Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The weather is nature

    The earth is a sphere 25,000 miles in radius. To have any effect on the weather we really need to change the heat properties in or radius of 6,000 miles. But cities have an impact over 4 square miles. So to the weather systems, human cities don't exist.

    So the local carbon dioxide levels has no significance. We are interested only in the global carbon dioxide level. High school biology teaches that plants metabolise carbon dioxide, to form carbohydrates an surplus oxygen: the latter they excrete.

    Animals only evolved to metabolise oxygen and carbohydrates to form more carbon dioxide: because at the end of the Permian 90% of life on earth died as those two little carbon dioxide in the global air.

    Harvard University doing a worldwide mineral analysis and confirmed that since the little ice age ended, carbon dioxide had been static.

    The weather has changed, but obviously that is nothing to do the carbon dioxide. The late 20th century was in a natural warming phase, which I said in 2002 would end 2004.

    2005 the natural weather started cooling: hence nuclear power moved their PR from global warming to climate change. Which he is nuclear speak for global cooling. Obviously nothing to do with the static carbon dioxide level.

    What about all the academic papers written on global warming? Blaming it on increasing levels of carbon dioxide. When this was a biological impossibility. The orphans of those papers have no place in academia.

    They are writing fiction on behalf of nuclear power. As are the people writing about man made climate change: an oxymoron if there was any.

    Carbon dioxide is static around the globe. Nuclear power is fatal around the globe. All together 'Fukushima!'. That is what nuclear power does. Burning fossil fuels increases life on earth. And has no effect on the weather.

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