Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Reclaim the deserts

6 inches beneath the surface sound there is a layer of soil from the Jurassic period. We can turn the sound to expose the soil, but establish regular windbreaks. We seed the soil with grassy. We use vacuum deceleration to produce massive amounts of pure water to irrigate the new grassland.
We do molecular first year, ten the next and 100 the year after. We return the grass lawns to what is now deserts: this area used to feed the Roman empire with grain in the days of the Roman empire.
Vacuum desalination produces pure water for less than the cost of mains water. I told Sheffield University this 10 years ago. They reacted by ended my PhD, as global warming was their big cash cow of academia.
The global climate cooled from 2005, hence the sudden change to man made climate change. Green plants around the world have converted man is carbon dioxide into additional life on earth. There has been no increase in there carbon dioxide levels in the air for 200 years.

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