Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Natural weather

The period 1976 to 2004 was at 28 year period of natural global climate warming. Sea ice is buoyant, so when it melts sea levels don’t change at all.
The natural climate has cooled from 2005. It will next warm 2032. The same year Germany will decommission is last nuclear power plant: nuclear power backed the discredited science of global warming after Chernobyl. I am waiting to see how they will react to Fukushima.
Nuclear power is toxic, fatal and polluting. If we take into account the cost of reprocessing the massive stock pile of plutonium in Cumbria it is under economic. This is the biggest stockpile of death in the world.
History shows that ice-ages are accompanied by decreasing world sea levels. There is no conceivable reason sea levels should rise. Any scientist suggesting that they might should not be in education.

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