Friday, 17 June 2011

Save your money

    In today's 'I', I read they are planning to send up an aeroplane to measure atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. This is 25 years after Chernobyl, where nuclear power adopted the discredited theory of global warming.

    To saying that atmospheric carbon dioxide affected the weather. Trouble is, history does not support this contention. Biology converts carbon dioxide into carbohydrates. So the only time free carbon dioxide rises, is during an ice-age.

    So massive global cooling. In the last 200 years Harvard University has put on record that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have not changed. Crop yields have gone up by 15%.

    Shock horror! That is exactly what high school biology teaches. If you're reading this, then you were taught this fact when you were 11.

    The natural warming phase of the weather started 1976: when all the academics for a prophesising the next ice-age. It was due to end in 2004.

    With all man is additional carbon dioxide you would have thought the weather was still the warming. It started cooling 2005: exactly the natural cycle controlled by solar emission cycles.

    These are cyclical. There a short term cycles of four and seven years. Giving a composite short term climate cycle of 28 years. So carbon dioxide levels have not changed in 200 years, and the obvious he has been no effect on the weather.

    Nature is supported by the heat released by high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow. This does:


    Welcome to physical molecular nuclear fusion. Biology has its own version, that revels in the name of the carbon cycle:

CO2+3H2O->He+CH4+3O. ↑+γ+E1

    You knew this. You were taught in high school:

CO2+H2O-> carbohydrates+O

    Most of the methane is combined with water to form carbohydrates. So they can't been no build-up of carbon dioxide in the air. Unless you our brain dead you don't need a plane to checked this for you.

    The only date out there he's are local, transient, doctored levels in cities; in the rush hour. That has no bearing on the world's climate.

    Nature is powered by molecular nuclear fusion. Producing a whiff of inept helium and oxygen-that we breathe in. The helium is lost to space.

    In time we gain hydrogen and at lightning strikes get back our water. That is why he in the Permian there was more oxygen in the air. More molecular nuclear fusion was going on. So we also have lower sea levels.

    Today and sea levels are intention with terrestrial life: if you read above, carbon emissions have increased life. So they had decrease sea level. As there rain is tied up in plant and animal bodies.

    Meanwhile nuclear power did Fukushima. The developed world has declared from 2032 it'll not do nuclear fusion: here on obviously exclude France, which I do not consider a civilised country.

    One decent earthquake, and Paris is history. It will achieve what the Germans did not do.

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