxyl ions (2xOH-) fall to the ground. We build up a charge. If this reaches 5000 volts an 100 amps we get a lightning bolt. Note, we build up an electric charge powered by rain.

    We get a feeble down strike cause by the gentle drift of the lack of electrons passing to the ground: physics professors call this electoral holes. There had done no work on this area, as they prefer the research money nuclear fission will provide for their phantom science of global warming.

    The world has been cooling for 10 years now; but the physics professors have failed to notice!

    The down strike sets up a partial steam plasma connecting the negatively charged ground, and the positively charged cloud tops.

    For three seconds the partial steam plasma reaches the temperature of the surface of the cyan-10 1,000,000° C.

    Then he's has discharged would current and exits in the thunder Clap. There is a lightening strike somewhere around the world every three sections. If you convert the amount of helium produced into energy you find it releases 3x1023 Watts of heat.

    This produces NOx, and the nitrogen oxides fertilises the land and supports life on earth. Without lightening there would be no life on earth.

    So nature has found a way to do molecular nuclear fusion. We can also do plasma fusion, by containing a steam plasma in a glass tube. So totally under our control.

    It converts regular water into heat, with no plutonium, and no carbon or sulphur dioxide. Though plants take the latter in to grow. So there has been no global increase of these gases in the air since the little ice age ended.


Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The world cools

    The opportunistic fiction of nuclear power no has to embrace the natural period 0f climatic cooling we are experiencing.

    A exactly on the natural cycle dictated by sun spots. Their attention has are turned to Salford dioxide. When South America to measures to reduce sulphur dioxide, crop yields declined. So they had to augment this gas in the air.

    Coal burning produces the gases plants taking in to grow. There is us no change in their concentration in the air. Which is in the parts per 1,000,000 trace gas ange.

    Nuclear power does not give up. But so laughing from global warming to global cooling sacrifices a third of $1,000,000,000,000 academic research.

    And leaves the public firmly convinced academics have no climate affect the weather at all. As the daily weather forecast is often wrong, despite the super computers the climatologists use this is correct.

    Nuclear power should save them money. And develop ways to reprocessed plutonium: rather than storage at Sellafield. Look out Fukushima. I told Sheffield University in 2000, that global warming was fiction from nuclear power.

    They ended my degree with no award. Just happens, I was totally right: and there was me thinking Sheffield University were about truth and helping life.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Physicists are stupid

    To them you burn hydrocarbons or carbohydrates, and the resulting carbon dioxide stays in the air for all time. They thought this affected the weather.

    If you look back through history the only time you have raised carbon dioxide levels is in an ice-age. Otherwise carbon dioxide runs at the lower limit for photosynthesis.

    This is a big clue! Biology teaches that plants take in carbon dioxide in the light, and combine it with water to form carbohydrates. They excrete the surplus oxygen. The greatest pollutant in earth history.

    We are blind to this fact, as animals only evolved to use up the waste gas of plants, and turn it back into plant food-carbon dioxide.

    The hydrocarbons formed in the deep, when carbohydrates were exposed to temperature in anaerobic conditions.

    The fossil fuels date back to 65,000,000 years ago air. When the comet wiped out 85% of life on earth. At the time there was 60% more life on earth. Which resulted in more oxygen in the air, and sea levels were 65 metres lower.

    By burning the hydrocarbons we are increasing life on earth. But not increasing carbon dioxide in the air: this is still limited by photosynthesis.

    By ology as the world over are tearing their hair out waiting for the physicists to ask them about the carbon cycle. Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. Mankind can't affect the level of carbon dioxide in the air.

    That he is determined by the efficiency of photosynthesis to take this gas in. I am a chemist, and I know the limiting factor here is the photosynthetic organ implants dumping free radical oxygen to the air.

    This means that carbon dioxide has been at two parts per 1,000,000 fall last 200 years. According to the Americans the last 10 have occurred while the air has been cooling.

    Man made global warming was fiction from nuclear power. Who did Fukushima. Game over for nuclear fission.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Plants sink CO2

    The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide. Plants excrete oxygen. Animals eat plant bulk and combine it with its waste gas to produce more carbon dioxide-the gas of life. We don't realise oxygen is the greatest pollutant in earth history.

    In 200 years mankind accounts for 20% of the carbon dioxide in the daily air. The rest is a exhaled by animals. So man is responsible for 0.1% extra carbon dioxide a year, since the industrial revolution. 0.000 3%. Nature hasn't noticed. A decent volcanic eruption produces 0.008% locally.

    On the weather is only affected by that global carbon dioxide burden of the air. Which has not changed since the little ice age ended: the only way he to increase global carbon dioxide is arrange an ice-age: natural global cooling.

    Why do we think carbon dioxide is a global warming gas? It supports all life on earth. And has no effect on the climate, as its level has been static for 200 years. While the weather has warmed and cooled around us. Exactly as predicted by solar cycles.

    Or the people who sank man made climate change has intellectual validity obviously needs to reset high school biology. Available carbon dioxide is the limit to life on earth.

    August 2010 Harvard University also at through the pages of New Scientist that there have been no change in free carbon dioxide for 200 years. But crop yields have gone up by 15%. The other 5% are being taken up by non crop plants.

    New Scientist is still publishing articles on man made climate change being caused by an increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air. A total biological impossibility. A fabrication to further the aims of nuclear power. If this is a sort of magazine you want to buy, New Scietist is expecting your subscription eminently.

    All academics who ever published papers on man made global warming or climate change should not be in education. Even academics saying climate change is remotely possible are in desperate need of basic biological instruction.

    The climate is controlled by the sun. Global warming was PR by nuclear power. I told Sheffield University this in 2001, they ended my PH D there no award and no reason. Just happens I was totally right as confirmed by Harvard University.

    Oxford and Cambridge published papers on man made climate change. I am saying nothing. You work it the out for yourself.

Rain does nuclear fusion

    In heavy rain storms the colliding rain drops releases gamma wave radiation and heat as they turn water into helium and oxygen: they do molecular nuclear fusion.

    He2+ ions flow to above the clouds. 2xOH-ions fall to the ground. When we have 5000 volts an 100 amps we get a lightening down strike. This is caused by the gentle drift of electoral holes to the ground: an absence of atoms is passed between of rain drops to carry current.

    Well a contact the ground we connect the two areas of charge, the cloud tops and the ground, via a steam plasma. Electrons flow up this.

    We liberate 3 thex1023 Watts of heat for three sections, as we do yet more molecular nuclear fusion. From regular water. For free.

    Around the earth we get one lightning strike every three sections, that produces NOx, which fertilise is the ground. Without it no plants that grow on earth.

    It is happening all around us. Airmen earth happens in the heart and arteries with every beat of the human heart. There is nothing difficult about molecular nuclear fusion.

    Waterfalls, breaking waves, growing bacteria and green plants and light all do it. It is the most important Energy System on earth.


Friday, 1 July 2011

Nature hasn’t seen us

    In 200 years 20% of the global carbon dioxide comes from man's machines. This equates to 0.00003% per day. And 100% of the global carbon dioxide is taken in by plants to support life. There is no mean a gas.

    Photosynthesis means that Cecil after the little ice age finished carbon dioxide in the air has been static; for last 200 years. It is biologically impossible for mankind to affect the carbon cycle. Who ever made up man made global warming obviously failed high school biology.

    This carried over to man made climate change: which was really global cooling, as the world cooled naturally from 2005. Sea levels have an changed,, there they predicted in 1990 they would be 15 feet high at today. Last I heard was in 2001, when there was a record low tide in Scotland.

    This is expected. As there is more life rainfall is retained by plants and animals, and so sea levels fall. In the Jurassic sea levels were 60 metres lower. But then meteorite hit in Mexico. And 85% of life on earth died.

    This formed the hydrocarbons we are now burning: we are returning the fossilised life back to active life on earth. I can't think of a green note gas than carbon dioxide. Or a more toxic, polluting and uneconomic business than nuclear fission.

    It generates plutonium: and no Cumbria has the world's biggest store of man made plutonium in the world. One decent earthquake or flood and the UK is uninhabitable for 100,000 years.

    America is the biggest nuclear power in the world. When one of their power stations goes off it will make Fukushima looked like a weekend break. He will 30 collide as from the plant has so far had a radiation dose of 12 microseverts: the annual toxic does is 20.

    If you live in Tokyo you really short move: Thailand since a nearby haven. America or the UK seen as a much better bet. Japan does not seem a very good idea anymore. Of

    Nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. In the deep, fields of green crops, or a lightning bolts. Turning water into helium and oxygen gases, plus loads of free heat. Nature does not do nuclear fission. Neither should mankind if he wishes to be alive 20 years from today.

Nuclear Fiction

    After Chernobyl nuclear power realised that to construct another nuclear power plant they would have to inv the the theent a good reason. They decided the best differentiating factor betweem them and a conventional power was carbon dioxide.

    They totally ignored their own carbon dioxide production; as the constructed new plants and replaced them every 25 years: conventional power does and do this.

    Nuclear plants have a tendency to fail spectacularly even when the are young. Fukushima has demonstrated how toxic, fatal and dangerous our fast breeder plants. They have disguised there on economic nature.

    Plutonium is and the most toxic compound known,. Which is why America tries to avoid making it. EDF likes to store it in plants at Cumbria. One decent earthquake, and Fukushima was just a driver and.

    The UK has now accumulated the world's largest store of plutonium at Sellafield. Rather than reprocessing it, they store it underwater, and wait for the next earthquake or flood to render England is uninhabitable for 100,000 years.

    The French store their plutonium here. That is just the French for you. They sent the rest of the plutonium produced by their fast breeder reactors to Japan. Who have decided now to cease nuclear power. So Cumbria will receive more French plutonium: but Cumria is already full of this toxic metal.

    Unless nuclear power find a way to reprocess their plutonium, the existing UK power plants will have to shut down: so there is no way we could ever contemplate building new power stations.

    In contrast, nature uses the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam to turn it into helium and oxygen gases, plus four times as much heat as nuclear fission. Helium is inert. 18O is produced by green plants and we breathe it in to live.

    A steam plasma tube turns regular water into heat with no toxic radioactive product. Particularly no plutonium. There is no reason to do toxic nuclear fission. It is expensive, toxic, polluting and fatal.

    I was doing a Ph.D. in this science at Sheffield University 2001. I started saying that global warming was not a real problem, and they ended my PhD.

    There has been no accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air: it is in balance with plant life on earth. As man has released more carbon dioxide, life on earth has increased. But there is been no possible effect on the world climate-as there is no more carbon dioxide in the air than there was 200 years year: the data source; Harvard University.