Thursday, 23 June 2011

Nuclear power kills

    After Chernobyl nuclear power went into overdrive to suggest reasons why we should allow is fatal, polluting and uneconomic technology to exist on earth. Their best guess was to induce everybody to take psychotic drugs.

    They seized upon carbon dioxide; the limit to life on earth. Plants convert all the available carbon dioxide into plant bulk and oxygen. More carbon dioxide results in more plants and more animals.

    More carbon dioxide does not increase the level of or gas in the air. It increases life on earth. The air level is fixed by the efficiency of photosynthesis. So the level of carbon dioxide only increases in ice-ages.

    Nuclear power declare it caused global warming, as the natural weather was in a periodic warming phase: which is due to end 2004. There is no historical data suggesting this. They just used their money to pay academic stooges: who really have no place in education.

    2005, nuclear power hadn't got any new nuclear plants. There Switzerland was talking about getting six. It appears that not only nuclear power selecte through high school biology. 2005 the global weather started cooling: six years ago. This isn't a temporary blip. The natural weather cools and warms according to predictable solar cycles.

    So it will next warm in 2032. The same year Germany will close down the last of our superb power plants. Japan will end all nuclear power 2035 at the latest. Tokyo will fully depopulate because of Fukushima in 2030.

    2010 sore the most disastrous nuclear incident in the history of nuclear power: the industry is just not safe. It is subsidized by the panel of plutonium in Cumbria. If that is reprocessed, nuclear power loses money.

    So one decent earthquake and the whole of the north of England is uninhabitable for 1000 years. If you have and has now in Cumbria, sell it. Unless of course you are seriously suicidal.

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