Monday, 27 June 2011

Low carbon is so low life

    Biology's as carbon cycle teaches that plants metabolise all the available carbon dioxide to support life on earth. All the science professors who wrote papers on man having increased there carbon dioxide level in the air are doing nuclear PR; and obviously should not be in education.

    Harvard University has put on record in last August's New Scientist that minerals from around the world has shown no increase in carbon dioxide levels in the global air for 200 years.

    Rises in carbon dioxide are limited to city centres, and are transient. Once the air gets to above the countryside we are back to two ppm carbon dioxide. Local increases have no effect on the global weather systems.

    So man is burning of fossil fuels increases life on earth, but has no effect on the world's weather systems. Low carbon means low life. Nature uses the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam to do free, non toxic molecular nuclear fusion.

    Turning regular water into helium and oxygen gases plus heat. No carbon dioxide, no plutonium.

    All this was known to science professors in 1986. They kept quiet, and took the money or came from nuclear power, via the funding agencies, to write spurious papers his intent was to kill.

    Fukushima shows you the idea. World's biggest repository of plutonium in the world is in Cumbria. When it goes up, England will be uninhabitable for ever.

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