Sunday, 19 June 2011

Green power

    Green plants in light release helium and gamma wave radiation. They turn carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates, but excrete oxygen and produce gamma wave radiation.


    C(H2O)n is the simplest carbohydrates. It is actually more complicated than this for me and suggests, but it illustrates the idea. Two hydrogens end up as one helium.

    So green plants do biological molecular nuclear fusion from water, taking in carbon dioxide to do so. The amount of life on earth is limited by available carbon dioxide.

    As Harvard University has observed, in the last 200 years free carbon dioxide in the air has also had, but crop yields have gone up by 15%. So mankind's additional carbon dioxide has been converted by the day into more life on earth.

    Global warming was such theoretical rubbish! The world has now been cooling for six years, and now the nuclear stooges lead on about climate change; no mentioning this contradicts global warming. Which was so so wrong.

    So all life on earth is supported by plants taking in carbon dioxide to do nuclear fusion. They release a whiff of helium and oxygen. None of the toxic waste produced by nuclear fission from uranium. Nature doesn't do nuclear fusion, too toxic.

    The simplest way for man to do molecular nuclear fusion is via a steam plasma tube: the human science pantheon already notes that gas plasma is give off nuclear radiation.

    The most exothermic ones are molecular hydrogen. Water the most accessible.

    It is four times as exothermic as nuclear fission. Totally non toxic and free. It destroys both the burning of fossil fuels and fatal nuclear fission.

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